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The Futurama Characters Rate Version 2.0. Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Oleander, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Uno


    Perfect Top 3.
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  2. I agree, that's two 10s and an 11.
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  3. Our final three may be an iconic superhero trio but we’re about to make it a duo. I’m aware that these last few cuts are going to be incredibly painful, but someone has to win so it has to be done. The question is who is the first one that must fall?

    3. Philip J. Fry


    Average: 9.53

    High Score: 11 (@soratami)

    (@Island, @Petty Mayonnaise, @Posh Spears, @Oleander, @Alouder98)

    Low Score: 8
    (ManilaChinchilla, munro)

    My Score: 10

    I feel like this would be a surprise twist if this wasn’t PJ. I mean Fry is the main star of the series, he’s the reason why there even is a Futurama in the first place. Maybe that level of exposure and importance is ultimately what led to his downfall? Honestly, you’d have to ask the low scorers cause I love Fry. Much like Zoidberg, the world drags Fry down quite a bit (particularly because he isn’t as smart as some) and it is a running gag of the series. I feel like Fry takes all the criticism harder than Zoidberg in some ways (which is fitting given that out of the main cast, he’s treated Zoidberg the best overall) and we’ve even seen him struggle to combat the image people have of him. That’s ultimately one of the things that makes him so relatable, that and his perpetual outsider status. He was dragged away from his original time to fulfill his destiny and had no say in the matter. Fry has his own problems and undesirable qualities, but the great thing is that he has learned so much across the series and grown a massive amount. Fry makes us laugh, but more importantly, he has also made us cry on multiple occasions as I’ve shared across the rate, and feel like we’ve seen ourselves on the screen with his struggles to fit into a world he doesn’t understand. Ultimately, it turns out that this society that he didn’t understand is the one that eventually took him in with open arms and showed him that he did belong. Basically he got the happy ending that many of us outsiders and insecure individuals want to have. We want to be accepted despite our faults and feel like part of a group, be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Like Fry’s mom said, what he lacks in brains he makes up for with a lot of heart and she’s damn right about that. Fry is us, we are Fry.

    Just to drill in the humanity of Fry, let's watch a compilation of the shows saddest moments aka all the times Fry has made us cry.

    Although he is often depicted as stupid, Fry does occasionally come up with brilliant schemes to save the day, an ability which possibly comes from his intense love of Star Trek. Fry, rivaled only by the energy being of Melllvar, has the largest encyclopaedic knowledge of Star Trek in the future. Another example of Fry's occasional brilliance was during the Brain Spawn attack on Earth. With the rest of the crew stupefied, Fry was able to save Earth by exploiting the Brainspawn's weaknesses. Strangely enough, Fry's stupidity appears to be his greatest strength as he the only known person in the universe who lacks a Delta brainwave and therefore is immune to the Brainspawn's stupification fields. Ken, a Nibblonian, has noted he possesses a "superior yet inferior" mind. He lacks the Delta brainwave because he is actually his own grandfather. Also because he lacks the Delta brainwave, he is immune to telepathy. Fry is also usually quick to make very rash decisions and can be very, very lazy. Despite being lazy, Fry's heart is in the right place, and when the situation calls for it, he will rise up to formulate a plan to save his friends, though because of his lack of intelligence he rarely comes up with any good plans. Fry cares about his friends, and in spite of Bender's awful treatment of him at times, he is still willing to risk his life to save him, which Bender reciprocates.

    Fry loves video games, and as such, he is usually shown to be very good at them, although not all games. He never actually managed to finish the final enemy on Space Invaders; he always had to get his brother Yancy to do it for him. Though he may not be good at all games, his skills have made him a crackshot, and he usually mans the ship's weapons when they are under attack. He has also got a lot better at fighting, by "Fun on a Bun.” Also, Fry absolutely loves sewers, he once surfed (was surprisingly good) in various sewers around Earth cities with Turanga Morris & Bender, but got temporarily sick as a result. An especially fun fact I learned from looking Fry up is that he shows signs of being a savant and having synesthesia. The evidence of this includes: He is a compulsive counter, in "Roswell that Ends Well" and "The Why of Fry", he is a colour-gustatory synesthete, he has shown great intelligence countered by an inability to properly express it as such, and he is capable of incredible musical creativity, but lacks the physical means to express it.

