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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Josh, Mar 7, 2021.

  1. This! I LOVE this show and the slower pacing. Especially compared to WandaVision where you are bombarded with information. Despite the show looking like a movie one minute then a Netflix show the next ….the obvious racial undertones, bonding and great chemistry between Sam and Bucky, an unwanted John Walker and the mysterious FlagSmashers has fully grabbed my attention.
  2. He


    I don’t think the pace is slow. On the contrary it moves form set piece to set piece so fast that important things are not given room to breathe.
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  3. I'm shocked people are complaining about this show. So far, I've found the first two episodes to be on par with the best Winter Soldier scenes.

    WandaVision gave more "clues", yes, but they all turned out to be meaningless. It would be silly for them to play the same trick on us twice.
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  4. I’m actually enjoying the show a lot so far. However I really had no interest going in so I didn’t have high expectations as some others might of had. It’s working for me as a buddy action type of show. I also can’t help but think of Homelander with this new Captain America. Also, the character with the red hair and freckles instantly made me think of Anne of Green Gables for whatever reason.
  5. It's sorta shocking that people are expecting the same theme and tone as WandaVision. For anyone that enjoyed Captain America: Winter Soldier, this show is a great expansion on that with the great socially commentary that is weaved within each episode. Even though Bucky and Sam equally share screentime, Sam's story is so much more visceral and real because he's a much more relatable character.
  6. I don't think anyone was expecting similar themes or a similar tone to WandaVision. However, to go from something as different as WandaVision to something as standard MCU as The Falcon & The Winter Soldier was always going to disappoint some. The Falcon & The Winter Soldier probably would've been universally well received if it was the first release of Phase 4, but it wasn't.
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  7. Sharon is iconic.
  8. I defended the first two episodes, but for some reason I was bored throughout episode 3.

    Sharon finally getting an action sequence was nice and the cliffhanger was enough to keep me interested for next week but something was really lacking for me.
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  9. I’m having a decent time so far, there’s a enough to grab my attention. I also think within these three episodes it’s giving these MCU side characters a lot of space to build upon themselves. That’s pretty great.

    Sharon’s character evolution is believable, she’s really over it, I do hope they pay some lip service to the fact that Steve BOUNCED before making sure her life was in order because wtf. She likely feels real hurt by that.

    The Dora Milaje, Ayo, showing up at the end was brilliant. Didn’t expect it, but it makes TOTAL sense, and I love her in particular because she was honestly the first on screen Wakandan other than BP to get us all excited for that side of the MCU when Civil War first dropped (remember her stare down with Black Widow? Iconic).

    I think the weakest part for me so far is our (anti-)villains. Theyre just not terribly interesting.
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  10. This was definitely my favourite episode yet. Sharon was awesome, and Bucky, Sam and Zemo were great as well. Although the two people in the masks were just boring and I still think at this rate it could be condensed into a movie.
  11. Madripoor is such an aesthetic.

    Also, the scream that I let out when Zemo mentioned Conrad Mack / Smiling Tiger. The Thunderbolts are really coming, aren't they?
  12. Zemo and Sharon really elevated this show to where it needs to go and fit in so well with Sam and Bucky’s dynamic, especially Zemo, surprisingly.

    I think this was my favorite episode so far. The fight scenes in particular were incredible.
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  13. They really were. I loved the fight chorography for the scenes where Sharon Carter single-handedly takes out every bounty hunter.
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  14. This episode was great fun and packed so much in I kept thinking “hmm maybe this could have been slowed down” but what end? Sure some bits (the “humour”) don’t land but it whizzed by like a great comic book.

    Seeing Madripoor (!) and nods to the Princess Bar (!!) made the X-Men stan in me very happy.
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  15. I loved everything about this episode. Madripoor, Zemo, Sharon, the Ayo reveal.

    The best thing about this series is getting to see more Sebastian Stan. Good lord.
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  16. Sharon kicking ass? I’ll have more of that, thanks.
  17. Seeing Ayo at the end is so exciting for the next episode. I believe they filmed this before Chad's death, but it does have me wondering if they mention T'Challa and in what capacity.
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  18. Also, the scene in the second episode with the cops and Sam and Bucky...
    Me at the cops:
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  19. He


    This show really doesn’t grab me. It’s mildly fun but I just don’t care much about what is happening. The pacing is so strange... it was nice seeing Sharon though.

    Everything feels so middling. The Zemo escape, the bar fight, the forced infighting.
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  20. Sharon Carter
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