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The Disney Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I can't imagine Melissa McCarthy playing Ursula. It needs to be someone who is able to play sensual and seductive, whilst also being menacing. All I can imagine is her bringing her brand of comedy silliness like she does with most roles.
  2. She was great in Can You Ever Forgive Me? which was a more serious role for her. She’s a better actor than she’s given credit for. Let’s wait and see what she does with the role, shall we?
  3. I hope Disney don’t go down the Aquaman route for the underwater kingdom scenes in The Little Mermaid, that film looked so fake you could practically see the cut & paste from the green screen.

    These constant remakes completely lack any artistic creativity or credibility (Walt would turn in his grave) and we as the audience are even worse. Lapping up this cheap, confection genre of entertainment and flocking to the cinema in droves, which reminds me I must pre book tickets to the Lion King for next weekend!

    Can no one write an original script anymore?
  4. Wait why are we pretending Moana's music is anything other than incredible?
  5. I'm happy to see the love for Princess and the Frog here. I LOVE that one and it made me a bit sad that Disney aren't making more hand drawn animated movie.
  6. I am already bored with this live remakes shit.
    I honestly want them to give us more Braves and Moanas than these hodgepodges of shabbiness.

    And maybe some real cartoons? Princess and the Frog was the last 2D one, right?
  7. In the last few years we’ve had Zootopia, Moana, Big Hero 6 and two Wreck-It-Ralphs. Their original stuff is better than it has been throughout the entire of the 00s. As long as they keep churning out fantastic new Classics, I don’t mind all the live remakes (although I’ve enjoyed all live remakes so far, to varying degrees).
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  8. I would love another Brave. It's easily my favourite among the more "recent" films.
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  9. Can I take this opportunity to tell everyone to go watch The Good Dinosaur? It was overshadowed by coming out the same year as the incredible Inside Out. It’s not as strong as other Pixar titles, but it’s endlessly charming and I think it’s underrated in general. A cute movie.
  10. The bottom line for Ursula, it's all about the low, husky voice dripping in gravitas and venom. Melissa is a terrific actor but she doesn't have that kind of voice. And to me, the character doesn't work without a similar tone. Poor Unfortunate Souls only works as a big, booming vocal for an alto.

    Kathleen Turner wouldn't be a bad choice. Shohreh Aghdashloo is another one that would work.
  11. Pam St Clement is the only acceptable choice for Ursula.
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  12. I'm still thinking about this 75 minutes later. You did that binch.
  13. I didn't even know Melissa McCarthy could sing?
    I just never heard her display her vocal chops.
    I have faith she would do good.
    But I'd rather her leave her traditional comedy style on the cutting room floor for the most part.
  14. Still not even a joking...
  15. Yeah, I hope they get Urusla's look and voice right.

    It's a shame we never got Tilda Swinton as Lumière in the Beauty and the Beast live action.


    Maybe she can be Yzma one day?
  16. Can we talk about how Eartha Kitt single-handedly carried The Emperor's New Groove on her shoulders? Yzma is a gay icon, can say the word "faggot," and is the best part of an underrated entry in the Disney catalogue. I also love Krunk. Basically, Kuzco is useless and David Spade is the worst part of that movie. But Yzma? We stan.
  17. Yzma completely steals the show in that movie, no doubt. When I first saw Emperor, I thought she was Cruella's sister.
  18. Rupaul not knowing who Yzma is is why he's old news.
  19. Sis.
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  20. I just saw The Lion King. It was stunning but it was pretty much a shot for shot remake as others have said. Apart from
    the extended piece of hair scene that included a literal hairy piece of poo.

    ps I'm fuming about what they did to Be Prepared.
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