    At this point everyone knows Fry’s story, but I have given relatively expansive accounts of the other main characters’ backstories so I suppose I should still do it for Fry. Will this be my longest write-up so far?
    We just don’t know.gif

    Philip J. Fry was born during a in the Brooklyn Pre-Med Hospital in Old New York, a native of Flatbush, Brooklyn, the second son of the family. During his formative years, Fry endured a great sibling rivalry with his older brother, Yancy Jr. Yancy constantly stole his ideas and, shortly after Fry was born, even wanted his younger brother's name. Yancy also frequently belittled Fry. When he was young, he dreamed of being an astronaut, but due to motion sickness and the fact nobody liked spending a week with him, his dream was never fulfilled. He would often play Basketball with his older brother Yancy Fry, Jr. as well as participate in break-dancing competitions. When he was in high school, he drank nearly a hundred cans of cola per week, resulting in three heart attacks.Fry also spent of a lot of time playing video games and watching Star Trek. He was never admitted to public school because his parents felt it would be a waste of taxpayer's money. Fry never made a success of himself, and during his twenties (or late teenage years) he got a job at Panucci's Pizza as a pizza delivery boy. While working for Mr. Panucci, he met up with Michelle and they began a relationship. On a delivery in 1997, he meets up with Seymour Asses, a dog he names after the addressee of the prank caller who ordered the delivery. Seymour becomes his best friend.

    On NYE 1999, Fry is sent out to make a delivery to one I.C. Wiener, which as we know, was really Nibbler. When he arrives at the destination, Applied Cryogenics, he realizes that it is a prank, but since he won't make it back to Panucci's before midnight, he decides to celebrate the New Year where he is. Then, while leaning his chair too far backwards, he falls into a cryogenics tube, which closes and freezes him for a thousand years. Let’s relive that iconic moment:

    On NYE 2999, the tube's timer finishes and Fry wakes up again. Instead of being sad about losing his former life, he’s actually happy and relieved that it is all now behind him. He meets Leela, who is employed by the Cryogenics Labs to assign unfrozen people to jobs. She tells Fry about his living relative Professor Hubert Farnsworth. Leela then tells Fry that the job that has been assigned to him is that of Delivery Boy. Faced with a return to the life of drudgery he knew in 1999, Fry flees. While running around New New York, he enters a suicide booth (having mistaken it for a phone booth) and tries to contact his nephew. It is in this suicide booth that he meets the robot that will become his best friend, Bender. In fact, let’s take a look at this fateful meeting:

    After a couple of beers, Bender decides to leave to re-attempt suicide, but Fry convinces him to stay by saying that he has always wanted a robot for a friend (or at least ever since he was six). Leela is still on his trail, though, after being forced by her boss, Ipji, to pursue Fry and force him to accept the career chip. Leela follows Fry and Bender into the Head Museum and the ruins of Old New York, before finally catching up with them. To Fry's surprise, though, she decides to quit her job instead of forcing the job of delivery boy on him. Fry suggests they go to his distant nephew, Professor Farnsworth, to see if he can help. After confirming that he and Fry are related, the Professor decides to hire them as a replacement for his old crew. Despite being in a completely new century, Fry is forced to be a delivery boy, the only job he has ever really known. This is another one of the things that makes Fry relatable, being stuck in the same job and feeling like you’ll never get out. He does get promoted to executive delivery boy eventually but as Hermes says, it’s just a meaningless title.

    At first Fry lives in the Planet Express building, but after an apartment hunt he ends up living in Bender's closet. Fry immediately develops an interest in Leela but, to his dismay, the feelings are not mutual. His work at Planet Express sees him thrown into several absurd adventures: he is briefly in a relationship with Amy Wong, and while Hermes is fired from being the company’s bureaucrat, he has an affair with the company's replacement bureaucrat, Morgan Proctor. Neither lasts very long, but when he almost destroys the Planet Express building and Hermes fires him (along with Bender and Leela) he gets Leela's former job by accident and finds his old girlfriend, Michelle, unfrozen. She does not enjoy life in the future, and asks him to come with her to the year 4000. After they wake up and realize that they are actually just in Los Angeles two days later, she dumps him in favour of Pauly Shore. At a truck stop Fry eats a bad egg sandwich and gets infected with parasites. The worms give him a complete tune up, and he becomes stronger, smarter, and is capable of impressing Leela with the Holophonor. He almost sleeps with her, but Fry fears that Leela is falling in love with the worms rather than himself, so he decides to get rid of them. He appears to be right: she immediately asks him to leave when he commits a relationship blunder; namely, talking about his previous fling with Amy Wong.

