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The Flight Attendant (HBOMAX Series) Kaley Cuoco Thriller

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. Big Bang Theory was genuinely kind of cute in its first few seasons, but it went on way too long and turned into a shitty knock off of Friends.
  2. I watched the first 15 minutes of the pilot and switched off. None of the clips I've seen since suggested I made the wrong decision.
  3. Two Golden Globe nominations!! One each for the show and Kaley. Very well deserved!
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  4. Finally coming to Sky Atlantic/Now TV in the UK on 19 March, hopefully all episodes at once.
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  5. Soo excited to finally have this in the UK!!

    I’m one ep in and it’s worth every bit of the hype so far. Soo much fun!
    Scared I’m gonna blow through this weekend..
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  6. MB


    It’s so good! I just messaged practically everyone I know telling them to watch it!
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  7. So my partner and I started watching this at about 10pm last night. We were supposed to watch an episode or two and then head to bed. Yeah so we ended up staying up til 5am watching the entire series! It’s so addictive and really brilliant. Will def be recommending it to everyone!
  8. We did the same exact thing last weekend. This show was so good. Everyone in it was great but Kaley really showed a lot of range in this.
  9. I'm loving this! I had every intention of pacing myself but that definitely isn't happening. I'm completely addicted.
  10. I’m genuinely surprised by how good this is, especially Kaley. She really showed a lot of depth and versatility to her acting that we’ve never really seen before. Considering she came across a little wooden on Charmed all these years ago, she really seems to have worked on her craft and developed. Also, the visual styling of this show is incredible and really adds to the story.
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  11. Just finished this, and it’s great. Maybe I just don’t watch a huge range of things, but the visual style and sound design felt fresh and unlike a lot of other TV, and the entire cast was fantastic.

    Very pleased that Kaley's first gig since Big Bang has proved to be a winner.
  12. "Sharon Stone Emmy when?"
  13. I loved this and have absolutely no recollection of what it’s about.
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  14. "The first two episodes of “The Flight Attendant” Season 2 will premiere April 21. The eight-episode season continues with two new episodes on April 28, followed by one episode weekly concluding May 26."

  15. Can't wait. This looks like a ton of fun.
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  16. It's back already, yay!
  17. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I really hope they've cooked up something worthwhile for this, if only to make up for that awful finale which was clearly written last-minute and put a damper on an excellent show.
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  18. It was terrible but to be fair there was a really clear line (both in terms of camerawork and script) that indicated when the pandemic hit during the filming process, and I think given the circumstances they did an OK job. It probably would have been sat on the shelf for another year if they'd not have tied it up when they did.
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  19. The trailer looks SO good, but I cannot wait for queen Sharon Vonne Stone as Kaley’s mum.
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