The Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest 2022 (Final results begin p. 8)

In case anyone is looking at the list going "How did THAT song get through?" ... I confirm that 3 of our finalists "won" their country coming down to tiebreaker rules, and another finalist was only 1 point ahead of 2nd place. From my quick scan, everyone else was at least 3 points ahead of their runner-up.
Someone will have to host a Popjustice Second Chances: Eurovizh Alt-Songs Edition!
May I propose a 'mini song contest round' revolving around the songs that made it to the top 3 but didn't win their selections? For example everyone chooses one of the 2nd/3rd placers and competes with them. That way the songs that just missed out on making it to the final here will have another chance.
I will struggle to choose between four songs, though.
Many thanks to WowWowWowWow, and everyone who slogged through ALL the semifinalists to get our finalists (I myself was only able to make it through a few countries in time).

BUT, I'm happy to report I've done a thorough accounting of the finalists, and have a foolproof ranking of the top ten. Very excited to see the final results and everyone else's takes.