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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Josh, Mar 7, 2021.

  1. Starts airing March 19th. First two Marvel Legends recap episodes are up for Falcon and Winter Soldier on Disney+ as well.

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  2. As with Wandavision I'll be waiting till the end to see this but I am mega excited. Mainly because I think Sebastian is one of the best MCU actors and he hasn't had enough time to show this.
    Plus the scope of what the visibility of Anthony as Falcon and getting the shield etc. could do.
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  3. My body is ready!!

    But seriously, can't wait to dissect and theorize each episode every week.
  4. I like to play like I'm not looking forward to this to fit in with the WandaStans, but Winter Soldier was such a gold standard MCU film so I'm excited from more of this side of the universe !!!

    How many episodes in until Sharon does that legs-around-neck-body-roll move all action women do? Genuinely love that shit, wish that was me.
  5. Not remotely expecting the quirkiness or boldness of WandaVision, but both Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are very watchable so I'm looking forward to it.

    Provided all the movie release dates go to plan, this could be the last week of 2021 where there isn't a new MCU episode dropping and/or a film running in cinemas. They're certainly making up for lost time.
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  6. I’m looking forward to this and I’m expecting it will surprise a lot of people with the themes it covers.
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  7. I'm so excited for this. I've been waiting for Sam, Bucky, and Sharon to get more development since 2014, and after Civil War came out I didn't think I was ever going to get it. (Civil War is a great movie but it's always been disappointing that we got Avengers 2.5 instead of a proper Cap movie).

    I'm hoping that in addition to action this one goes a bit easier on the easter eggs and remains a fairly grounded story. I can't do weeks and weeks of fans building up theories and conspiracies again.
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  8. I really hope Sharon isn’t just the love interest and actually has a big role in this after pulling the short straw in both Winter Solider and Civil War.
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  9. I think she’ll definitely have a role outside of love interest (although I wouldn’t rule that out yet as a side plot). In this new promo spot they highlight her as Agent 13, right along with the two leads. I do think it might be an episode or two before we see her though.
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  10. I can't wait for this. It's obviously going to be very different from "WandaVision" which I loved, but Marvel hasn't let me down yet. Of course, there are some films worse than others, but I don't think anything has been truly awful. I'm excited.
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  11. Just dawned on me that the actress who puts on the mask is the same person who played Enfys Nest in the Solo film.
  12. It looks a bit too cringey buddy comedy, a bit too masc action vibes.
  13. I was a hater when I saw those trailers for WandaVision and I was WRONG so I'm going to go into this trusting Marvel. Like y'all said, Winter Soldier was amazing, these characters are strong so I'm going to go along for the ride!
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  14. I wasn’t really gonna watch this but after Wandavision I need a Marvel fix.
  15. I’m here for the ComicBook accuracy of Zemo’s costume. What’s with the Disney/Marvel villains and purple?

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  16. Watched Winter Soldier in preparation for this and it was so much better than I remembered. I'm looking forward to Sebastian Stan getting his time to shine. His character has been through so much yet he never got much devlopment in the movies.
  17. Winter Soldier is the one of the best/my favourite films in the MCU. It’s basically a high-speed espionage thriller and I live every time. I think it also did a really great job of highlighting Black Widow’s insane capabilities when faced with situations in her field of expertise. She feels really valuable.
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  18. Yep this was the film where I became a ScarJo/BlackWidow stan, then obvs life happened and i pulled back on that, but still love the character. She also had her best look in that film!

    On that note I'm excited for the Black Widow movie too... Florence Pugh taking over the mantle is so perfect.
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  19. First reactions from journalists are in. The initial twitter takes for these kinds of things tend to be more overwhelmingly positive than later reviews from critics, but so far so good. Also looks like Disney is labeling these shows as "hour-longs" very liberally.

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  20. These ones got me very hyped.

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