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The ENYA Discography rate | Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, up, adieu.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Verandi, Nov 12, 2019.


What is your favourite Enya album?

  1. Enya / The Celts (1987 / 1991)

  2. Watermark (1988)

  3. Shepherd Moons (1991)

  4. The Memory of Trees (1995)

  5. A Day without Rain (2000)

  6. Amarantine (2005)

  7. And Winter Came... (2008)

  8. Dark Sky Island (2015)

  9. Best Of / Soundtracks / EPs (1984 - 2009)

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  1. ssa


    Inredible job @Verandi
    Sad I couldn't be as involved in the feuds as I would've liked but I've enjoyed every second of the ride.

    Book of Days is a stomper, but Caribbean Blue is the only song I could imagine taking the crown. Sultry and majestic.
    Not a case Kia chose it as a name for the metallic blue on their Soul.

    I don't know how I missed to add my commentary, but here's a summary of it:

    I ended up at a wedding in Beijing.
    A huge hall, a plastic runway splitting the two wings of guests, adorned with a forest of white plastic plants. Walls all around the hall backlit in dark blue.

    Chinese music playing until an MC takes the stage, screaming in Chinese, until he drops the mic to the opening synth.
    The runway and plants lighting up in a deep purple, revealing the bride at the back of the runway, waiting for Enya's voice to start walking, floating down the runway to the beat:
    Ca-right foot-ribbean-left foot-blue-right foot.
    The whole hall still cocooned in a blue aura.

    Enjoy Avatar 2 when it comes out.
    I've been there already.​
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  2. Ray


    At 2:51 I hear "Ventus" in the left channel. I think before that she sings, same as in the intro, "aaaaaaaaaaaaafeeeer", but I wouldn't bet on it 100%.
    Around 3:06 I hear "Zephyrus" in the right channel.
    Both are sung very slowly, so there's a chance that the other words are there as well, I just don't hear them because of 1500 layers. (Thanks for giving me an excuse to listen again!)
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  3. That was a truly excellent rate @Verandi – congratulations on the superb artistic and mathematical journey we all took.
  4. This is the first time my 11 has ever won a rate!!!!!

    @Verandi thank you so much for this rate! When you first tagged me to participate in this rate I'll admit my reaction was "Oh no I forgot I said I'd do this", but I've fully enjoyed exploring Enya's entire discography, and "A Day Without Rain", the album, has been a particular discovery for me!
  5. Wow my commentary for my 11 was that short?

    Anyways, fantastic rate - it was a great ride!
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  6. Thank you everyone <3

    Yes I still plan to wrap up the results with a few more posts next week. This week I'll be hiding in the mountains and building wooden stuff for children, with available data only in the evenings. Technology cleanse dd. Also I just discovered i failed the exam, I'm gonna retire and meditate. See you all soon x
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  7. Ray


    Hugs heart_emoji.png
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  8. That was a thrilling journey, and it feels even weird to look back on its start as November 2019 feels like a lifetime ago! It's a bit unusual for me to jump on rates for artists I had never listened to, yet it was such a pleasure to indulge myself in this one. Who knew Enya had this much range? Well, not pre-2019 me! Thank you @Verandi for the amount of work, dedication, and love poured into this rate. Everything, from the pace, the graphics, the write-ups, the behind the scenes and off stage tidbits, was exquisite.

    As a newbie fan, who still hasn't gone through a second discography run since the voting period but shh Autumn/Winter already feels close which means seasonal depression too aka a perfect time to revisit Enya's albums, it was very inspiring and rewarding to see everyone else share their stories about how they got to know her, or what song or album touched them the most etc.

    Enjoy your much needed and deserved rest, and I'll be looking forward to your return. Sail away... sail away.

  9. I didn't take part in this rate as I only own a couple of her 90s albums and Paint the Sky With Stars (one of my most listened-to albums) but I've always wanted to explore her discography fully. I read through this whole rate today and really enjoyed it!

    On a side note, I can't complain since I didn't take part but China Roses at 21 breaks my heart a bit
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  10. Now is probably the time to admit that I've been peeking at this rate every now and then and it's floored me. @Verandi your knowledge and enthusiasm for Enya and her art is genuinely fascinating, and the entire rate has been incredible to witness. Let me throw my likes your way.
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  11. Thank you <3 Why didn't y'all comment along the way tho kii I still have some posts left to wrap up the results so feel free to join the discussion x

    China Roses being robbed by Watermark and Echoes In Rain was not the tea tbh.
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  12. RIP She did that, your honor.


    Stats and recap coming soon.



