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The Face with NAOMI CAMPBELL!!!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Baby Clyde, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Fearless forecast even I myself hate it, but the universe is sending me signals (ala Brittaney) that Chantal will win the Aussie show.
  2. Well considering the Rihanna lookalike who won the first US cycle, I wouldn't be surprised by another Rihanna clone winning.
  3. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I'm so scared at tonight's semi-finals episode. I hope Olivia survives this one. But just in case she doesn't I feel the need to share this.
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  4. K94


    I did see your post about the person who's won though I didn't click it so you probably know who's going. Bloody hell hitori!!
  5. Hitori

    Hitori Guest


    I can't. Team Cheyenne were totally robbed!

    I actually don't know! I'm just as excited as you are.
  6. I am obsessed with both the Australian and American shows. I feel like Sarah is the winner from the start although Ruth has gotten stronger, I have never been impressed with Chantal, she is probably my least fave girl.
  7. What do you all think of Yaya's makeover? She is one of my faves but I got such a shock seeing her suddenly without her hair!
  8. Her yellow hair is hideous can't wait to see her makeover, she's really grown on me.
  9. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Yaya's new look has brought her to the next level. Her features are more defined now.
  10. Well I'm happy with the final 5. Would've preferred Chantal to go and have Brittaney instead, but otherwise it's solid. Olivia really proved herself, so I can't complain.
  11. I think Team Cheyeen were robbed. All of Naomi's girls, bar Chantal, were awful, whereas only Yaya let her team down (and had the disadvantage of no hair and no train to play with). How could Ruth have scored an 8?! That woman from Lexus seemed clueless.

    Still, the right girl got eliminated (since Olivia actually stepped up this week) but I wasn't happy with Yaya being painted as generally weak when she's anything but. Naomi's trolling in the elimination room is beyond a joke, she may as well ask them to enter a Hunger Games-style battle for survival because anything less appears to bore her to tears.
  12. Olivia really stepped it up this week. They could have done a bit more with YaYa's hair after taking out her extensions. Although I've been Team Naomi all the way, I did think it was suspect that they won the campaign. I think the Lexus woman just really didn't like Nikoulina's photo because of the foot. It's going to be a decent final though and I think any of the girls could win now except maybe Chantal. Is there going to be another elimination next week? It looked like that from the previews with Cheyenne's "I don't agree with your decision".
  13. I think the "I don't agree with your decision" was from an earlier episode when Naomi eliminated the blonde girl in Cheyenne's team as the first person off. I don't think it really included many new scenes, cause it acted like Nicole was still in it.

    And really, I think Cheyenne deserved to win as well. That Lexus lady was full of shit. The dresses, poses and car all called for a fierce, stern emotion, in my opinion. And she was whinging that the girls didn't look happy to be there or smiling? Completely stupid.
  14. Rmx


    I am praying they give Nicole a big part in the finale, like she gets to decide who's the winner or something since she's pretty much objective now. It would be such a good comeback to Naomi. Speaking of the devil, how big of a power troll is she? I live for it. I live for the whip she was holding. I live for the (like immy said) Hunger Games worthy battle she demanded in the elimination room. Last week with the mourning veil I thought she was having a nutty day, but she's a complete troll and I'm getting several lives.
  15. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I reckon one girl will be eliminated immediately next episode. Of the remaining four, each mentor takes only one girl to the final so Nicole will most definitely have a role.

    I dunno who Cheyenne will pick, but Naomi might pick Chantal because she knows Nicole loves Sarah and might take her to the finals anyway.

    I'd love Olivia to win to be honest.

    That Lexus woman is a nut. RUTH GETTING AN 8? That photo was a 3! Good thing Olivia won the campaign! Lexus, Max Factor and Le Specs - not bad!

    My ideal final five would have been Team Cheyenne, Sarah and Chantal. I'm starting to not like Ruth.
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  16. I don't think it'll work like that. I imagine there'll be a elimination early on in the episode, and then 4 finalists. Probably 2 in Cheyenne and 2 in Naomi. Then the Olay people will just choose a winner based on another challenge. I don't think Nicole is going to get one of the girls.

    US ep was meh. Glad Felise is finally gone, never got why she was there in the first place. I see no appeal in Ray AT ALL. Naomi was so right to drag Lydia for that, cause Amanda was a million times stronger. Hope Naomi has a hissy fit about Felise just giving up.
  17. K94


    Yes! I was annoyed myself. How could be in the semi-final and then just give away your spot. She was right that she wasn't ready but she should have realised that weeks ago.
  18. I was annoyed but at the same time, she was right. It would've sucked if someone better left because of her. Shame she didn't realise it the first few times, and just knocked herself out earlier. But Team Naomi would probably be gone by now if she left earlier...
  19. Rmx


    Ray is ugly and her teeth are yellow. Sorry 'bout it.
  20. The writing was on the wall for Felicia since her going means all the mentors have one contestant each. I wasn't even surprised that she didn't even fight for it.

    I feel like I would absolutely slay in the elimination room. I would say something like: "everyone says that my problem is that I'm... *starts crying* ...too sexy! But I'm a fighter and I'm here to fight! I've grown from week to week and I DESERVE to be the face of Olay! This is ALL I have ever wanted since before I was even born!!! I will PROVE to you that I know how to not be sexy!!"
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