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The Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest 2019 - RESULTS

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by constantino, May 27, 2019.

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    Welcome to the second edition of the PJ Forum Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest! As our founder @NecessaryVoodoo once said: Too long have we had to watch as our favourite songs fall at national selections without getting their moments to flop shine.

    NO MORE!

    In this alternate dimension version of the world's most popular annual song contest, we'll be pitting the songs that didn't make it to Tel Aviv Nicoise Salad against each other. There's just one rule: countries taking part will have had some sort of competition with multiple songs and acts that the public have had some say in the result of. No internal selections here.

    NOTE: Songs that WON their national finals AND actually went to Eurovision are not eligible for this contest. Yes, this means that Siren Song is eligible x

    The hosts for the 2019 Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest are:


    The countries eligible for the 2019 Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest are:

    Czech Republic
    United Kingdom

    *Israel, Georgia and Malta are not eligible, due to the fact the candidate was chosen by the public but not the song.
    *Like last year, Finland are also not eligible, and just as well, because all three songs were shite.


    PHASE 1:

    The first phase of the contest is the selection process. Last year, @NecessaryVoodoo recruited a gaggle of gays to help serve as the international jury to pick out the songs we scored for each country in the final of the contest. This year, I’ve decided to scrap this and just let everyone vote from the jump, bring on the KAOS.mp3.


    Please note: As was the case last year, I won't expect you to vote in EVERY country's national selection, so if for instance you've only listened to the songs for Australia, France and Sweden, then you're only obliged to vote for those. Like last year, voting will be happening via the Google form linked above.

    Voting for this section closes on Sunday 9th June.

    Once the votes from the jury are tallied, the participating acts for each country will be revealed.

    PHASE 2:

    The second phase is the voting process. In time-honoured Eurovision tradition each person will submit a ballot that looks something like:

    12 Points: Your favourite song in the contest
    10 Points: Your second favourite
    8 Points: and so on...
    7 Points:
    6 Points:
    5 Points:
    4 Points:
    3 Points:
    2 Points:
    1 Point:

    Have fun!​

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    Albania | Spotify | YouTube
    Australia | Spotify | YouTube
    Belarus | YouTube
    Croatia | Spotify | YouTube
    Czech Republic | Spotify | YouTube
    Denmark | Spotify | YouTube
    Estonia | Spotify | YouTube
    France | Spotify | YouTube
    Germany | Spotify | YouTube
    Hungary | Spotify | YouTube
    Iceland | Spotify | YouTube
    Italy | Spotify | YouTube
    Latvia | Spotify | YouTube
    Lithuania | Spotify | YouTube
    Moldova | Spotify | YouTube
    Montenegro | Spotify | YouTube
    Norway | Spotify | YouTube
    Portugal | Spotify | YouTube
    Romania | Spotify | YouTube
    Serbia | YouTube
    Slovenia | Spotify | YouTube
    Spain | Spotify | YouTube
    Sweden | Spotify | YouTube
    Ukraine | Spotify | YouTube
    United Kingdom | Spotify | YouTube

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    1) Kerrie-Anne - Sweet Lies (United Kingdom)
    2) Julie & Nina - League of Light (Denmark)
    3) Soni Malaj - Më e forte (Albania)
    4) Pam Rabbit - Easy to Believe (Czech Republic)
    5) Lorena - Tower of Babylon (Croatia)
    6) Oscar Enestad - I Love It (Sweden)
    7) Samanta Tīna - Cutting the Wire (Latvia)
    8) Sofija Perić - Aritmija (Serbia)
    9) Daz Sampson & Nona - Kinky Boots (Belarus)
    10) Ingrid Berg Mehus - Feel (Norway)
    11) Andrea Demirović - Ja Sam Ti San (Montenegro)
    12) Kaia Tamm - Wo Sind Die Katzen? (Estonia)
    13) Bella Santiago - Army of Love (Romania)
    14) Rozina Pátkai - Frida (Hungary)
    15) Aly Ryan - Wear Your Love (Germany)
    16) Loredana Bertè - Cosa ti aspetti da me (Italy)
    17) Electric Fields - 2000 and Whatever (Australia)
    18) Monika Marija - Light On (Lithuania)
    19) Aysat - Comme Une Grande (France)
    20) IMSLAND - What Are You Waiting For (Iceland)
    21) RAIVEN - KAOS (Slovenia)
    22) Lemonique - Gravity (Moldova)
    23) María Villar - Muérdeme (Spain)
    24) Ana Cláudia - Inércia (Portugal)
    25) MARUV - Siren Song (Ukraine)

    Spotify playlist (excluding Belarus and Serbia):


    To vote, simply PM me with your points as follows:
    12 -
    10 -
    8 -
    7 -
    6 -
    5 -
    4 -
    3 -
    2 -
    1 -​
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  4. Are songs that actually went to Eurovision eligible?
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  5. [​IMG]

    better update that first post nn
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  6. The playlist post has been updated with Spotify and YouTube playlists of this year's national finals.

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  7. There's a problem in the form, Czech's answer area only requires numbers.
    Edit: And other countries...
  8. Guess we have our winner...

  9. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I’m screaming at the UK Spotify playlist ddddd.
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  10. stan talent
    stan tsesho
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  11. Kinky Boots to win!
  12. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Yep, this just happened to me with France.
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  13. Fixed, sorry about that nn.

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  14. Voted babes. Hopefully i'll see some justice for The Divaz.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Excuse me, but Aysat did not deliver a stone-cold BOP to be disrespected like this.
  17. Voted too! Damn I spend a lot of time listening to shit NF music - only Belarus and Moldova I couldn't vote in.
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