    Before I continue let's recap some of the smaller accomplishments of Fry's. His career at Planet Express has been nothing short of eventful: During his employment, Fry has rediscovered the original Moon landing site, discovered he was rich and then subsequently got scammed out of it by Mom and her sons, become Emperor of the Planet Tri-Sol after drinking their current emperor (but later got chased off the throne), saved Earth from a Giant Garbage Ball by re-introducing the concept of making trash to 31st-century society, enrolled and dropped out of Mars University, discovered the secret ingredient of Slurm with his coworkers, prevented Leela from marrying Alcazar (an alien posing as the only other remaining member of the Cyclops race), aided in the discovery of the Lost City of Atlanta and dated Umbriel, become infested by Worms that made him intelligent, physically fit, as well as able to play the holophoner, saved the Planet Express crew from Roberto whilst believing he was a robot, helped in discovering Leela's parents, Turanga Munda and Turanga Morris, as well as the fact that Leela is a mutant (and not an alien as previously believed), become a superhero, discovered his old dog fossilized at a natural history museum exhibit of a twentieth-century pizzeria,and written and performed an opera by playing a holophoner while he possessed the Robot Devil's hands.

    It’s in Season 3 where we learns just how important Fry is, starting with his role in his own creation. This all starts in the Roswell themed episode where the crew had gone to observe a supernova up close. While the crew prepared for the event, Fry went to make popcorn. He ignores the warning label on the aluminum popcorn pan saying not to cook in a microwave, which he does. The microwave emitted radiation that collided with the wave from the supernova, causing the Planet Express crew to travel back in time to 1947. As we all know, this lead to a lot of hijinks with the wildest thing that happened was Fry sleeping with his own grandmother Mildred, following the vaporization of Enos Fry due to Fry trying his best to prevent his death. The crew ends up returning to the future and things are fine.

    It is later explained by the Nibblonians that because of Fry becoming his own grandfather, it caused a genetic abnormality that caused him to lack the delta brainwave, which rendered him immune to the Brainspawn and telepathy in general. At some point the Brain Spawn attack Earth and make all humans stupid. Fry is immune to the attack as he lacks the Delta brain wave. The Nibblonians work with Leela to get the message to Fry, who confronts the Big Brain in the New New York Public Library. Fry defeats the Big Brain by writing a book full of spelling mistakes and sending him back into space, but when everyone is back to normal, no one has any memory of his actions and just think he is crazy. The Nibblonians call for his help again when the Brain Spawn are found to be collecting all information in the universe and plan to to destroy it when their task is complete. The Nibblonians explain that due to him lacking the Delta brain wave, and is immune to the Brain Spawn as long as he avoids prolonged thinking. This of course leads to Fry having to ride a Scooty Puff Jr. and later on a Scooty Puff Sr. It is revealed to him inside the Infosphere that it was Nibbler who made him fall into the tube and come to the future in the first place. Fry is sent back to 1999 by the Brain Spawn to stop Nibbler from freezing him, but Nibbler persuades Fry to allow himself to be frozen to save Leela's life, as no one would be able to stop the Brain Spawn from destroying the universe in the future.

    The next season sees the crew experience even more zany adventures such as becoming superheroes, met the cast of Star Trek, wound up in a parallel universe where he and Leela had gotten married and gets his nose cut off so it could be used as an aphrodisiac. But his passion and number one thing he always wanted still remains unexplored. He thinks back to when had the worms, and when he could play the Holophonor to impress Leela. Bender suggests that he should make a deal with the Robot Devil, and in an (to the Robot Devil at least) appalling ironic outcome, he gets the Robot Devil's hands. He can play the Holophonor now, and he becomes a famous musician, performing many classical numbers. Hedonism Bot hires him to write an opera, Fry decides to write it about Leela. And after the first act of the opera, it is already deemed best opera of all time. But meanwhile the Robot Devil is plotting against Fry to get his hands back, because the Robot Devil is getting tired of Fry's hands. And so in the final act, the Robot Devil interrupts the opera and demands his hands back. Fry refuses, and the Robot Devil explains that if so, he will marry Leela for which she has unintentionally signed. Fry realizes that this ultimatum only has one solution: to give up the Robot Devil's hands. Since he cannot play any more, the opera is credited as the worst ever, though Leela remains behind to hear him finish. Let’s take a quick break from the write-up to see the climactic scene from Fry’s opera.

