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The ENYA Discography rate | Enya and the Big Mac

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Verandi, Nov 12, 2019.


What is your favourite Enya album?

  1. Enya / The Celts (1987 / 1991)

  2. Watermark (1988)

  3. Shepherd Moons (1991)

  4. The Memory of Trees (1995)

  5. A Day without Rain (2000)

  6. Amarantine (2005)

  7. And Winter Came... (2008)

  8. Dark Sky Island (2015)

  9. Best Of / Soundtracks / EPs (1984 - 2009)

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  2. ‘Come to the edge,’ he said.
    They said, ‘We are afraid.’
    ‘Come to the edge,’ he said.
    They came.
    He pushed them...

    ...and they flew.


    ONLY IF...

    1st from the EXTRAS - from Paint The Sky With Stars / A Box of Dreams


    Official artwork
    Picture from the Paint The Sky With Stars photoshoot
    This was the scrapped cover for the album wasn't it.

    01 Only If...
    02 Willows on the Water
    03 Oíche Chiún

    Australia 94
    Germany 68
    Netherlands 78
    UK 43
    US 88


    Highest: 10 (x9) @Eric Generic @simes1970 @mrp2910 @pop3blow2 @Ray @smalldivo @ssa @Angeleyes @Verandi

    Lowest: 7 @3Xs @VeryPSB @burntoutcar

    My score: 10

    Trajectory: 9 - 11 - 12 - 14 - 12 - 9

    Listen to the different versions of the track while you read this elimination post!

    ’Only If…’ was a positive message, and it was linked with the fact that this was a best-of album. The message was to take that step, do what you want to do now, even if it involves a risk factor. It’s a great feeling to do it, and I feel I’ve done it personally. I’ve been writing music regardless of the fact that there wasn’t anybody else doing this music. Sometimes that can be difficult, but that’s what the song is about.
    ’Only If…’ is one of the up-tempo songs and again when I played Roma the melody she thought ‘Oh! This is very, very positive, this melody!’ and she told me this wonderful story…it was a quote, actually, from a poem by a French poet called Apollinaire. Just one little exerpt she had read to me which I’m going to relate to you. ‘Come to the edge, he said. They said, We’re afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came, he pushed them, they flew’ and it was like I loved it. I love this kind of feeling of, you know, so many people who are so afraid to take that step and there is always a risk factor involved, but it’s so rewarding when you take the step and so the song ‘Only If…’ is really about that.

    - ENYA​

    God what a banger. I didn't expect Only If... to do this well in this rate but I'm very happy it turned out to be one of the dark horses of the Top 10. Released as the lead and only single from Enya's first greatest hits compilation Paint the Sky with Stars, it... kinda bombed? I really don't think the label expected the single to miss the Top 40, especially after the equally catchy Anywhere Is became her second biggest hit in the UK two years prior. Despite being quite a flop worldwide and missing the Top 40 in the UK, it's still one of her four charting songs on the US Hot100 at 88, the others being Only Time (10), Orinoco Flow (24) and Caribbean Blue (79).

    We don't even know what the trio thinks about the song, but after 1997 it pretty much never showed up again, except for the Japanese version of The Very Best of Enya. Stan Japan tbh. Together with On My Way Home, it was the most glaring omission from Only Time - The Collection too. Imagine collecting 50 song and booting those two singles/bops. The worms! Because of this, I feel like most people forget the song exists sometimes. But PJ came through!

    The song appeared for the first time on a Japanese promotional issue in 1997 and was then titled Only If You Want To. This version, never distributed commercially, didn't feature the French lyrics on the middle-8 and had a slightly different outro. I like both versions teebs, one for the French, the other because we can hear better the stunning instrumentation.

    I think Only If... is truly truly great. It expands on the classical music influences of The Memory of Trees and goes full on Baroque symphonic pop; it's basically her own "Walking On Broken Glass", which makes the disappointing chart positions even more baffling. The lyrics and song structure, on the other hand, are more conventional than your average Enya song: it's basically a pep talk but it works, especially as it's meant to be a celebration of her first decade dominating the (album) charts. Of course they needed a curveball to balance it all, so here come her only lyrics in French

    Ah! Je voudrais voler
    comme un oiseau d'aile

    Some Frenchie pls tell me if her pronunciation is decent or if she's making it up like the Latin songs, or Madonna with Portuguese ddd. Anyway, the middle-8 was inspired by a Guillaume Apollinaire’s poem:

    Venez jusqu’au bord.
    Nous ne pouvons pas, nous avons peur.
    Venez jusqu’au bord.
    Nous ne pouvons pas, nous allons tomber.
    Venez jusqu’au bord.
    Et ils y sont allés.
    Et il les a poussés.
    Et ils se sont envolés.