    - Songs -

    5,000 mark
    6,000 mark
    7,000 mark
    64 ANGELES

    61 SMAOINTE...
    57 EVACUEE

    36 EBUDÆ
    8,000 mark


    9,000 mark

    2 BOOK OF DAYS (11 x2)
    1 CARIBBEAN BLUE (11 x3)

    - Voters -

    @Crisp X 9,107
    @pop3blow2 8,821
    @simes1970 8,714

    @smalldivo 6,786
    @3Xs 6,821
    @Angeleyes 6,857

    - Stats -

    Songs with perfect scores : 11/14
    Total 10s given : 47
    Total 11s given : 5
    Total 0s given : 0
    Album average (with B-sides): 7,735
    Album average (standard): 7,936

    It's only fair that our fave's only UK #1 album, the incredible Shepherd Moons, saw Watermark dominating our Top 20 and was like "hold my beer", sent its two surviving tracks to battle and ended up occupying the Top 2. A stunt queen! If I had to suggest someone an Enya studio album to delve into her discography, this one would be it. The bops are top notch, the ballads generally exquisite, the instrumentals actually varied. Yes my favourite 90s album remains The Memory of Trees but I'm aware that one is much more insular and less immediate. As I wrote 84 years ago in its write-up, Shepherd Moons also remains the only Enya album to contain two defining, widely known, hits. Y'all did see where those two songs ended up here uh.

    - Artworks -
    I think I've said it before, but the Shepherd Moons main photoshoot is my favourite one. The shades of blue and warm browns, the secret garden extravaganza, the noblewoman-paintings-found-in-an-abandoned-manor concept, the graphic design in general are all *chef's kiss*. This is why I'm actually MAD we got so few pictures out of it. Still, these pictures, just like the album, ended up being the most enduring in Enya's career. The portrait used for the Caribbean Blue sleeve became widely know when it was later repurposed for the Paint The Sky With Stars and A Box of Dreams artworks. The pictures taken during a secondary photoshoot ("Enya sitting on the ground with her arms crossed", see the Marble Halls artwork) were used on numerous press kits for years and one of them was photoshopped into a "poppy dress" for the cover of The Very Best of Enya cover. And yes, Ebudæ remains my own favourite single artwork for this rate. I really did that with that one. I'm very happy with the Book of Days vs Caribbean Blue recap too.


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  14. Ray


    Yeah, Live at Wembley is always my first suggestion.
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  15. Girl found shredding those piano keys! Tori who?


    Anyway, I forgot to mention a little trivia about the finalists' singles artworks
    The artworks for Caribbean Blue and Book of Days are the only releases post-Watermark not to feature the widely recognizable Enya logo, opting instead for a new hand-written one. My guess is that the label was thinking about changing the main logo for the whole album release but then settled for the one we all know. Still, a cute little detail!

    Albums' recap coming soon!
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    1984 - 2015


    Albums ranked by:

    Album averages (including B-Sides and Bonus tracks)
    #1 WATERMARK : 7,856
    #2 SHEPHERD MOONS : 7,735
    #3 THE MEMORY OF TREES : 7,719
    #4 DARK SKY ISLAND : 7,450
    #5 A DAY WITHOUT RAIN : 7,295
    #6 AMARANTINE : 7,001
    #7 ENYA | THE CELTS : 6,972

    #8 AND WINTER CAME... : 6,845 (no extra tracks)
    #9 EXTRAS : 6,666

    Album averages (Standard editions)
    #1 SHEPHERD MOONS : 7,936
    #2 WATERMARK : 7,916
    #3 THE MEMORY OF TREES : 7,766
    #4 DARK SKY ISLAND : 7,634
    #5 A DAY WITHOUT RAIN : 7,566
    #6 AMARANTINE : 7,061
    #7 ENYA | THE CELTS : 7,027
    #8 AND WINTER CAME... : 6,845

    Number of cumulative perfect scores
    #1 SHEPHERD MOONS : 52
    #2 WATERMARK : 48
    #3 A DAY WITHOUT RAIN : 45
    #5 DARK SKY ISLAND : 37
    #6 ENYA | THE CELTS : 27
    #7 AMARANTINE : 27
    #8 EXTRAS : 26
    #9 AND WINTER CAME... : 20

    Average perfect scores per song
    #1 SHEPHERD MOONS : 3,714
    #2 WATERMARK : 3,429
    #3 THE MEMORY OF TREES : 3,250
    #4 A DAY WITHOUT RAIN : 2,813
    #5 DARK SKY ISLAND : 2,643
    #6 EXTRAS : 2,167
    #7 AMARANTINE : 2,077
    #8 ENYA | THE CELTS : 1,800
    #9 AND WINTER CAME... : 1,667

    Best 11s - 0s ratio
    #1 SHEPHERD MOONS : 5 ( 5 - 0 )
    #2 THE MEMORY OF TREES : 4 ( 5 - 1 )
    #3 WATERMARK : 3 ( 3 - 0 )
    #4 AMARANTINE : 2 ( 2 - 0 )
    #5 AND WINTER CAME... : 1 ( 1 - 0 )
    #6 DARK SKY ISLAND : 0 ( 1 - 1 )
    #7 ENYA | THE CELTS : 0 ( 0 - 0 )
    #8 EXTRAS : -1 ( 1 - 2 )
    #9 A DAY WITHOUT RAIN : -3 ( 0 - 3 )
    Blame it on Only Time [Remix]

    In short:
    The trilogy of Watermark - Shepherd Moons - The Memory of Trees dominated the rate
    Y'all evidently switched Dark Sky Island with Amarantine
    Y'all did The Celts and A Day Without Rain WRONG
    And Winter Came shouldn't have happened


    Next up: more stats!​

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  17. Ray


    It's not only the fault of 'Only Time (Massacre)'.