    Next comes Bender’s Big Score, aka the film where the secret to time travel is discovered thanks to Fry…...and Fry…...I mean Lars. Planet Express' delivery license is revoked by the Box Network, forcing the Professor to terminate his employees. But by the time the Professor gets around to telling them (two years later), their license is restored after a change in management at the Box Network- they are back in business. Fry becomes a centre of attention when Alien Scammers (led by Nudar) take over the Planet Express and find the machine language time code on Fry's buttocks. Using the code, a virus-infected Bender is ordered back in time to steal all of Earth's valuables from the past. However, Fry is more upset that Lars Fillmore is getting a chance with Leela. The scammers feel it best to be rid of the time code once they finally become anxious that the universe will be destroyed. Utilising a mirror, Fry manages to read the code off his buttocks and escapes back to January 1, 2000. Here he attempts to get some food from Mr. Panucci, but is unable to since he has no money from that era. He takes the pizza he delivered to I. C. Wiener, and decides to travel back an hour when the pizza was warm. His time paradox duplicate refuses to do the same thing and walks off. But Fry himself manages to end up inside the same tube he was originally frozen in. When his frozen self wakes up, he closes the tube after him and leaves the timer for 7.95 years to wake up again appropriate to when he had left. Even though Lars Fillmore calls off the wedding, Fry is unable to get Leela's attention. After having Hermes and Bender save the Earth, he decides on New Year's Eve of 3007, that Lars and Leela belong together. However, here it is revealed that Lars is the exact same time paradox duplicate he left at Applied Cryogenics. Everything returns to normal following all of this. Given all the shit everyone gives Fry for being dumb, the fact that none of them could tell Lars was Fry is…...tragic.

    After a brief relationship with Colleen, he left through the anomaly and met Yivo, they developed a relationship and Yivo took control of everyone in Universe Gamma (this universe) through tentacles in their necks. The brainwashed people joined Yivo's religion, with Fry as their new pope. Eventually they found out that the tentacles in their necks were "genticles" and that Yivo was mating with them. The religion was immediately abandoned. He was brought to live on Yivo, but was taken back by the Damned Army. The next film is of course, Bender’s game where Fry took part in Planet Express' Attack on Mombil "Mine" and was taken to Cornwood by Bender's imagination. Cornwood being inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, of course. Once there, he became Frydo, and was given the duty of carrying the Die of Power and destroying it in the Geysers of Gygax. He was eventually corrupted by its power and fought Momon as a dragon. Momon won, and Cornwood was destroyed. In 3009, Fry was needed by the Legion of Mad Fellows to help defeat the final Dark One and stop it from wiping out all life in the entire universe. Because he lacked the Delta Brainwave, his mind could not be read, and due to an accident he could temporarily read minds. With all of creation on his shoulders, he found the Dark One by chance after believing himself to be it. However, the Dark One was only a small leech, the Violet Dwarf Star became the final Encyclopod, which gave the once extinct plants and animals to the universe and easily destroyed the last Dark One, whom Zoidberg then ate. The whole Planet Express crew flew into a wormhole, after Fry and Leela expressed their true love for each other and kissed. Let me take this opportunity to spotlight a fun moment from the series, when Fry decided to spend his tax return on 100 coffees.

    After emerging from the Panama Wormhole, the Planet Express crew crashed just outside the company headquarters and was killed in the explosion. Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, however, did not die, as he was using a safety sphere to protect his whole body. The Professor rebirthed his crew with the Birthing Machine. In the next few weeks, Fry helped save Earth from the V-GINY, became one of the most popular Twitcher users ever after buying Mom's eyePhone, and assisted in the passing of Proposition ∞, which legalized robosexual marriage in New New York. Philip also went to Planet Vinci with his nephew to uncover Leonardo da Vinci's shocking secret, participated in the 3010 Sith Invasion reenactment and forward-time-travelled through three different universes. In August, he witnessed the Thubanian Invasion of Earth, went to the Robo-Planetoid wherein Robots were capable of both Creation and Evolution and changed minds with Dr. John A. Zoidberg and Sweet Clyde. In September, Fry became one of the Mutant leaders of the Devolution Revolution (although he was, in fact, not mutated but was in actuality lodged in the mouth of the mutated Mr. Astor, which finally granted the sewer people their freedom with equal rights, as well as access to the surface of the city and celebrated his 100th delivery along with the rest of the Planet Express crew members. During that year, his relationship with Leela progressed largely. He also killed celebrated business consultant Dan McMasters, believing that he was a vicious alien killer. There’s obviously so much more Fry has done during the series, way too much to recount here.

