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The Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest 2022 (Final results begin p. 8)

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WowWowWowWow, May 17, 2022.

  1. Good thing there’s still over a week left to submit nomination points!


    (And the entire world, of course)
  2. Some more FYCs (all female bops!)





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  3. Some more FYCs (all female bops!) [Part 2]


    Czech Republic



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  4. Some more FYCs (mostly all female, mostly bops!) [Part 3]





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  5. Some more FYCs (a nice ballad and a nice midtempo) [PART 4]

    North Macedonia

    San Marino
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  6. Figured I'd post some FYCs for the countries which haven't been covered yet. I didn't actually listen to every single song from every country, but these all caught my attention in one way or another. Most of them range from pretty great to actually excellent, a couple of them (namely Israel and North Macedonia) are the best I could find for those countries.
  7. Wow, the Iceland - Ireland - Israel series was truly a low point! But here I am unexpectedly loving Italy's options so thank you Italy.
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  8. My parents invited themselves up for a visit this weekend. They are leaving on Monday morning and I will return to normal life at that time. So this is not an official extension, but if your votes happened to arrive sometime on Monday, it would probably be fine.
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  9. You should ask them to vote too.
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  10. Some last-minute FYC:


    (their selection is so strong how am I going to choose 5 songs?)



    I'll send my votes tomorrow!
  11. One final call for your nominations please and thank you!
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  12. I happened to be home on the day of the first semifinal of Melodifestivalen, so I watched with my mom. Her favorite was

    The pickings were somewhat slim but she still chose correctly.
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  13. I will send mine later, although they're not complete sorry.
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  14. That’s ok! The only incomplete nominations for this contest are the ones that are never sent.
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  15. Right, time to find out which songs I've Liked on the Spotify playlist and which countries they belong to.
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  16. Sorry to all the countries that I never added to the playlist!
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  17. I'm working on mine and will get them to you this evening!
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  18. Hello! I will be tallying the remainder of the votes today (thank you again to all who participated!) - with the goal of revealing the finalists at 11:59pm UK time. Please message me before then if you still wish to contribute to round 1, thank you!

  19. Now, I will reveal our finalists by sharing each country’s top 3, in reverse order.

    3rd place: Kejsi Rustja – “Vallëzoj me ty”
    2nd place: Alban Ramosaj – “Theje”

    1. Janex – “Deluzional”

    3rd place: G-Nation – “Bite Me”
    2nd place: Voyager – “Dreamer”

    2. Paulini – “We Are One”

    3rd place: Bernarda – “Here For Love”
    2nd place: Marko Bošnjak – “Moli za nas”

    3. Mia Negovetić – “Forgive Me (Oprosti)”

    Czech Republic
    3rd place: The Valentines – “Stay Or Go”
    2nd place: Giudi – “Jezinky”

    4. Annabelle – “Runnin’ Out Of F* Time”

    3rd place: Morten Fillipsen – “Happy Go Lucky”
    2nd place: Conf3ssions – “Hallelujah”

    5. Fuld Effekt – “Rave med de hårde drenge”
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