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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by drock689, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. I've just discovered them through the magic of a girls aloud fan forum and youtube and WOW. can't get you out of my thoughts is brilliant and diserved better than top 20. it's a shame mcfly/busted came around a year or two later and became huge. the dum dum tracks i've heard so far are just as good if not better than other rock boybands.
  2. Who else remembers their topless Melody Maker cover? Hmm...
  3. Josh Doyle was a Genius! I was so glad to see him back working on music. His solo EP (lp? whatever 5 tracks is) is great! And somehow unlike and still like the Dum Dums stuff! And unreleased tracks like Ghost Gets Around play from my speakers atleast once a week (well any more and I might have to take time away from Rachel Stevens and Girls Aloud.. and I wouldnt want to do that)
  4. They were underrated I thought. They were much better than Busted or McFly, but I guess they came along too early.

    Josh Doyle was really gorgeous. I remember that Never Mind The Buzzcocks episode he was on with Mel B very fondly.
  5. I did like the singles but the album was bit disappointing. The video for 'Everything' was great though if memory serves correctly?
  6. Damn Youtube for going down.  Well.  I liked Everything, thought Cant Get You Out On My Thoughts was, erm.. Cute.. and the unreleased thing, Closer To You was the best video of the 3. 

    Am I allowed to post real links here since I am to impatient to wait for youtube to come back (as I remember only 1 of the three videos was up anyways)



    DUM DUMS - CLOSER TO YOU.mpg" (26.34 MB)

    Will add youtube links instead of downlaods if I find them later
  7. I used to love the Dum Dums - we went to see them, and met them afterwards, they were really nice. I've got the album but it's at home so I wont be listening to that for a while. There was one song on there that I absolutely adored - I can't remember what it's called.....something about ships?!?!

    I didn't know Josh was doing solo stuff - any idea where I can hear it?

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