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The ENYA Discography rate | VOTERS' stats

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Verandi, Nov 12, 2019.


What is your favourite Enya album?

  1. Enya / The Celts (1987 / 1991)

  2. Watermark (1988)

  3. Shepherd Moons (1991)

  4. The Memory of Trees (1995)

  5. A Day without Rain (2000)

  6. Amarantine (2005)

  7. And Winter Came... (2008)

  8. Dark Sky Island (2015)

  9. Best Of / Soundtracks / EPs (1984 - 2009)

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  1. Only If is the silent assassin I didn't know it was. Good for her.
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  2. I was surprised too but it's an huge bop and I put it after the songs from the Frog Prince OST on the playlist. I think the same thing happened with The Humming coming right after And Winter Came dd
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  3. Ray


    I was looking at this top 10 and thinking 'I have no problems with any of those songs', then found out my avg score is 9.5+ – of course I have no problems with any of them.

    'On My Way Home' is probably the least exciting for me. Still not the 'overstayed its welcome' unexciting, just 'I think I prefer all others'.
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  4. #10 coming tomorrow! In the meantime, to keep the thread alive, here's Enya being gifted some fanart during a meet-and-greet for Sounds Of The Seasons.



    What I wouldn't give to know what she was thinking. But more importantly, will she ever stop being a trendsetter?


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  5. Stuff of nightmares.

    Who can say where my neck goes, only swans, only swans.
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  6. On a meta-level, 'On My Way Home' would be the fitting first cut in the 'home-stretch' of the rate now... and since it references a couple of heavy hitters left. I'm going for narrative drama with this choice, though!
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  7. Oh this reminds me that I had planned a lil trivia post about how the albums are basically all interconnected because the trio put little links between some of the songs. But does the public want me to put a tinfoil hat on and explain why Watermark, Shepherd Moons and The Memory of Trees work as a trilogy? We just don't know!

    I'll write something short probably.
  8. Oooh, exciting... this sounds right up my alley! It's possible my whole pop fandom is based on the concept tinfoil-inspired interconnected mind-mapping. (Gawd help the poor souls in the Halsey rate when my essay drops for my 11 there. It's a damn mess.)
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  10. You have come this far already, now you have to go all the way.
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  11. Ray


    Oh my DOGS this Piece of Art.

    If I dream about it tonight I'll sue you.
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  12. I didn’t see swan at first. I saw her hands holding up some gaudy earrings.
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  13. I gave On My Way Home an 8 so I'm hoping this is true for her. I also hope it's nowhere in the top 5
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  14. She looking at Roma direct like bish how da fuck did I end up da face of dis shonky Pure Moods outfit? (in Loxian, obvs)

  15. In Loxian send me.


    THE TOP 10




    1st from ENYA / THE CELTS
    Released as the lead single of THE CELTS in 1992


    Official artwork | Standard edition
    Picture from The Celts (?) photoshoot

    Where the fuck is my ancient style extravaganza though?

    01 The Celts
    02 Oíche Chiún
    03 ‘S Fagaim mo Bhaile


    Official artwork | Limited Edition
    Picture from The Celts (?) photoshoot

    See above

    01 The Celts
    02 Oíche Chiún
    03 Storms in Africa (Part II)
    04 Eclipse

    UK (1992) 29
    Australia (1995) 97


    Highest: 10 (x8) @pop3blow2 @Ray @Sprockrooster @ssa @Eric Generic @Angeleyes @VeryPSB @Verandi

    Lowest: 6 @DoggySwami │ 7,5 @burntoutcarNext lowest score: 8

    My score: 10

    Trajectory: 41 - 13 - 13 - 12 - 11 - 10

    Listen to the song while you read this elimination post!

    This was the main title theme for the series. There were six programmes in the series with 72 minutes of music recorded. The director had various pastiches in the programme and wanted music to compliment these. Thus the music ranges from a "Spaghetti Western" through to "The Third Man" and "The Haunted House" to the more familiar tracks embodied on the soundtrack album. What happened to the other tracks? I hear you say. We still have them!

    - Roma Ryan, ONLY TIME: THE COLLECTION, 2002

    For the signature tune, I was looking for something that was both catchy and original and different to everything else I had written for The Celts. And, um, I had been working with the piano and the synthesizer and it happened on the synthesizer that I got this riff. Um, it went sort of ‘bum bum-bum bum-bum,’ you know, this type. And I got excited about it and then I started writing the right hand melody. And it just from there on worked for me really.

    - ENYA​

    So here we are! We starts things off in this terrific Top 10 with the opening song of Enya's debut album and the first song of this rate: The Celts. Used as the intro track for the BBC-TV Series "The Celts" (you can hear the initial version below) it wasn't initially a single from the 1987 self-titled album nor it gave it the name, which from a marketing point of view was a bit stupid but things worked out anyway.

