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The Flight Attendant (HBOMAX Series) Kaley Cuoco Thriller

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. I'm all caught up and ready for the finale next week. This series has been so much fun and when Kaley does the more emotional scenes just tears especially end of episode 6
    when she calls her brother from jail amazing
    She's come a long way from 8 simple rules
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  2. Finally catching up on the rest of the season since being hooked from the pilot.

    That scene between Cassie and her brother in episode 4 was heartbreaking. Such great acting from T.R. and Kaley. Both did a brilliant job.

    I must admit to being quite impressed by Kaley. She's a surprisingly decent dramatic actress. That final season of Charmed did her absolutely no favors.

    Anyway, this show is such campy trash fun in the best way possible. Highly addictive.

    The cast is perfection.

    Also, Buckley can buckle me up anytime.
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  3. Wow... episode 6 is just sublime. Definitely needs to be nominated for its writing and performances.

    Zosia Mamet is such an amazing actress. She's being slept on and I don't understand why. She has range.

    The ending was just as heartbreaking as episode 4 if not more. Ugh.

    I never would have thought of them as siblings. But T.R. Knight and Kaley Cuoco actually resemble each other so tremendous kudos to the casting director.
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  4. Do we have any word on how and when to see this in the uk yet?
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  5. It should be added to Sky/Now TV at some point since they have a deal with Warner but there is no additional info. HBO Max shows aren't included in the traditional HBO package in international markets (which is a mess but that's a debate for another day)
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  6. Haven't read any of this thread in case y'all are leaky with the spoilers but I'm three episodes into this (via... a 'website') and obsessed. Kaley Cuoco is so much better than those dry-ass cheque cashing scripts she sleepwalks through for Big Bang Theory.

    Rosie Perez though? A legend.
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  7. I love this show! And totally didn't expect it to be so good. Yes, the plot is nothing new or revolutionary but performances from lead actresses are amazing. I love the dark humour and heavy stuff mixed together. Kaley really did that, what a way to break from that sitcom.
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  8. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The finale...

    That was maybe my least favourite episode of the series. Why was it so rushed?! It's not like they had to deal with network constraints, it should've been longer than 45 minutes.

    So the entire Rosie subplot was because she was... bored and sad? Like what.

    The gay best friend randomly saving Cassie's life and then revealing he worked with the CIA? Ma'am.

    Also it was a given that Cassie would get sober but was it really because... the hot Italian man's grandma told her to make her own life choices? Did I miss something?

    The more I think about the episode, the more I hate it nn

    Anyway, overall, the series was the boost of serotonin I needed for the past few weeks. And it was also exciting to see Kaley deliver an acting masterclass which I had no idea she had in her. The entire thing was a blast of fun and madness, I really enjoyed it.
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  9. Overall I loved the series and it was serving me a lot of first season Killing Eve teas. It had a real zest to it, I loved the slightly surreal nature of some of it and Miranda was one of the best characters of any series in 2020. But

    that last episode was a total mess, huge insane plot holes everywhere, weirdly rushed, not satisfying on any level.

    I think I read the last couple of eps were done recently (some of the clearly socially distanced filming of conversations really hinted at that too) and it was giving me "covid secure rewrites combined with the potential that the network might be interested in a season two" which explains the completely bizarre character decisions.

    Either way I'd be here for a season two and want more of Miranda and Cassie.
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  10. It seems like it will be getting a season 2. Even though it was originally billed as a miniseries. Even HBO Max called it season 1 in their latest email that they put out and Kaley said they might be working on what a season 2 is.

    Let’s just hope they plot out a proper season 2 and not one that’s under baked.
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  11. I dunno about that finale Miss Thing...
  12. There's so many plotholes with

    The gay guy twist it's kind of baffiling...

    The whole flight crew was written with the sense of familiarity of each other as if they had been working together for a considerable amount of time, yet Meghan doesn't steal files from her husband until a few episodes in, so how long was Gay assigned to watch over Meghan?

    Also, if his job was to monitor Meghan, why wouldn't he be trying to socialize with her outside of work to potentially get her admission?

    Then of course there's also SO many issues with him and Cassie. Even though the FBI and CIA operate separately with a weird relationship with each other, surely at some point he would have been informed about Cassie. Or at the very least, when he first gets interviewed by the FBI agents he would've disclosed his position in some way surely????? Or when he went to the funeral, wouldn't he have had to disclose that to the CIA and wouldn't they have known SOMETHING about the Sokolov family????

    It just.... literally makes no sense.
  13. I'm actually glad and HOPEFUL this is getting a second season the way it ended.

    I enjoyed it a lot. It's such a rush in every sense of the (lead character's) word.

    SIX episodes at the most please. Wrap it up in a little bow.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. If LifeWithMak were the star of the show maybe the finale wouldn't have been trash
  16. Part of me feels like the finale was originally one thing (written with a definitive end) and then HBO Max was happy with how it was coming together and switched it up and set it up for a second season.
  17. Tea it definitely felt like there was a very clear line between the first, like, six episodes and the last two. I don't know if there was a big break due to covid and they did some restructuring while they had time off, that's the only reason I can think why it was like it was.
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  18. Yeah, the whole last ~20 minutes of the finale felt particularly cheesy/rushed.

    That being said, the series on a whole I'd consider a slay.
  19. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    The CIA twist was totally unnecessary. Was that in the book or something?

    I also thought Cassie’s epiphany was fairly abrupt but I don’t know, I guess sometimes a stranger’s observation of us provides a better understanding than ourselves? I don’t know, Kaley did a good enough job selling it that I wasn’t completely peeved about it.

    The show as a whole was a lot of fun and I liked it a lot more than I initially thought I would. I know it was only 8 episodes but I think they did a great job with the pacing and handling the reveals without it feeling like they were completely blindsiding us. The cast was great across the board and even if I’d rather it be 1 season, I’m hopeful they’ll work out some of the kinks.
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