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The Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest 2018 - RESULTS TIME

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 4, 2018.

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    Welcome to the inaugural edition of the PJ Forum Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest. Too long have we had to watch as our favourite songs fall at national selections without getting their moments to flop shine.

    NO MORE!

    In this alternate dimension version of the world's most popular annual song contest, we'll be pitting the songs that didn't make it to Lisbon against each other. There's just one rule: countries taking part will have had some sort of competition with multiple songs and acts that the public have had some say in the result of. No internal selections here.

    The hosts for the 2018 Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest are:


    The countries eligible for the 2018 Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest are:
    Czech Republic
    San Marino
    United Kingdom

    *Israel are not eligible, due to the fact the candidate was chosen by the public but not the song.
    *Finland are also not eligible, despite there being three songs to choose from it was Saara Aalto whether we liked it or not. If anybody particular campaigns for Domino or Queens to be included, then I could be persuaded I guess.

    PHASE 1:
    The first phase of the contest is the selection process. I need a gaggle of gays to help serve as the international jury to pick out the songs we'll be scoring for each country in the final of the contest. A lot of us have been punishing ourselves with national selections every weekend anyway so this shouldn't be too hard.

    If you'd like to serve on the international jury please send me a PM or post in the thread.

    Please note: I won't expect you to vote in EVERY country's national selection, so if for instance you've only listened to the songs for France and United Kingdom, then you're only obliged to vote for those. Once the final song selections have happened for the real contest, I'll open a Google poll for the jury to vote.

    Once the votes from the jury are tallied, the participating acts for each country will be revealed.

    PHASE 2:
    The second phase is the voting process. In time-honoured Eurovision tradition each person will submit a ballot that looks something like:

    12 Points: Your favourite song in the contest
    10 Points: Your second favourite
    8 Points: and so on...
    7 Points:
    6 Points:
    5 Points:
    4 Points:
    3 Points:
    2 Points:
    1 Point: I don't know why I'm explaining how scoring works to Eurohunties?

    This phase will be open to anybody who wants to take part! As there are that much fewer entries than the real contest, I don't see the need for semi-finals or any of that jazz.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Song List:

    Orgesa Zaimi – Ngrije zërin | Live performance | Studio version
    Armenia: Tamar Kaprelian - Poison (Ari Ari) | Live performance | Studio version
    Belarus: Shuma - Hmarki | Live performance | Studio version
    Czechia: Debbi - High On Love | Live performance | Studio version
    Denmark: KARUI - Signals | Live performance | Studio version
    Estonia: IIRIS & Agoh - Drop That Boogie | Live performance | Studio version
    France: Emmy Liyana - OK ou KO | Live performance | Studio version
    Germany: Ivy Quainoo - House On Fire | Live performance | Studio version
    Greece: Areti Ketime - Min ksehnas ton ilio | Live performance | Studio version
    Hungary: Tolvai Reni - Crack My Code | Live performance | Studio version
    Iceland: Þórunn Antonía - Ég mun skína / Shine | Live performance | Studio version IS / EN
    Italy: Annalisa - Il mondo prima di te | Live performance | Studio version
    Latvia: MADARA - Esamība | Live performance | Studio version
    Lithuania: Paula - 1 2 3 | Live performance | Studio version
    Malta: Jasmine Abela - Supernovas | Live performance | Studio version
    Moldova: Anna Timofei - Endlessly | Live performance | Studio version
    Montenegro: Nina Petković - Dišem | Live performance | Studio version
    Norway: Stella & Alexandra - You Got Me | Live performance | Studio version
    Poland: Ifi Ude - Love Is Stronger | Live performance | Studio version
    Portugal: Minnie & Rhayra - Patati Patata | Live performance | Studio version
    Romania: Serena - Safari | Live performance | Studio version
    Scam Marino: Emma Sandstrom - Diamonds | Live performance | Studio version
    Serbia: Maja Nikolić - Zemlja čuda | Live performance | Studio version
    Slovenia: Nika Zorjan - Uspavanka | Live performance | Studio version
    Spain: Aitana & Ana Guerra - Lo Malo | Live performance | Studio version
    Sweden: Polish Margaret - In My Cabana | Live performance | Studio version
    Switzerland: Vanessa Iraci - Red Lights | Live performance | Studio version
    Ukraine: TAYANNA - Lelya | Live performance | Studio version
    United Kingdom: Asanda - Legends | Live performance | Studio version

    Spotify playlist:

    Missing: Albania, Czechia, Malta, Serbia, Switzerland, UK.


    Simply PM me your ballot in Eurovision style:
    12 Points: Your favourite song
    10 Points: Your second favourite song
    8 Points: etc.
    7 Points:
    6 Points:
    5 Points:
    4 Points:
    3 Points:
    2 Points:
    1 Point: You know what to do

    Plus any commentary and your choice of who you'd like to be the spokesperson for your votes.


    *and other continents
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  3. Yaas, let's do this.

    I don't know why you're doing it either. You feeling okay?
  4. I’d be down to be part of the Inter Jury if y’all don’t mind my oft-questionable tastes.
  5. Hej Christer x

  6. [​IMG]
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  7. We'll just put the UK flag next to you and it'll be fine. No-one will question it.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I would sign up for the jury and try to channel Ilinca, but I fear I'll be too busy with the Melfest rate.
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  10. Here to serve as your Italy 2012 i.e. the only country NOT to give Lorqueen points
  11. The voting form for the jury looks like this:

    Where you go down the list and just select an entry for as many or as few of the countries as you've watched/listened to. Nice and simple and hopefully not too time consuming (unlike typing in all the entrants was)!

    Also don't let me forget to submit in the Melodifestivalen rate!
  12. A&E


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  13. @NecessaryVoodoo after manually typing in the hundreds of entrants for the Serbian, Romanian, Portuguese and Lithuanian selections:

  14. fdjfdlsd I'm far lazier than that!

  15. Well, if you think I can do it, who am I to defy you?

  16. [​IMG]

    @Aries, @dynamite_state, @Monkey0 how about you guys? I know you've been watching some/if not all of the national selections too.
  17. I'm in.
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  18. Count me in, too!

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