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The Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest 2019 - RESULTS

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by constantino, May 27, 2019.

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    1) Aly Ryan - Wear Your Love (Germany) - 130 points
    2) MARUV - Siren Song (Ukraine) - 120 points
    3) Electric Fields - 2000 and Whatever (Australia) - 81 points
    4) Aysat - Comme Une Grande (France) - 60 points
    5) Oscar Enestad - I Love It (Sweden) - 55 points
    6) Loredana Bertè - Cosa ti aspetti da me (Italy) - 54 points
    7) Andrea Demirović - Ja Sam Ti San (Montenegro) - 53 points
    8) Bella Santiago - Army of Love (Romania) - 51 points
    9) Kerrie-Anne - Sweet Lies (United Kingdom) - 48 points
    10) María Villar - Muérdeme (Spain) - 41 points

    11) Ingrid Berg Mehus - Feel (Norway) - 36 points
    12) Soni Malaj - Më e forte (Albania) - 30 points
    13) RAIVEN - KAOS (Slovenia) - 29 points
    14) Rozina Pátkai - Frida (Hungary) - 24 points
    15) IMSLAND - What Are You Waiting For (Iceland) - 24 points
    16) Lorena - Tower of Babylon (Croatia) - 19 points
    17) Ana Cláudia - Inércia (Portugal) - 18 points
    18) Daz Sampson & Nona - Kinky Boots (Belarus) - 13 points
    19) Sofija Perić - Aritmija (Serbia) - 12 points
    20) Kaia Tamm - Wo Sind Die Katzen? (Estonia) - 9 points

    21) Monika Marija - Light On (Lithuania) - 8 points
    22) Lemonique - Gravity (Moldova) - 7 points
    23) Julie & Nina - League of Light (Denmark) - 7 points
    24) Pam Rabbit - Easy to Believe (Czech Republic) - 6 points
    25) Samanta Tīna - Cutting the Wire (Latvia) - I'm points

  2. Sis I'd make a proper GIF for you, if you ask me :(
    EKO disbanded after Mello 2014, so that's why they don't have any online existence.
    After that, Anna Lidman went solo but it seems she's having fun at Swedish musicals and not doing single piece of work.

  3. I only have room in my life for one Dutch bisexual king...
    Thank you @constantino for running the rate. Anything that elongates Eurovision season and getting to cackle along with you all is always worthwhile in my book.
  4. Well these results are just wrong but what can you do, it's just like the real Eurovision!

    Thanks for hosting @constantino!
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  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Aly beating Maruv? I mean, she’s good, but she’s not that good. The results of the current round of PJSC should be interesting...

    Well, the Montenegrin entry was better, so I’m glad your mix-up made up for your taste xx
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  6. If that's a veiled criticism for paying Siren Song dust, know I'm not one bit sorry about it.

    And that's sincerely me

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  7. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    It wasn’t, but that was only because I didn’t notice that your taste deficiency extended to blanking Maruv.

    How can you not love the song that gave us this?
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  9. The real winners are all of us for getting to live a Eurovision lineup as fab as this!
    If I'd have known me not replying to my DMs would lead me to having Lee Lin Chin as my spokesperson, I'd not reply all over again :)
  10. Okay uh, great visuals, beautiful visuals

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  11. great winner

    also stan cezar
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  12. Happy surprise with the winner, thought MARUV had it in the bag, definitely prefer Aly though. Thanks for running this @constantino
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  13. Damn, missed the cutoff @constantino!

    I now stan the multitalented queen who can both sing and walk (just don't ask her to wear shoes): Aly Ryan.
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  14. You had...over two weeks.

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  15. Maybe I should have voted
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  16. Honey, Douwe is not bisexual - he was just playing the gay vote back in 2016....
  17. I have a very rich inner life that takes up a lot my time.

    See also; uni, work, hot boys, butt stuff.
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