    I am actually still upset about having heard that thing for the first and last time. Enya's name on that product, which then became one of her best selling singles (or even THE best selling single?). Evil.

    Also, I'm missing this rate. Can we do it all again? Judging by the intern's activity a new best of is coming in October and it should include new material, i.e. 'Orinoco Flow ( remix feat. A$AP Rocky)'.
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  18. I want the full The Celts album re-imagined by Grimes teebs.
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  19. VOTERS & 11s



    Detailed list here

    Official singles: 13 (8 songs)
    Evening Falls (1)
    Exile (1)
    Caribbean Blue (3)
    Book of Days (2)
    Anywhere Is (2)

    China Roses (2) (Promo single)
    May It Be (1)
    Echoes In Rain (1)

    Album tracks: 5 (4 songs)
    Cursum Perficio (1)
    Pax Deorum (1)
    The River Sings (2)
    Stars and Midnight Blue (1)

    1984 - 1997 : 13 (8 songs)
    2000 - 2015 : 5 (4 songs)

    English: 8 (6 songs)
    English + Latin: 3 (1 song)
    Latin: 2 (2 songs)
    Gaelic / English + Gaelic: 2 (1 song)
    Fictional: 2 (1 song)
    English + Fictional: 1 (1 song)
    Instrumental: 0

    Song with the biggest range of scores: Pax Deorum with 11 (0 to 11)
    Songs with the smallest range of scores: Orinoco Flow & On My Way Home with 2 (8 to 10)

    Voters sorted by:

    Total average

    @simes1970 8,732
    @pop3blow2 8,568
    @Crisp X 8,134
    @Eric Generic 7,756
    @Verandi 7,616
    @Sprockrooster 7,557
    @Iggypig 7,545
    @ssa 7,386
    @If You Go 7,262
    @DoggySwami 7,207
    @Cutlery 7,157
    @smalldivo 6,935
    @3Xs 6,907
    @Angeleyes 6,846
    @mrp2910 6,569
    @VeryPSB 6,435
    @Ray 6,386
    @burntoutcar 6,270

    Number of perfect scores
    @simes1970 37 (30% of the songs)
    @Sprockrooster 33
    @Verandi 28
    @Eric Generic 22
    @Crisp X 21
    @ssa 21
    @Ray 18
    @pop3blow2 18
    @Angeleyes 18
    @Iggypig 16
    @If You Go 16
    @smalldivo 15
    @DoggySwami 12
    @VeryPSB 12
    @Cutlery 12
    @mrp2910 9
    @burntoutcar 9
    @3Xs 4 (3% of the songs) (Aldebaran, Boadicea, Caribbean Blue, Pax Deorum)

    Number of sub-6 scores
    @simes1970 0
    @pop3blow2 0
    @Crisp X 4
    @Iggypig 13
    @Eric Generic 14
    @DoggySwami 15
    @ssa 17
    @3Xs 21
    @Cutlery 21
    @Verandi 21
    @Sprockrooster 23
    @If You Go 28
    @smalldivo 34
    @Angeleyes 35
    @mrp2910 43
    @Ray 46
    @VeryPSB 48
    @burntoutcar 48 (39% of the songs)

    Highest album average: @Crisp X for Watermark (9,357)
    Lowest album average: @Ray for A Day Without Rain (4,176) (Clownery)

    Voter appearing on the most albums' Top 3 voters' lists: @pop3blow2 with eight appearances (Every album except for Watermark)
    Voter appearing on the most albums' Bottom 3 voters' lists: @burntoutcar with 6 appearances

    First voters to lose a 10: @simes1970 & @Angeleyes with Only Time [Remix] at #116
    Last voter to lose their first 10: @mrp2910 with Wild Child at #30
    Last voters to lose their last sub-6 scores: @VeryPSB & @burntoutcar with The River Sings at #15

    Biggest streak of 10s losses: @simes1970 with nine, from #9 to #1
    Biggest streak of sub-6s losses: @If You Go with nine, from #111 to #103


    Next up: stats about your favourite host​

    Last edited: Aug 14, 2020
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  20. Ray


    In inches or centimeters?
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