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The EastEnders Character Rate (2013-2015)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Nillness, May 4, 2015.

  2. I love Abi, but I really, desperately regret giving her a 10 now. It's a joke she's beat an icon like Sharon, and if she beats Janine then I'll be so fucking fuming I might combust.
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  3. I think it's a bit shit that Janine beat Sharon really. Janine is possibly the ultimate Walford icon, but in the last two years her impact on EastEnders has been minimal. She wasn't even at her most evil in her last few months.
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  4. She killed her husband and framed an innocent woman for it. What more do you want??
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  5. Not @Nillness pretending that Emma was eliminated, only for her to have faked her elimination and gone into witness protection under the mysterious guise 'Gemma Summerhayes'.

    Me being perched for her to still win this rate:
  6. Abi doesn't belong in the Top 2...

    Only Janine can win this, just in time for her ex husband to appear back on screen. I mean remember that glorious Christmas Day she realised people, didn't care or believe her when she announced Stacey killed Archie, and then stabbed herself... Perfection.
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  7. Well, she does because she's gained enough votes. You can't retrospectively deduct votes because you don't like the result. Thats the whole point of the rate to even the playing field.

    If this was revealed 6 months ago before she was relegated to Ben's shadow.
  8. Abi or Janine? Janine or Abi? Who will it be? Let's take a look, shall we?
  9. Janine!
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  10. Chelsea!
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  11. It's like Ray V Leona all over again.

    (Where Janine is Leona, obv.)
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  12. Aaand our final two is................



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  13. 2. Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) - 9.50


    “JANINE,” screams Mikal. “To be honest I wanted Janine to be my 11, and if this was a year or two ago she absolutely would be. But she's not around and there were brief occasions during her last year where she was a bit too passive. She definitely should have been plotting Michael's demise for longer. I think her relationship with David however was amazing. Way too many iconic Janine moments to mention (please somebody find me a video of the time she became an agoraphobe and had to eat dog food), but one of my lesser known favourite moments is from an episode just before Christmas 2010 when she found out about Stacey shagging Ryan. Pat came round to Janine's flat and told her she had some bad news whilst Janine was merrily decorating the Christmas tree (in itself amazing). When Pat can't find a way to break it to her, Janine snaps and screams Pat's name so loudly that you can actually see both of them jump, haha. And then she cries for a moment, and Pat asks her what she's going to do. And Janine wipes her eyes and says ‘I'm going to KILL HIM.’ God, I need to find that clip. Probably my all-time favourite character.”

    “Icon. Legend. Diva. Superbitch,” says Robsolete. “The greatest Eastenders character of all time, the greatest soap character of all time, the greatest tv character of all time. Charlie Brooks is an absolute goddess, and anyone who doesn't give her a 10 at the very least deserves to be pushed off a cliff. ‘If only he'd worn slip on shoes!’”

    “Who else stabs themselves just to put the girl who has been sleeping with your boyfriend in prison? Best soap bitch of all time,” says that boy is a monster. “One of the EastEnders greats,” says steste.

    “What is there left to say that hasn’t already been said about this spellbinding, flaw-free character?” asks MrJames. “If we were being objective, I think Janine is probably the greatest EastEnders character of all time. The very definition of multi-dimensional, absolutely hysterical, fabulously camp and played by an amazing actress. I have a very real and deep love for her. I hope she’s back very soon.”

    “She's a great character but she needed a break,” says TheBakersSon, and I have to agree. I like Janine and I enjoyed the Halloween episodes of 2013, but everything before that and after that was a bit of a bore.

    When Janine returns (and we all know that she will return) I hope something drastic is done to shake her life up a bit, because I can’t take much more husband murdering. Whatever character Treadwell-Collins decides will be Janine’s long lost brother/sister/niece/great-great-grandfather, I hope it makes good viewing.

    Also, Janine’s final scene was great and what we needed was a six-episode spin off series that starts directly after that moment, not the spinoff we’re actually getting.

    Highest Score: 11 (Mikl C, Robsolete)
    Lowest Score: 7 (Nillness)
  14. 1. Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald) - 9.53


    Well, well, well.

    Who’d have thought? Abi Branning: hard worker, good student, fragile child. Abi Branning: masked stalker, dog killer, batterer.

    Ten years ago, we witnessed the birth of a legend, and none of us knew it.

    “I've always liked her, but her rise to the throne in the last year has been absolutely sensational,” says MrJames. “Her performance during live week proved that she can battle with the big guns now.”

    “I mean come on, who DOESN'T love Abi at this point?????” asks that boy is a monster. “She's really come up in the rankings the last few years,” says steste.

    “Who knew a few years ago that little Abigail Branning would end up becoming one of the best characters in the show?!” asks Robsolete.

    “Abi has shone the last few months,” says Voodoo. “Hoping for her to become a deranged killer at some point.” As long as she pulls a Janine and manages to get away with her constant murdering, I might be okay with that.

    “Absolute legend,” says BTG. “I love how, despite everyone expressing their doubts about her having a large role in the live shows, she rose to the occasion and was the highlight of the whole damn week. She put several of the older actors to shame. DarkAbi™ is great and I hope she gets better than this shit Ben plot in the future.”

    We all love DarkAbi™, but let’s not forget that this character has always been brilliant, even when we were laughing at her, not with her.

    An unsurprising amount of Abi’s commentary was simply repeating quotes and, let’s face it, who doesn’t want “Things die” or “I just bumped into Lucy and battered her” on a T-shirt?

    “‘Things Die’ she utters every time she tries to thumb in Ben's softie,” says Terminus. “If she continues being so great, she will be a 10 within a year.”

    Sadly, I don’t think Terminus’s prophecy has come true. Abi’s been a bit of a background character recently and I suspect that even on PopJustice, her popularity may have begun to drop.

    However, I’ve never lost hope. Abi has proven herself to be a wonderful, complex character, and Lorna has proven herself to be perfectly capable of whatever they throw at her, not to mention incredibly loyal to the character and the show. I think she may have all the ingredients to be an iconic, long-running character one day.

    I'm ready for Ben to leave her and for this to be a catalyst for revenge.

    Right now, it’s still a bit difficult to separate her from the “Walford teen” character type. But I feel like one day Lorna will leave for a few years, before making a grand return with a big storyline, setting herself up once and for all as a true EastEnders staple.

    I just hope that if she does take a break, she doesn’t depart in a cab because this girl has not had a lot of luck with vehicles.

    Finally, let's end with a little comparison.




    Highest Score: 11 (2014, Seanie, TheBakersSon)
    Lowest Score: 8 (Call My Name, Terminus, BTG)
  15. SCREAM. Abi getting her head stuck in the railing in the square was so iconic.
  16. Yessssss

    *tweets DTC this link so he can fix his under usage of Lorna*

  17. And now for a performance of the Winner's Song!

  18. Hopefully we'll get some classic Abi when Ben is caught balls deep in Paul, again.
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  19. Still better than Elaine.
  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member


    Great job @Nillness
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