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The Face with NAOMI CAMPBELL!!!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Baby Clyde, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Rmx


    I hope so. My weeks are empty without Naomi's pitch black shade.
  2. I went from watching the finale of The Face US 2 to the Australian version which I have literally just finished... Very impressed with the Aussie Top 3.

    Now all I can keep thinking about is how I need The Face UK Season 2 already!
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  3. Now that is very surprising news! In one sense the ratings weren't absolutely amazing so I can understand why it has been cancelled, but I thought when they axed BINTM that they were making room in the schedule and budget for The Face, obviously not. It's quite sad, especially as ANTM is such a mess now, at least this had some credibility attached with the names involved and looked to be quite promising and BINTM had it's best Cycle last year in terms of girls, budget, and shoots. (The less said about the winner the better.)

    Will The Face US continue to be shown on Sky Living?
  4. WHAT. I'd love to see Naomi's reaction to that news...
  5. They didn't 'cancel' the show they just didn't commission it for a 2nd series. Nothing unusual in that at all and nothing Naomi won't have been aware of for months

    Was there really much expectation that they would ?
  6. Yes. Seemed like a no brainer.

    Really cheap to produce, aimed directly at the most coveted demographic, very easily PR'd and with scope for lots of social media interaction (Which is all that matters these days).

    There must be a story behind this.
  7. But it wasn't cheap to produce, they specifically say it was expensive and it's all very well have loads of social media but it had no viewers !!
  8. K94


    I think it would do a lot better on a different channel so it's good they're thinking about that.
  9. I'm only just catching up with The Face US Season 2.

    Why do all of the girls need nose jobs???
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  10. More alarmingly, where is their personality??? I can only remember Amanda giving something more than a standard, faceless narrative confessional.
  11. I'm disappointed the UK version won't be back for another season. I actually thought the judges lineup was the best out of all the versions. Hopefully, the Australia version will be back as it was definitely the best.
  12. I've just started Australia.

    Just like Top Model the quality of girls is so much better than any of the others. If I know anything about reality TV then the winner is pretty obvious.
  13. She auditioned for X Factor 2014
  14. Of course Hitori would like Chloe Jasmine.
  15. FUCK YES. Bring this damn mess back into my life right now!
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  16. Uno


    Amazing. I missed seeing Naomi on my TV screen (laptop).

    Edit: It's only Coco? No news of Naomi?
  17. Ugh. The only benefit of having Coco there is when you have Naomi scalping her.
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