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The "Enchanted"/"Sober"-type song of your fave

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Beginner, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. K94


    Beyonce's is probably 'I Miss You' or 'Schoolin Life'. Maybe 'Freakum Dress'.
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  2. This I can agree with!
  3. Would Rihanna's not be Breakin' Dishes?

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  4. Yeah I'm not sure I'd count Resentment or Cinderella. I'm after that masterpiece that's too weird/too bold/too long for the general public.

    Beyonce's would probably be Ghost/Haunted? Even though I'm not a huge fan of that song.
  5. Avril's is certainly this:

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  6. Rihanna's is definitely Cold Case Love
    Katy Perry's could be Choose Your Battles, no?
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  7. Kylie's is surely Cherry Bomb.
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  8. Another song I had in mind when asking this question:

    What a stunner. Not many songs can tell such an emotional story.
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  9. Without a doubt. One of the few that won their rate. BOW TO IT'S GLORY!

    *Waits for @Laura Vanderbooben to come in and shame us* (Though I think battle ended a while ago)
  10. I'm over everyone's shit taste and am comforted by the fact that if I re-ran the rate, this probably wouldn't hit top five. I've always been perplexed by people who insist on going to Kesha to get their sad on. In terms of songwriting, emotional content and overall craftsmanship, Last Goodbye shits all over Harold. It's not that I think it's a bad song, I've just never gotten the fuss.
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  11. Last Goodbye fits this thread pretty well!

    Why wasn't this a single. Why.
  12. NO I MUSTN'T CLICK PLAY. I'm feeling too emotional already.

    *clicks play*
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  13. Because it would've been a great single is why it doesn't fit this thread!
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  14. Not a huge artist, but for one that's more in the public consciousness than most """"indie"""" artists...

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  15. Ummm I love Kesha and hate Last Goodbye...

    It's all about Animal people

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  16. I love Animal too. It's certainly fits the bill here, although it would have made a great single.

    Sometimes when I'm lying down in day-dream land while listening to this. A made-for-the movies story plays out in my head, where two lovers who have been at each other's throat recently, maybe a marriage on the verge of dying, find themselves on a plane. Suddenly the plane starts become turbulent and the pilot explains that they have lost an engine but for everyone to remain calm. The two lovers realize they are going to die and need put their difference aside and express their love to each other, a love that hasn't been expressed enough to each other of late. Their last moment together needs to be positive & together, before they leave this world.
  17. I absolutely agree with 'The Harold Song', because it was the first track of Ke$ha's that really made me step back and realise she had more to offer than trashy bubble-gum pop party tracks. They did her a disservice by never pushing it and showing that side to the public.

    Here are few others I've thought of:

    Michael Jackson - Speechless

    Even though it somewhat underperformed in my rate, on every fan forum, it is regarded as one of his best songs ever, and certainly one of the best non-singles.

    Delta Goodrem - Take Me Home

    It is clearly regarded as one of the best songs of her career, yet somehow was relegated to a B-Side?

    Carrie Underwood - I Know You Won't

    An absolute vocal tour-de-force and emotional rollercoaster, yet never got a single release. I think sadly, a lot of Carrie's best songs are left as album tracks because country radio likes its cookie-cutter, somewhat predictable hits (hence there is always a 'bad gal Carrie' track on each album), and is fairly risk-averse. I think it could have smashed though.
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