    ‘Come to the edge,’ he said.
    They said, ‘We are afraid.’
    ‘Come to the edge,’ he said.
    They came.
    He pushed them…and they flew.

    Lovely! Roma brought you culture and literature! Oh throughout the song there's also a repeated lyrics popping up, Ooh go doe bay mwa, which I guess means absolutely nothing but that's why we love them girls.

    Those three 7-givers didn't provide commentary but I just guess they dislike joy. So let's just have a look at all the praise shall we:

    @Iggypig 8 Always liked this, and prefer the more finished version.

    @DoggySwami 9 While this is her forgotten lead, it’s nothing less than any of her other singles and big pop moments. It took me a while to discover it since it’s not part of any of the other album releases, so it was a really nice surprise for me.

    @If You Go 9 Used to be my favorite on Paint the Sky with Stars (initially the only Enya CD we owned), but I still really like it, it’s a lot of fun.

    @Sprockrooster 9 A basic bop. But I stan nonetheless.
    She's serving you a Baroque symphony with French lyrics and you throw a "basic" in the mix.

    @mrp2910 10 Oh Enya. You know me so well. The throbbing pulse, the strings puncturing the air, bring in the big drums for the chorus and off we go.
    "I hate to say it, I hope I don't sound ridiculous, I don't know who this man is. I mean he could be walking down the street I wouldn't know a thing. Sorry to this man." - Enya Palmer

    @pop3blow2 10 Kind of captures some that 'Book Of Days' spirit. This song was always like a spiritual sequel to that song. The middle 8 is so weird & wonderful! I adored playing this song on repeat when I bought Paint The Sky back in the day.

    Oh wait are we dragging the French? Maybe so.

    @Ray 10 I’m pretentious, so I prefer ‘Only If You Want To’.
    bb we know :*

    @smalldivo 10 Fun, peppy up-tempo with so many catchy parts, I was addicted to it. Just not a huge fan of the french bridge.

    @ssa 10 to Only If You Want To. THAT’S FRENCH on Only If…? I am shocked. I’ve always heard “Ah! Je voudrai voler” as “shores of Tripoli” with a horrendous vocal fry. 15 years of me being baffled by the choice of having a line that sounds like complete parody, like my drunk colleagues after 7 beers, following me around the Christmas party at work trying to embarrass me after they saw my Enya playlist(s).
    I don't know if that vocal fry will enhance or ruin my enjoyment of the song. ​

    Official video


    The music video for Only If… was directed by Dan Nathan and shot at Mentmore Towers in Buckinghamshire, England. It shows Enya as a muse inspiring a man with writer's block to make paper airplanes and a man struggling to blow up balloons to sail away on them, as well as repairing a girl's torn kite so she can fly it. In all of these cases she literally sprinkles or spreads sparkling light and dust from her hand. Iconic. The video was noted at the time to be quite expensive, making use of special effects/CGI in good measure. It was 1997 after all, making our girl float and disappear into thin air was very WOOOO.

    Live (in part)


    Next up: no album is leaving! Place your bets!​
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  3. Additional content!


    Also this was the cover and tracklist of the promotional The Best of Enya​


    1 Only If You Want To
    2 Orinoco Flow
    3 Caribbean Blue
    4 Watermark
    5 China Roses
    6 The Celts
    7 Book Of Days (Gaelic Version)
    8 Storms In Africa (Part II)
    9 Ebudae
    10 The Memory Of Trees
    11 Anywhere Is
    12 Marble Halls
    13 On My Way Home
    14 Shepherd Moons
    15 Boadicea
    16 Oíche Chiúin

