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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Josh, Mar 7, 2021.

  1. This episode was far better then the other two. I really enjoyed it.
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  2. So far it's okay with few great scenes (the ones that tackle racism). I think because it is planned for multiple seasons they did not invest too much into the story, as it seems very predictable so far.
  3. Thats a shame but I do agree with you that this episode in particular didn’t do much for me. I sort of expected more from Zemo and I didn’t appreciate him leading the charge with Bucky and Sam following. Sharon was great in this and I hope she has more scenes in the future episodes. I’m thinking since we are approaching the middle of the season things are slowing down until the last two episodes.

    (Torres was done dirty with him being just a voice over on the telephone ddd).
  4. Nn they can’t slow anything down. There’s only 3 episodes left
  5. I just feel like... what’s the threat? The Flag Smashers have stolen some medicine... and are doing some stuff, there’s a Fake Cap, and Sharon is not allowed back in the US and it just feels sort of low stakes. Secret serum that can create more subtle Super Soldiers... It’s episode 3 and I feel like they haven’t really done much to create any stakes. It’s always nice to see Sharon kicking ass though.
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  6. Perhaps in a few episodes, a real big threat will emerge?
    I do wonder as well.
  7. We are at the halfway point and there are 3 episodes left. They'll REALLY need to dial it up with episode 4 if they want to do that.
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  8. There have been discussions about the identity of the Power Broker. Do we think that the Power Broker's identity will be some big reveal? Will it be a character who we already know in the MCU?
  9. If it's someone we already know, I'd guess General Ross.
  10. There’s been the occasional talk of this getting more than one season, I wonder if they would have Torres replace Sam as the titular Falcon if he becomes the new Captain America?
  11. There is speculation that a HUGE reveal will happen in episode 5, I won't keep my expectations too high though. Sharon is the best in this so far, I still don't care about Sam and Bucky is just eye-candy.
  12. Yeah I’d take everything with a grain of salt, I think everyone has learned their lesson after Wandavision and are keeping theories and expectations a bit more plausible.

    This was definitely the best episode yet but they really need to up the stakes a bit. Like does anyone really care about these super soldiers? They really do seem like general tv cannon fodder....
    Like I know it’s a tv show, but I kinda thought the whole point of these shows was to make them feel a bit more than your average TV show. I felt that with Wandavision but this just feels like something you’d find on CBS or something. Obviously the Budget is ridiculously huge, so that makes it look expensive, but the storylines, the actors.... it’s all so meh...
    Sam’s Family & Isiah are the most interesting things to happen so far and the only people I see them carrying over to the films at some point.
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  13. Madripoor giving me what I wanted from Night City has been the best thing about this show so far.
  14. What is this reveal?
  15. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I’m not really gripped by anything thus far. Even the racial elements have ended up being a bit more like topical fluff than anything substantial to the themes of the show, but there’s more time for that to expand I suppose. Gonna be a bit weird if they vilify this displaced young girl who is also seemingly looking for some social justice, but they haven’t really committed one way or the other to her agenda. I’m also starting to think neither lead is good enough to carry a show on their own.
  16. It’s all very nicely produced, but it just feel inessential, whereas Wandavision felt so essential.

    I said it wasn’t fair to compare the two, yet here we are...
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  17. I’m hoping they do expand on the social commentary especially in conjunction with the Blip. I suppose this is where the Disney+ shows can expand on that. Especially Young Avengers.

    For me I still think Mackie can carry a show, he’s that charismatic. (I noticed Sam was not featured as much in this episode compared to the previous 2 I enjoyed)
    If they do a spin-off or second season just have Falcon and Torres in it please!
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  18. Yeah, Mackie is the best thing about this show (and its press tour!) - he is so charismatic and a great lead.
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  19. He


    But the characters are so one note. They make an awful team to be honest.

    These shows are supposed to flesh them out, but we’re half way in and there’s barely been much development in regards to who they are, specially Bucky. The interesting stuff like Falcon’s family and Isaiah were introduced and dropped in a minute.
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  20. I feel like they’ve only put these two together because of fan pressure. There’s some serious queer-baiting going on by both of the actors and Marvel themselves.
    There’s nothing wrong with fan fiction but maybe people need to realise that’s all it is. My sister has this belief that Bucky is Bi because of something they said about tigers on tinder or something.... the reach....
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