The Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest 2018 - RESULTS TIME

Well, if you think I can do it, who am I to defy you?

Apologies for the crap .gif, but I was on a train and it was the best I could do.

@Empty Shoebox

Welcome to the jury!

OK so here's how it's going to work for phase 1. After the Swedish, Norwegian and Lithuanian finals this weekend, I'll PM a link for the google poll to all our jurors and there'll be a two week voting period. After that time I'll reveal the competing acts over the space of a week.

Because buffoonery, riggery and straight up tomfoolery are staples of Eurovision, if anyone wants to campaign for spotlight any particular entries before voting opens in order to try and court votes, then go ahead!
Who is going to buy me SIM cards and/or offer me enough money to live off of for a year?
Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler, who came 19th out of 26 finalists in May, told a French newspaper she overheard Russians asking why they didn’t get the votes they paid for.

Bonnie said: “The next day the Russians were complaining to Azerbaijan – ‘why didn’t you give us the 10 points we paid for?’
Dddd and then Bonnie was never seen again.


@Aries, @dynamite_state, @Monkey0 how about you guys? I know you've been watching some/if not all of the national selections too.

Truth be told, I've only kept up with Melodifestivalen and Saara Aalto


which is to say...count me in

edit: waittt I lied, I've already suffered through UK, Germany and Norway entries but forgot all about them. I am more qualified than I thought.
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