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The EastEnders Character Rate (2013-2015)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Nillness, May 4, 2015.

  1. My son.

    Is in the kitchen.

    Eating a biscuit.

    The EastEnders Character Rate is here! It’s time to vote on our favourite characters and crown our very own king or queen (but probably queen) of Walford! Anything could happen and anybody could win—although I wouldn’t put my money on Fatboy.

    So let's get started!


    The Rules

    We have a total of 73 characters plucked from the Dominic Treadwell-Collins era, and each must be assigned a rating between 1 and 10. Half points are allowed, if you wanna be that guy. We also have two special scores for you to give out—0 and 11.

    You can assign a 0 to one character and one character only. You can assign an 11 to one character and one character only. Choose wisely!

    Honourable Mentions

    This rate deals exclusively with characters introduced in or heavily featured in the Dominic Treadwell-Collins era because 1 in 6 people in Britain have had a starring role in EastEnders and it would be too much work to run a 1985-2015 rate.

    But it wouldn’t be an EastEnders rate if we didn’t get to celebrate the great icons (and the great tragedies) of the show. And so we have honourable mentions and its Newmanian counterpart—dishonourable mentions.

    You get to nominate one character from any era of EastEnders, 1985 to present, for an honourable mention. Someone so iconic that we couldn’t do a rate without them—or just someone you love so much that you think they deserve a shoutout.

    Likewise, you can nominate one character from any era for a dishonourable mention. This one speaks for itself, really. The Carls and the Dereks of the show.


    You can PM me your scores up until midnight on Friday May 22nd. Results will then begin after the weekend.

    Commentary is encouraged when you submit your scores. Whether you’re questioning the necessity of the Cokers, or praising Ronnie’s ability to rise from the grave at will—I wanna hear it.

    The Characters

    Abi Branning
    Aleks Shirovs
    Alfie Moon
    Arthur ‘Fatboy’ Chubb
    Babe Smith
    Ben Mitchell
    Bianca Butcher
    Billy Mitchell
    Bobby Beale
    Buster Briggs
    Carol Jackson
    Charlie Cotton
    Christian Clarke
    Cindy Williams
    Cora Cross
    David Wicks
    Dean Wicks
    Denise Fox
    Dexter Hartman
    Donna Yates
    Dot Cotton
    Elaine Peacock
    Emma Summerhayes
    Fiona 'Tosh' Mackintosh
    Ian Beale
    Jake Stone
    Jane Beale
    Janine Butcher
    Jay Brown
    Johnny Carter
    Kat Moon
    Kathy Beale
    Kim Fox
    Kush Kazeemi
    Lauren Branning
    Lee Carter
    Les Coker
    Liam Butcher
    Linda Carter
    Lola Pearce
    Lucy Beale
    Martin Fowler
    Masood Ahmed
    Max Branning
    Mick Carter
    Mo Harris
    Nancy Carter
    Nick Cotton
    Nikki Spraggan
    Pam Coker
    Patrick Trueman
    Peggy Mitchell
    Peter Beale
    Phil Mitchell
    Rainie Cross
    Rebecca Fowler
    Ronnie Mitchell
    Roxy Mitchell
    Shabnam Masood
    Sharon Mitchell
    Shirley Carter
    Sonia Fowler
    Stacey Slater
    Stan Carter
    Sylvie Carter
    Tamwar Masood
    Tanya Cross
    Terry Spraggan
    Tina Carter
    Vincent Hubbard
    Whitney Dean
    Yvonne Cotton
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  3. Alright then!

    Are you ready?

    I’m ready.
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  4. Wonderful. I think I know my honorable mention already and it's not Vanessa because I know someone else will make sure she's represented.
  5. My body was born ready.... My head is already a mess, over whether to give Carol, Sharon, Ronnie or Janine my 11. As much as I love Stacey, I have to judge it on storylines that happened in this period, and she's not blown me out the water yet like she often did before she left the first time.
  6. Yes! So here for this. If the top three isn't Stacey, Emma and Sharon I think I'll cry.
  7. I think this may potentially be the most commentary I am ever likely to submit to a rate.

    BRING. IT. ON.
  8. Sam


    So do we assign a score to the characters we give honourable and dishonourable mentions to?

    I'm definitely taking part in this. It's my chance to get years of frustration out.
  9. Nope! More of a hall of fame than a ranking for those characters.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I can't believe this is happening. So excited!
  11. Yesss.

    ON IT NOW.
  12. Sharon wins.
    Taeyang likes this.
  14. Veronica will be victorious.
  15. Imagine a Ronnie, Janine, Sharon, Stacey and Emma top five.
  16. BTG


    I'm guessing Janine will nab it actually.
  17. Wouldn't it be awful if I accidentally deleted all your PMs and had to declare Fat Elvis winner by default?
  18. Jan-hasbeen AKA Janine will not win against Sharon, Queen of the Square and the Death Glare.
  19. I hope Janine meets you at the edge of a cliff!! If there's any justice, Ja-Queen HAS to win this. Sharon and Stacey better be top 5 too.
  20. Sharon better be your #1.
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