    Fry has been in a series of relationships across the series, but they all pale in comparison to his long term relationship with the one and only Leela. They have had plenty of ups and downs and if memory serves me right, have spent most of the series not being officially together. Seeing their relationship grow and develop as the seasons passed was definitely one of my favorite parts of the series. There were a lot of romantic gestures like the opera, sneaky moves like Fry taking advantage of the time skips to marry Leela, transformations like Fry becoming a Neanderthal and the squid disease mutating Leela, tons of hijinks, and of course many goodbyes. The most significant goodbye would have to be the end of the series where the two decide to say goodbye to the isolated life they’ve lived together to go back and experience everything with their friends all over again.

    Now for some final trivia about Fry.

    The character of Fry was intended as the viewer's representation in the future, with the future being presented to the audience through Fry's eyes. Fry was originally intended to have a Pocket Pal with him to explain the future for him, though that idea was scrapped with the future being described through the events the occurred around him. Fry's jacket is based on James Dean's outfit in Rebel Without a Cause. Fry was originally set to be named Curtis, but was renamed Philip to honor Phil Hartman, a voice actor who had played several roles on The Simpsons over the years. Hartman was originally set to play Zapp Brannigan on Futurama, but died only shortly before Futurama's beginning. Within the show, Fry was named Philip by his father after Phillips screwdrivers. He loves slurm a little too much. The pin number for his Big Apple Bank account is 1077 (the price of a cheese pizza and a large Soda at Panucci's Pizza). Despite being the least mature of the Planet Express Crew, he is the second oldest member chronologically after Bender. Like Zoidberg, he has provided us with a number of memes with the two of the most prominent ones being “Not sure if…” and “Shut up and take my money.”

    Now let’s see some commentary.

    In my original commentary I basically said what I’ve already said in this write-up: “The embodiment of the loveable idiot. Sure he’s made mistakes (over and over and over and over again) but haven’t we all? There are plenty of great Fry moments that deserve a shout out but one of my all time favorites has to be his reunion with his mom inside her dream. Talk about emotional.” Posh Spears says what we’re all thinking: “Honestly how could you not love him? Low scorer munro says: “I found Fry to be a bit more annoying than entertaining in later seasons but he still has to many iconic moments to keep his score high.” This reads more like a description of yourself, but okay. The last of our human commentators is 11-giver soratami who says: "I guess giving my 11 to the main character isn't very interesting, but honestly



    There's nothing to apologize for!

    Now it’s time for…

    The “Morbo” Corner


    So what does “Morbo” have to say about the character who technically gave him a job?

    This human seems to subsist solely on his own disgusting mucous-y secretions - an evolutionary trait Morbo can not help but respect. 2.4 / 10

    Geez, what the hell would you rate your actual brethren then? I guess you’re just jealous that Fry is a global and universally adored character.

    Choosing a song for Fry was tricky but I decided to start with the song that is used for his people’s native dance.

    For the final song, I decided to go with one that represents Fry overcoming all his obstacles and getting everything he wanted and deserved by the end of the series in spite of all the obstacles thrown his way. I also wanted to represent the fact that Fry is the ultimate hero of the series so I ultimately decided on this Mariah classic.

    Honestly, what would we all be without Fry. In many ways he IS our hero. ​
  4. This means that the characters left battling for the title are....

    Leela and Bender!

    Ironic given how many times they have argued with each other across the series. Even after Leela died and came back to life.

    The question is......who is going to walk away with the title?

    Place your bets now. ​
  5. Poor Fry


    I think Leela will win... both her and Bender are iconic, but Leela is a woman so she has the advantage here ddd
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  6. If Leela doesn't win it's misogynistic so I trust you all made the right call.
  7. Can't wait for Leela to snatch.

  8. Uno


    Leela is incredible but Bender makes the show for me.

