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The "Enchanted"/"Sober"-type song of your fave

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Beginner, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Sorry if the title is a mess, but basically: what's a hidden gem of an album track that's adored by the fans but is totally unknown to the public? Better than most singles, but wouldn't work as a single.
  2. "Who's to Say" for Vanessa Carlton.
    "Heavy Metal Lover" for Gaga.
  3. Every Charli XCX song.
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  4. If people were sensible, Dope would be perfect for this. Since they aren't, I think Gypsy would stand as Gaga's (or the aforementioned Heavy Metal Lover).
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  5. I flipped out when she did this on the Circus tour.
  6. Ariana's Honeymoon Avenue is a solid fan favorite. Mariah has a plethora of them, I can't even attempt listing.
    My other faves are too urban for this "singles" business.
  7. The best thing to come out of the Pinkprint and the best thing she's done since Pink Friday (possibly ever), to be honest.
  8. If I recall correctly it won the Nicki/Azealia/Iggy rate. If it didn't, it should have!
  9. Jeppo - Run Away With Me
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  10. I'd say Beyonce's is 'Resentment' and Rihanna's is 'Cold Case Love'
  11. I like this.
    This is amazing.
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  12. Are these fan favorites? Never saw anyone talking about them here and Cold Case Love didn't even place that high in Ocean's rate.
  13. Yes, basically.
  14. I think Cinderella would've made a wonderful single though.
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