The Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest 2018 - RESULTS TIME


Uh, listen up, listen up it's me Tracy B
What u get is what u see
And as for Elaine over here, she's a real C.U.N-
I screamed

Imagine explaining this to someone off the forum
We now cross live to Executive Supervisor of the EBU, Mr Jon Ola Sand with an announcement...


[said while looking into wrong camera, noticeable sheen of sweat covering entire face]: Due to an overall err poorer? national selection year (and the fact I'm running a rate already), the Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest will not be returning in its current format for 2019 (unless somebody else wants to run it). A winner has already been selected err internally? by a completely fair and transparent method, the practicalities of which—much like the err UK's You Decide voting statistics—will never be released publicly or explained.

Therefore I'm pleased to err announce the winner of the err Eurovizh Alt-Song? Contest 2019 is...

Battista Acquaviva - Passio