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The Flight Attendant (HBOMAX Series) Kaley Cuoco Thriller

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. I have a friend that worked on it and there was a break between filming and they finished the last two episodes... or something months after it.
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  2. This show was a lot of fun. Yes there were some plot holes in the finale but there was enough OMG moments for me to mindlessly accept and enjoy it. I never knew what a talented actress Kaley Cuoco is, I had always written her off as a sitcom gal, but she absolutely deserves Emmy noms for this.
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  3. This is SO GOOD. I waited until it was all out so I could watch it all in one go and it is SO ADDICTIVE. Sorry for the caps but that's how excited I am.

    Kaley Cuoco is a revelation. She is riveting.
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  4. Uno


    The first half was definitely better than the latter, but still highly enjoyable. This is the first thing I've like Kaley in - she ruined Charmed for me, and Big Bang Theory is just generally shit.
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  5. Is this available in the UK?
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  6. Overall, I enjoyed this a lot. It was great, campy fun and genuinely funny and exciting quite often. The last episode was a bit of a let down though...

    First of all, Queen Miranda just kind of ended up doing nothing? As cheesy as it is to have the evil assassin woman seeing the error of her ways and going to save Cassie's life, it still worked. But then she gets to Rome, has a little fight in the lift, gets knocked out and is then unconscious in the bath and then disappears.

    To be honest, the whole ending seemed more like one of those made-for-TV thrillers where a woman goes on the run from an evil ex, gets a new boyfriend, and then the husband tracks her down, and they have a little showdown. It wasn't bad but I was just expecting more. I also wish Cassie had been the one to shoot Buckley again, and end the whole thing, given that it was her story, or at least had Miranda wake up and do it, rather than Shane bursting in, which just felt like an anti-climax.

    Talking of Shane. What a fucking stupid twist ddd. Quite clearly it was rewritten after they had to halt filming, but it was ridiculous and made zero sense with what we'd seen in the earlier episodes. He was sent there to spy on Megan and then... did nothing of the sort? Given how lonely Megan was, and clearly didn't have many friends, it would have been really easy to get close to her, go out for cocktails and try and get her to spill over a kiki. Instead he had absolutely no interesting in her outside of work, and treated her like a nuisance more than anything. Did he expect that she'd just turn up to work one day like ''guys, I'm so sorry I was late. I was just committing treason and time got away from me!''

    But as I say, overall it was still wonderful fun and Kaley was excellent in it.
  7. Been watching this and it’s driving me nuts that Annie looks just like Trixie Mattel out of drag.
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  8. Kaley needs to be in for an Emmy nom for this. The range!

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  9. The fact that it's simultaneously a fun murder mystery romp and a harrowing examination of addiction and family trauma... literally, the range.
  10. I thought they did make a point of Shane being interested in Megan a few times in the earlier episodes; however it was nevertheless a dumb twist for the sake of it.
  11. I just started watching this. The quality really takes a dip and it kinda drags mid season but the boys on this show OMG.

    The Italian waiter, especially, PLEASE TAKE ME BACK TO ROME/MILAN. FUCKKKKK.

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  12. There's no sign of an air date here yet. Sky still have first refusal on all HBO content, so it's not clear if they have passed on it or just haven't scheduled it yet.
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  13. Surprised this hasn’t been picked up in the UK yet? ...I really want to watch this!
  14. Same... I’d have expected to see this popping up on Sky by now (and if they passed on it, either Channel 4 or E4).
  15. Finally got around to finishing this and I enjoyed it well enough. I struggled with it towards the middle as I just found Cassie absolutely insufferable & there seemed to be almost no momentum. But things really picked up towards the end as Miranda and Megan deservedly got an increase in screen time. I will say, I thought they wrapped it perfectly, and I have zero understanding as to what they’ll do with another season.
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  16. MB


    It’s coming to sky Atlantic at some point soon.
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  17. I'm a bit surprised by that - thought they might stick it on Sky One or Witness, as it seems a bit less "prestige" than the stuff they usually put on Atlantic. Looks like fun though!
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  18. This show was so much fun - it hit just the right notes pretty much all the way through.
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  19. I'm in the middle of this series now, but Kaley got a Critics Choice nom as did the show. She was always good on Big Bang and never got the same awards love her co-stars did because her character was the "hot chick". She has excellent comedic timing.
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  20. And surprising dramatic depth although I have never willingly watched a second of The Big Bang theory.
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