The Dum Dums

I've just discovered them through the magic of a girls aloud fan forum and youtube and WOW. can't get you out of my thoughts is brilliant and diserved better than top 20. it's a shame mcfly/busted came around a year or two later and became huge. the dum dum tracks i've heard so far are just as good if not better than other rock boybands.
Josh Doyle was a Genius! I was so glad to see him back working on music. His solo EP (lp? whatever 5 tracks is) is great! And somehow unlike and still like the Dum Dums stuff! And unreleased tracks like Ghost Gets Around play from my speakers atleast once a week (well any more and I might have to take time away from Rachel Stevens and Girls Aloud.. and I wouldnt want to do that)
They were underrated I thought. They were much better than Busted or McFly, but I guess they came along too early.

Josh Doyle was really gorgeous. I remember that Never Mind The Buzzcocks episode he was on with Mel B very fondly.
I did like the singles but the album was bit disappointing. The video for 'Everything' was great though if memory serves correctly?
Damn Youtube for going down.  Well.  I liked Everything, thought Cant Get You Out On My Thoughts was, erm.. Cute.. and the unreleased thing, Closer To You was the best video of the 3. 

Am I allowed to post real links here since I am to impatient to wait for youtube to come back (as I remember only 1 of the three videos was up anyways)



DUM DUMS - CLOSER TO YOU.mpg" (26.34 MB)

Will add youtube links instead of downlaods if I find them later
I used to love the Dum Dums - we went to see them, and met them afterwards, they were really nice. I've got the album but it's at home so I wont be listening to that for a while. There was one song on there that I absolutely adored - I can't remember what it's called.....something about ships?!?!

I didn't know Josh was doing solo stuff - any idea where I can hear it?