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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Josh, Mar 7, 2021.

  1. I didn't want to be spoiled, but it's supposed to be the appearance of an important character.
  2. They are definitely trying to queer bait with the two characters and emulate the “Stucky” ship that happen with earlier films. However with these two characters it really doesn’t work.

    Sam and Torres however? That’s more plausible. I bet Disney is kicking themselves for not featuring Torres more as we on the board and social media has caught on to it.
  3. He


    I'm not seeing the queer baiting, mostly because they're no chemistry here? The way they are written makes it almost uncomfortable that they have to work together, and the attempts at "let's bicker in the middle of a dangerous situation" are not well executed.

    Is the show getting good reception from MCU fans? I feel maybe they were over hyping with those debut numbers (that were mostly thanks to Wanda).
  4. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    I’m trying, I’m trying...but this show is pretty boring. I just don’t really care about any of the characters. It’s felt like two and a half episodes of midseason slump.

    There’s just nothing exciting about it, there’s no mystery, no comedy, no heart. If this was some standalone new show with unestablished characters, it would never have made it past the pilot episode.

    Hurry up, Loki.
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  5. He


    It is quite boring, isn't it.

    Even visually, it offers nothing.
  6. I have to say that as a sucker who always falls for gaybaiting, I don't feel like their is any here? Maybe I am wrong and it's for the best that I didn't get it.

    I really enjoy each episode, but once it's over I'm like ''OK, that was nice''. I don't feel any pull to talk about it or see the next episode. It is a shame, and I can't put my finger on anything in particular that isn't working, I guess it's all just very ''high quality middle of the road Marvel''. Am I alone on that?

    Having said that, I definitely, definitely, def-in-it-ely don't need another WandaVision that has me watching the entire Fox mutant universe to decipher why Evan Peters is important just for him to be Someone Boner. I'd just love a little more 'juice', I guess.

    Y'all are welcome to rip me apart and tell me why this is the best TV show ever, I would welcome that.
  7. Dddd I feel like I'm the only one loving the show on here.
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    If you read back, you can see the opinion is pretty divided.
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  9. I know, I know. I can see that the opinion is divided, but people either like it or don't, whereas I genuinely enjoy it whilst I'm watching it and then... that's it. I wouldn't want to go back and watch it again, nor would I slag it off and claim it's an awful show. It just 'is' for me.
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  10. No, I’m liking it a lot. I’m not as enamoured as I was with WandaVision, but it’s still very enjoyable and the action is pretty great.
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  11. I’m really, really enjoying it, when I expected not to.
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  12. I'm finding it all a bit grey and drab as well.

    However, if you're after stakes and peril, the last 5 mins of ep. 4 may have just provided a whole lot.
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  13. Definitely the best episode yet, really moved things along! Even if it was pretty obvious.

    Carly is such a bland “villain”... Everything even down to her voice sounding like some kind of voiceover, is just awful.
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  14. The final shot being the victim of police brutality’s blood covered in a symbol of the American blood was very striking. My mouth dropped at how vicious it was.
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  15. Agree, worst MCU villain ever, 'though John Walker will be the real villain in this by the end, I guess. The 2nd half of the episode was the best in the show so far.
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  16. The Dora Milaje fight was great. I loved how much they dominated in the scene, it was telling that having his ass handed to him by ‘powerless’ black women was what pushed Walker to the point of taking the serum. Qwhite telling.

    The ending was great, if we’re moving into the final act now, the last third of the series is shaping up well and hopefully they can pull everything together.
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  17. They really increased the stakes with this episode.

    I was not expecting them to kill off any of the characters, so Lemar Hoskin's death really caught me off-guard.
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  18. He


    It was a better episode but yeah, still not much flavor. The Dora Milaje were the highlight.

    I find it hilarious they are making Carly a"villain"... like her whole cause makes sense and she's not really lost it at all. She's just being smothered by the American military.

    RIP Flag Smasher hottie.
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  19. This episode had some great moments, but Karli and the flagsmashers really dragged it down for me. Even the weaker villains in the MCU (like Malekith) I always felt served their purpose enough, but she actively detracts from my enjoyment. She’s really boring and at no point is she intimidating.
    Walker is interesting though.
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