    In bold I put the tracks that happen to be different from Paint The Sky With Stars. The title track was then missing (maybe still in production), while Book of Days and Storms In Africa were the alternate versions. Thankfully the final tracklist excluded Oíche Chiúin.
  4. The debut was done quite dirty I think! Like I agree that Boadicea and The Celts went far but it deserved more representation in the top 40
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  5. 'Only If..' was on the shortlist to get my 11. When pressed between a few choices, it missed out by a little in the end. I am elated to see it make the top 10, thought! Certainly among the Enya songs I consider most special to me.
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  6. Enya Palmer lies and I'll see them in court!
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  7. Ah! Je voudrais voler
    comme un oiseau d'aile

    doesn't make any sense as "ailes" refers to wings. It's like saying "a wing's bird" instead of "a bird's wing". I wonder if this is a grammatical mistake or if she meant

    comme des ailes d'oiseaux

    or perhaps

    comme un oiseau ailé

    or if she was holding onto that rhyme

    comme une hirondelle

    instead but misheard the latter, which refers to a swallow, during a trip in France once, while scouring the country for castles to buy.


    A mystery.

    edit: Someone else beat me to it! What's your defence, Enya?
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  8. Ray


    ""Ooh go doe bay mwa", which might be meaningless, have been understood by some listeners as Abandonnez-moi ("abandon me, in French")."

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  9. Yeah at the beginning of the voting period it was tanked and never really recovered. The Celts (song) wasn't even in the Top 40. I still have to count them all but I think the only lower album average belongs to And Winter Came (which is deserved teebs). Then again, it's probably the first time an album of instrumentals and Gaelic murmurs has been rated on PJ so I'll take what I can nn. I honestly expected/hoped Aldebaran, Triad and Fairytale to do a bit better tbh.

    Ok I've always had my doubts about "d'aile" being there instead of just "ailé", which seems the most sensible option. I guess that Roma didn't check Google Translate, or they just though "oh it sounds better with the D!".
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. I do adore this song. What a placement.

  12. EXTRAS
    1984 - 2009


    - Songs -

    3,000 mark


    5,000 mark

    122 THE FROG PRINCE (0 x1)
    121 DREAMS

    6,000 mark


    7,000 mark


    8,000 mark

    18 MAY IT BE (11 x1)
    9,000 mark

    9 ONLY IF...

    - Voters -

    @pop3blow2 8,625
    @simes1970 8,417
    @If You Go 7,917

    @VeryPSB 4,792
    @mrp2910 4,958
    @Ray 5,583​

    - Stats -

    Songs with perfect scores : 5/12
    Total 10s given : 25
    Total 11s given : 1
    Total 0s given : 2
    Average : 6,666
    Early tracks (3): 4,728
    Paint the Sky with Stars & A Box of Dreams (3): 7,874
    Lord of the Rings & The Very Best of Enya (2): 8,535

    Christmas Secrets EP (4): 6,279
    Ok a bit of additional trivia: the five songs from the Best Of collections were the only songs from the Extras to get an average higher than 7. Basically this section was clearly divided in two. The Extras also contain the only song not to reach the 5,000 mark: We Wish You a Merry Christmas, which couldn't even reach the 4,000 mark. Poor ha.​

    - Artworks -
    I enjoyed making them all except for the Christmas ones because I had to use the Amarantine photoshoot for continuity but there's not much else to say really. I'm happy that her photoshoot for The Very Best of Enya gave us those two stunning pictures that I could use for Aniron. My favourite artwork from this section is probably Willows on the Water; I love the portrait, the colours, the lettering mmh yes.


  13. Not the villain on this occasion!
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  14. Something something the disrespect of tanking the LOTR songs.
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  15. Only If I always like to describe as an Enya nursery rhyme as that is what it sounds like to me. Really clever as an earworm, it stays in the head everytime you play it, which means as I type this I am "humming" along with it and no doubt shall be for hours to come.
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  16. Ray


    We wish you a merry Satanmas!
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  17. 200_d.gif
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  18. Only If is a brill song, I'm very happy it did so well. How uplifting! And I love love love the single artwork- beautiful!
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  19. It's one of my favourites! I forgot to mention that it's actually the only Enya artwork where we don't see her face. My guess is that it was the planned cover for the album, as she's literally painting the sky with stars; they probably went for a portrait at the end to make the album more recognizable and so added the stars background to an older Shepherd Moons picture. The "stars tin" was still used on the back of the album and Oceans, Clouds and Stars. We love a concept!



    Where's the news and the media tho? I'll try to get one song out this evening.
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  20. I reckon On my way home is going.
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