    As we know, I Want Tomorrow was the only single from Enya in 1987, with The Celts serving as one of its B-sides, but when the album was reissued as The Celts in 1992, the now-title track was released as its lead single, peaking at number 29 in the UK, probably benefiting from the recent success of Book Of Days. Although it might look as a flop, it's also one of the very very few songs fully in Gaelic to chart in the UK, with the only song to reach the Top 10 being her siblings' Theme from Harry's Game in 1982. The Celts was later featured in every collection, bar the deluxe of The Very Best. Interestingly, it was used as a B-side to Storms In Africa II in 1989, only to become its A-side in 1992. They switch like [redacted].

    The Celts is quite different from the rest of the album, having a noticeable electronic sheen mixed with a more traditional melody; the other track relying heavily on synths is Aldebaran but that one doesn't really sounds like it belongs to a documentary about the Celts does it? The Celts also utilizes a lot of percussion and even church bells; it's probably one of the most dramatic compositions in Enya's catalogue.

    The song is composed of three parts: the first and third are basically intonation in Gaelic, with Hi-ri, Hi-ro, Hi-ri. working as the chorus; the second part consist of a verse, repeated twice:

    Saol na saol,
    Tús go deireadh.
    Tá muid beo
    Go deo.

    Life of lives,
    Beginning to the end.
    We are alive

    which are lyrics that also appeared (in part) in March of the Celts and I'm sure other songs that I don't want to search right now. Also the chorus was re-modeled for The Longships too!

    I would have never guessed that The Celts could reach the Top 10, and at the beginning when it was crashing outside of the Top 40 I was pretty disgusted, but everything worked out at the end uh? Then again, the outro of the song is... probably still the best she's ever done and y'all voted accordingly. A bold, lethal final drum+bell gong? Gimme that drama!

    @burntoutcar 7,5 I only got into The Celts on the re-release in 1992, and thought it was a brand new album when I saw it in Our Price. I was a bit disappointed, therefore, at the seeming regression of the quality of the music, so it made sense when I worked out that this was from before Watermark. This track, though, is a nice little number, one of the better ones on the album.

    @Iggypig 8 Such a great song, and must have the least amount of lyrics of any Enya single! That ending is so dramatic.
    It has! Thanks for the bonus trivia.

    @Crisp X 8 As a first taste of Enya’s discography, this is interesting. Very triumphiant sounding. Strong backing vocals, and the instrumentation is quite busy to my surprise. Leaves me wanting more as it feels like an intro though.
    Another stan in the basket! Had I opened the playlist with the Frog Prince songs I'd have 9 voters at best nn.

    @smalldivo 8 Atmospheric and kinda brooding, with a distinctive synthie-riff - a great kick-off for her career.

    @Cutlery 9 Something about the plucky keyboard synth(s) and her repeated chanting is done very beautifully and nostalgically. One of her best openers

    @If You Go 9,5 This one was always known in my house as “the one that sounded like Chariots of Fire”, which is hardly a bad thing!
    Scream I never knew that was the name of the song. I just knew the motif from all the memes.

    @mrp2910 9,5 Having not heard this for a very long time nostalgia kicked in for my score. but what a song. the echoes, the chanting, the drumming. Its Enya in a nutshell and what they do perfectly.

    @pop3blow2 10 The rush of instant nostalgia that sweeps over me listening to this song is intense. ‘Live of lives, beginning to end… we are alive, forever.’ Whew.

    @Ray 10 Enya doing Gaelic synthpop? I’m so in and this is the first track in the rate.

    @Sprockrooster 10 We love to start a rate/album on an absolute high.

    @ssa 10 What an opener!

    Official video

    The video for the song was filmed at the Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, England. It was Enya’s last video directed by Michael Geoghegan. Because of that, it's also her last video to feature the famous paint brushed technique that they used for Orinoco Flow, Caribbean Blue and The Celts before it. The photoshoot for the album was also done on the video set. I guess there's some kind of narrative to the video but I guess she becomes a queen or something at the end? We just don't know.


    No more collateral tracks for the Top 10, the Top 10 is an Enya only event.

    Next up: we'll I've given a hint already. Just search ;)​
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  17. The painting reminds me of that creepy painting that comes to life in IT.
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  18. Wtf at this not being top 40 with that first tragic batch.

    And then I see the next lowest scores and I know Caribbean Blue will take another life.

    Who cast a spell over this rate?
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  19. Are we breaking the 100th page mark before announcing the winner? Oh yes we will! *thread dies*

    Oh with that I mean that the next lowest score for The Celts is 8, but at that point I'd list almost everybody!
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