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The Face with NAOMI CAMPBELL!!!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Baby Clyde, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. The US version is a ridiculous, scripted, overdubbed, shoddily-edited mess.

    Someone please tell me that the UK version is coming back over the summer?
  2. K94


    Naomi's post-production rant at her two girls after walking in on them was soo odd - what was the point in recording after the show?
  3. That whole sequence was a mess. The girls were clearly thrown into a room and left there for a while (after jotting a few things down in their notepads it would seem, if Afiya's full page was anything to go by, despite the judges protesting to the contrary) as the crew wandered around in the background, presumably waiting to be told where to go next as I imagine they are throughout filming. Thankfully Falisa provided some potty mouth to give Naomi something to rant about and then she stormed in their and probably dropped twice as many F-bombs so they dubbed her with some scripted pep talk. It was all totally contrived and jumbled around, in the cheapest, most obvious way.
  4. It was hilarious when Naomi stormed in and Afiya had pages of notes.

    I can't wait for the UK version. That awkward episode when Naomi had a Takeaway with two of her girls while the others were having a blast with their mentors.

  5. Yes! Caroline really proved her worth as the second best mentor of any international edition. Her CV is actually worth discussing, her shade was cutting and underhanded and she looked flawless throughout. She seemed to really know how to get under Naomi's skin without completely antagonising her, and Naomi needs that kind of foil to stop her from looking like a parody of herself. The only other mentor who has come close has been Nicole, but that all went to shit as soon as we realised her team was subpar.
  6. K94


    Caroline and Anne V are amazing - I don't really check for the others though Erin was (too) nice.
  7. No elimination will ever top Caroline eliminating Jess simply because she didn't pick her.
  8. Naomi having zero fucks about Brittany and Ebony's back story was also amazing.
  9. Yes and it wasn't her being bitchy. She was right that when you go to an agency they don't care if you've "seen things no child should see".

    The mistake Nicole made in the Australia version was being "disrespectful" to Naomi. Caroline was cheeky in the UK version, but never overstepped the line. I think the difference is Caroline seems quite witty, whereas Nicole (bless her) comes across as pretty dumb.
  10. Rmx


    Nicole shouldn't have gone so hard against Naomi in the first episode. In her defence, no one could have foreseen the ultimate level of 'batshit cray' Naomi attained over the season.
  11. Caroline > Erin > Lydia > Nicole > Anne V > Coco > Cheyenne > Karolina.

    I really hope UK's season 2 keeps the same three mentors.
  12. Rmx


    Caroline and Erin, right? I agree, I love both of them!
  13. K so what do I do now without this is my life?

    (I'm not counting the US version)

    A great finale, not my ideal result but they'll clearly all be models. And I'm going to miss Nicole being iconic.
  14. The only thing that would stop Erin from doing it would be her pregnancy.
  15. I warmed to Olivia a little bit when she did so well in the Lexus challenge and proved herself a good speaker with the presentation task (despite the fact that she can barely go a whole sentence without trailing off like the hamster in her brain started slowing down in its wheel when speaking to camera) but once she got through to the final 3 at the behest of The Olay Lady, despite her picture being a bit crap, I knew that was it and she'd win it.

    The Olay Lady clearly had a soft spot for her from the word go and that's the risk you take when you give a client the final decision; it's not likely to make for a very satisfying conclusion to the narrative that's been running through the show up until that point, because they're just going to pick who they like and don't care about their progress or 'journey' beforehand.

    It was an anticlimax for more reasons than one though; the announcement seemed so subdued and lonely and she didn't even say a final piece to camera, while Cheyenne could barely be bothered to fake a tear (and how old did she look by the way?), not to mention the fact that Nicole was replaced by a cardboard cut-out towards the end. Maybe everyone was as puzzled and bored by Olivia's victory as I was.

    Still, a great season. Please bring back the UK version.
  16. I knew since the last episode that Olivia had it in the bag. They made it so obvious. Like the coaches random commentary "She'll make it to the finale!" "She's one to beat!" and only said about her. Like they had nothing good to say from all the challenges, and after she won had to go back and say nice things.

    The Face US is coming to an end any second now, by the way.
  17. In hindsight it was quite telling that Naomi saved Olivia over Melise (who she clearly liked given her parting words to her). Naomi's executive producer and so I'm sure she would have had an idea which girls Olay preferred as the competition went on. There was no way they would have wanted YaYa for example for the Australian market. I'm still disappointed that Sarah didn't win as she was consistent the whole way through and Olivia annoyed me with the whole "sexy" thing.
  18. I'm so happy Tiana won.. I was scared for her because Frédéric Fekkai loved Ray too much.
  19. I just skimmed through the US finale, didn't care about the contestants and the production has been so bad overall.
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