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The Flight Attendant (HBOMAX Series) Kaley Cuoco Thriller

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. I stanned the first season, so I'm ready for this.

    Cassie as a spy? Sure, why not.
  2. Uno


    It looks fun but very chaotic. I'm in!
  3. Literally didn’t notice and enjoyed it all.

    Bring on season 2!
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  4. Four episodes in and I’m really loving this season.
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  5. Kaley Cuoco is still a comedic genius but it's not quite as sharp and funny as last season is it? I guess not having the source material hurt it and maybe they kind of wrote it in a hurry as well.

    Like for example in the end of the fourth episode Cassie sleeps with her CIA handler when there was never any setup of her pining for him or there being any sexual tension. I get that the point is that she's a chaos agent but it still feels that it came out of nowhere and only happened to create complications.

    That said, Max is hot af and I'm glad the show continues to be committed to having him as naked as possible as often as possible.
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  6. This is as fun and chaotic as ever, but this season truly feels like it's racing at a breakneck speed.
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  7. This season is pretty hokey, but still a lot of fun! Certainly looking forward to each new episode, even if it may not be Emmy-worthy at this point.

    I will say though, are the Cheryl Hines scenes intentionally this... bad? It feels like they're using rehearsal footage in them (or she just literally does not have the range).
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  8. Exceptional episode this week. Give Kaley all the Emmys.
  9. After an exceptional season 1, season 2 is a real drop. Still entertaining enough but I can’t see it having longevity.
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  10. Agreed. It's still tons of fun but it doesn't have the zip of the first season.
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  11. One huge problem is that all the very interesting characters from the first season played by Rosie Perez, Zosia and Michelle Gomez are now all an after thought.

    I think they should wrap up the show with season 2 and give us a Miranda spin off.
  12. Well that was an underwhelming finale
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  13. I still thought was a fun season, but wow, did that finale really build up to... nothing. Uninteresting reveals, nonsensical motives, and an ending that neither put a bow on the season or left anything open for more episodes... it feels like the writers gave up at a certain point. Shame.
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  14. The most valuable asset they have is still Kaley Cuoco, her ability to do comedy and drama convincingly and entertainingly is unmatched. Other than that, it was a complete dud. The most obvious twist ever that I'm sure everyone called since the beginning and a complete lack of tension or momentum. I absolutely could not wait for it to end. The only good thing they did was having Max naked at regular intervals for no apparent reason. All the other characters, from Megan to Annie to Shane were absolutely wasted and the "mystery" was completely inert. If they do another season, they either need to find another book to adapt or spend a LOT of time crafting the plot because this was not it.
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  15. I enjoyed the season, but it was definitely messy, over the top (and not in a good way) and sometimes even a bit boring. With that said Kaley Cuoco is perfection and Zosia Mamet is terrific as well, although her storyline was pretty disappointing.
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  16. I can’t see this getting renewed for a third season.
  17. The actress who plays Grace was painful bad especially in all her scenes with Kailey just showed how weak she was
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  18. If this was Netflix probably not but I think HBO Max still needs the content (I hadn't seen anything worthy on there since Hacks a year ago) and The Flight Attendant was their first hit so maybe they will toss it another season to wrap up. Although the second one didn't really leave any dangling threads.
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