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The Florrie Rate (WINNER)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mushroom, Nov 23, 2013.

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    "Florence Arnold (born 28 December 1988), better known by her stage name Florrie, is an English singer, songwriter, drummer and model. Closely associated with the Xenomania production house, since joining as their in-house drummer in 2008 she has played live and on record for popular artists such as Kylie Minogue, Girls Aloud and the Pet Shop Boys.In 2010, she began a solo career."

    Let's rate that solo career, shall we?

    What's funny is that when signing up to do that rate, I wasn't really sure where we'd be with Florrie's music and I foolishly thought I'd be faced with a pickle as to how songs from her first three (rather brilliant) EPs would face off against the wealth of new material I assumed we'd have by this point. And so I guess it's something of a happy accident that Florrie's series of delays and "SOON"s have left the selection process for this long-awaited rate rather simple, all in all.

    The concept of the rate, like any Popjustice rate, is rather simple; rate each song on a scale of 0-10 with zero representing the absolute worst of the bunch and ten the best (half-points are, of course, permitted as always). When you've rated each song accordingly, you simply send your scores into my inbox. Let's see what songs we shall be rating, shall we?

    The 'Introductions' EP

    Call of the Wild
    Give Me Your Love
    Summer Nights
    Left Too Late

    The 'Experiments' EP

    Speed of Light
    Experimenting with Rugs
    What You Doing This For?
    I Took a Little Something
    Begging Me
    She Always Gets What She Wants

    The 'Late' EP

    Shot You Down
    I'm Gonna Get You Back
    Every Inch
    To The End

    Also, in the running for the competition will be 2013's sole Florrie release, in the form of "promo single" 'Live a Little'.

    My inbox shall remain open until midnight next sunday GMT - 1/12/13 23:59. Happy voting!
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  2. K94


    Re: The Florrie Rate

    Yes! Can't wait - I have a good idea of my 10s.
  3. BML


    Re: The Florrie Rate

    Should've been Sky Ferreira, but this will be cute.
  4. Re: The Florrie Rate

    So here for this.

    (I wish I had the Introduction EP on CD)
  5. Re: The Florrie Rate

    Just for some clarification - since this will be my first Popjustice rate - we are to rate each song relative to the rest of Florrie's discography, correct? For instance, would I give my least favourite of her songs a 0, even if I would consider it a 6/10 song in general?
  6. K94


    Re: The Florrie Rate

    Definitely the latter.
  7. Re: The Florrie Rate

    I haven't done a rate in ages but I'm so up for this.
  8. Re: The Florrie Rate

    Same here. Count me in. Live a Little is one of the year's best for me!
  9. Re: The Florrie Rate

    This will be the prime opportunity to finally get into Florrie.
  10. Re: The Florrie Rate

    The way I personally tackle the rating system (and the way I assume most posters follow) is by simply taking the so in question at face value and scoring it accordingly. For example in the case you mentioned, the song would receive the six you think it deserves.
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  11. Re: The Florrie Rate

    Great, that makes sense. It wouldn't feel right giving an otherwise-decent song such a dire rating. Thank you!
  12. Re: The Florrie Rate

    Sent off my rankings, think this will be a very high scoring rate overall!
  13. Re: The Florrie Rate

    I think the problem with these rates is that different posters rate in both the ways mentioned. Take the ABBA rate for instance. I know at least one other poster who rated their least favourite song a 0 and their favourite a 10, with all the others coming somewhere in between. On the other hand I don't think I rated anything below a 3 as even their worst songs for me aren't zeros. The problem then becomes that my least favourites are never going to score as badly as that particular poster's, which means it isn't a level playing field. In that sense, I think I may alter the way I score songs to level things out a bit...

    Anyway, I'll definitely be taking part in this as Florrie is aceness.
  14. Re: The Florrie Rate

    Yes! Lots of ten's in this one.
  15. Re: The Florrie Rate

    Mr Mushroom, can you add the links please.
  16. Re: The Florrie Rate

    First post now updated to include links to each song.
  17. Re: The Florrie Rate

    This should be fun.
  18. Re: The Florrie Rate

    There'll be at least 5 10s from me.
  19. Re: The Florrie Rate

    What took you so long, she is perfect!
  20. RJF


    Re: The Florrie Rate

    I'll be taking part in this.
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