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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by djbobinmusicmad, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know where to get the faders songs ive got jump and no sleep tonight??
  2. I know that album promos did surface at one time (I think Kirkland mentioned hearing one, even though he hates Molly Lorenne/Ure/McQueen with a fire something akin to that normally reserved for war criminals) but I''ve yet to find one floating around to grasp.
  3. The album was released in some countries. I managed to order an Import from and had it shipped to the UK for about £15.

    Unfortunately it doesn''t have the 3rd single on it, which never got released here in the end either.
  4. There was a 3 track UK sampler for the album (brick wall photo on sleeve) and ''Plug In & Play'', the album, came out in Asia... I got a copy from eBay at the time as I just new they wouldn''t get an album out here in the UK. Their ''third'' single, ''Look At Me'', was due out after their support slot on some big tour (forget who it was) but was pulled. 1 track promos were littering places like eBay for months, not so sure now. Their website had a free download of a track not on the album too but it didn''t work for me so dunno if it actually got out to anyone... and of course, Molly''s solo version of ''No Sleep Tonight'' was also promo''d but not released, so there''s a 1 track promo of that too.
  5. I''m mates with Molly :)
  6. I managed to get the album off Ebay for a few pounds, and it''s...ok! There are some good songs but there is a whole load of shite on it too, such as Strange Boy, Girls Can Make You Cry, Here With Me, and She Just Wants to Be Loved.
  7. I have loads of their stuff from various download sites but Look At Me Now is my personal favourite.
  8. Whatever It Takes, which was also schedules as a third single at some point I think, is also very good. Nice enough ballad from them in an Amy Studt kind of way, wouldn''t have set the charts alight, though.
  9. I remember it being very ballads heavy. I really never liked The Faders. No Sleep Tonight was great though even if the rest of the record sucked.
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