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The Disney Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Young Simba and Beyonce were terrible.
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  2. Surprisingly she's pretty good. I mean she held her own with Streisand of all people.
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  3. Just saw the lion king and I think because I had such low expectations and my childhood was going to be bitterly crushed, I ended up absolutely loving it. It looked stunning and I think being older and gone through more than the six year old I was, certain bits of the story resonated a lot louder with me. I had a lump in my throat from the opening of circle of life pretty much throughout.

    No disrespect to Ejifor, but that was the only thing that really jarred with me. I wish they could have brought back Jeremy Irons like they did James Earl Jones, Irons’ performance is iconic and they did ‘Be Prepared’ so, so dirty.
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  4. I still haven’t been able to get to see it so can’t judge too much but having listened to the soundtrack I was appalled by Be Prepared. It’s somehow not even a song anymore??

    I’m definitely not prepared (pun intended) for the stampede scene. That’s devastating enough in the original, let alone in this new style.
  5. The decision to put those ugly ass character designs in an otherwise lushly realistic world can never be forgiven.
  6. Arlo is adorable! But lowkey you’re right.
  7. Another problem I had with The Lion King is that the music and vocals sounded so separate for some of the songs, like it hadn't been mixed well.
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  8. Blame Pharell
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  9. The Lion King: The Gift is fucking incredible and the only thing to take away from this whole mess.
  10. I’m still confused if I liked the movie itself or if I liked it because I love the original. I’m not very keen on ‘Spirit’ but it absolutely works in the film! My only grip was the CGI - the technology vas obviously very advanced but it was still very obvious it’s computer-generated nevertheless and I think the movie will age badly fairly soon. Also why was Pumba a skinny legend in this adaption?
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    I saw The Lion King. I almost walked out a few times, because the one on one copying of original scenes and lines really made me wonder why I even wanted to watch this. It all looks amazing obviously but yeah, that's not enough to keep me entertained I guess?
    Timon & Pumbaa were great, probably because they had actual new jokes with nudges to the original ones.
    Also: their voices worked for me, while the talking Lions kept screaming 'badly dubbed children show' for me.

    Also: the fucking nerve of replacing this most memorable bit of score with Beyoncé's Spirit. JUST NO

    Also: I did not even tear up when Mufasa died, which is an actual crime.
  12. I watched The Lion King yesterday. It really looks amazing, I can't believe it is all CGI, you really feel like you are watching a documentary. Which of course brings the issue of expressing emotions in animals. Because everything looks very realistic, you can't really see the joy, sadness or anger on lion's faces like you clearly do in the animated movie. My brother wasn't bothered by it but it kind of annoyed me, the soul is not there.
    The only time I really felt the spark of the original is with Timon and Pumba, they really stole the show. Even their additions were fun, I even liked the Beauty and the Beast reference.

    I have some issues with voice acing as well. Beyonce, Oliver and Donald were fine, Seth and Billy were brilliant but the rest kind of meh. Even the great James Earl Jones sounded like he is kind of bored, I haven't heard the passion he once delivered. JD was weak as young Simba if you ask me but the biggest disappointment was Chiwetel as Scar. I guess its hard to step into shoes of brilliant Jeremy Irons but still, he was so weak in the first part. He got better after Simba goes away but still, there is no theatrical showing off.
    So yeah, I agree with pretty much everyone who comments on this. It looks spectacular but what is really the point if you will copy/paste it basically frame by frame. Answer is money, duh, but still... Everyone can say what they want about Beauty and The Beast and Aladdin but those films at least tried to add something more while honoring the original.

    Mufasa dying actually did make me sad because the kid for once showed some emotion as young Simba and the amazing music but no, it didn't make me cry like the original.

    Also, Simba and Nala are singing "can you feel the love tonight" while the sun is shining? Like, why? It would be more fitting to sing "can you feel the love in the afternoon" haha! Oh and yeah, Be Prepared is nonexistent really. I wasn't expecting hyenas dancing but I did expect a SONG at least.
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  13. He


    All this has just made me read articles about Kimba the White Lion, kii.
  14. I saw ‘Inside Out’ for the first time on HBO yesterday and I absolutely loved it! The concept was so original and well-thought. It’s sad the movie didn’t make any kind of traction I think (over here, at least).
  15. I saw Lion King last night, it was very good but not amazing. I think half way through I turned to my boyfriend and was like “this feels like it’s been on for ages” when it really hadn’t so maybe it didn’t grip me enough or I found it a little slow to pick up the pace.

    Pumbaa and Timon were the stars, so so funny.
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  16. What could have been.
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  17. I absolutely loved it when I was expecting not to be impressed. It really did work for me, was totally engaged by it. I was expecting Beyoncé to be awful, based on the dragging I saw her get for that one clip on Twitter, but the only voice actor that I felt let it down a bit was young Simba. My only gripes were: replacing He Lives In You with Spirit- not a good move, even though Spirt works fine in the movie- and not enough Serabi.
    I’d be interested to see how this compares, for me, to Aladdin.
  18. I actually... hated The Lion King. Like it was genuinely a bit disconcerting to have none of the characters in a movie emote at all.
  19. 'Aladdin' has made more than 1 billion dollars. It has had pretty good legs.
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  20. Yes! I really liked Aladdin
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