    I’ll be happy with either winner though.
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  9. Oops. I gave one a 7.9 and they deserve at least an 8.7.....
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  10. I quickly changed the score in the spreadsheet and it didn't make much of a difference.
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    Both Leela and Bender are deserving of the title of the “Best Futurama Character” but sadly only one can win. So, who must swallow their pride and settle for second place?

    2. Turanga Leela


    Average: 9.69

    Instead of just putting the high and low scorers, let me reveal everyone’s scores.

    High Score: 11
    (@Island, @Petty Mayonnaise, @Posh Spears)
    The most 11s in the rate so that's some form of consolation prize.

    (@send photo, @Oleander, @munro, @soratami)



    And lastly….

    Low Score: 7 (@ManilaChinchilla)
    Both you and PopZeitgeist better start running.

    My Score: 10

    Quite the plot twist (Buy Plot Twist by Sigrid on iTunes), right? I wish I could say the Top 2 shifted around during voting, but for as long as I’ve had the spreadsheet, Bender was always #1 and Leela #2. I suppose this is good news for munro and Alouder98 as they aren’t the lowest scorers for once kii. Leela should be very proud of herself for rightfully making it this far, not that she ever really had anything to worry about. She was always going to be the last woman standing and that’s something that everyone knew. I mean not only is she the female character who has made the most appearances on the show, but she is the definition of a role model. Some might accuse her of having anger issues but they’re just pressed that she is a strong, independent woman. She isn’t afraid to kick ass and take names and often times has to do so because everyone else on the team is too afraid to fight their enemies. Don’t even think about challenging her to an athletic competition because she will beat you, just ask Amy. Leela’s a lot more than just an ace at competitions. Over the series, we’ve seen her tough exterior be broken and have been exposed to her fears, insecurities like her singing boil, her lonely childhood, etc… Like Fry, Leela is a very complex character (one of the most complex, maybe even the most complex) and because of that, we can all see ourselves in Leela. She is the ultimate goals because despite her tough childhood and insecurities, she triumphed over every obstacle thrown her way and achieved her dreams of being a spaceship captain.

    As a sewer mutant, Leela has mutations. The most obvious is her only eye making her a cyclops. But she also shown she has a second mutation. She grows skin covered spikes, called "elbow talons", from her elbows. However, she usually trims these. She later revealed that she has a third mutation which was discovered by Fry in 3010, a talking boil on her body named Susan, which she lances every few months. According to her, she has 205 bones, making her one less than normal humans but this could simply be because she only has one eye. She is much less slender than Amy Wong, and many other characters, also she is particularly strong, and as she states "I guess I don't know my own strength." These attributes may be related to the fact that she keeps active, yet it may partly be either minor mutations, or possibly extremely rare and unusual family genes, before Old-New-York was destroyed, and her ancestors there were mutated. She has deep-purple hair, as do her mother and her maternal grandmother; her maternal great-grandmother did too. She also occasionally lays an egg and she also suffered from 'squidification' which caused her to grow suction cups on her hands before her entire body and hair became a mass of tentacles. This mutation was cured by Mom's genetic engineering.

    Before we dive further into Leela’s character and story, let’s see what Matt Groening has to say about her early on.

    During her youth, Leela was often teased because she only had one eye. She felt very lonely in her childhood after being abandoned by her parents at an orphanarium, and always dreamed of learning who her real parents were. She eventually learns that she is a mutant, rather than an alien, which she had always thought she was. Leela has been shown to care a great deal about her mutant parents, even stealing a priceless Quantum Gemerald from a museum along with Bender and Fry, when the Zookeeper threatens to feed them to piranhas.In addition to her tomboyish nature, beauty and sexiness, Leela is known for her extreme sensitivity and no-nonsense personality. She is a headstrong woman who focuses on work first and fun later. Despite her troubled past, Leela is friendly, smart and self-reliant, though she is sometimes impatient and quick to anger. She cares deeply for her friends and loved ones, plus issues she feels she must stand up for, like freedom, the environment and cute animals. Queen of activism! She also has a liking for violence and was often sarcastic, but she nevertheless seems to have developed strong maternal instincts at times. She is engaged in a constant low-intensity feud with Amy Wong, the only other female at Planet Express, who more or less frequently accuses her of not being ladylike enough to be a true woman, despite Leela having a strong sensitivity for cuteness and romantic issues. She frequently learns from her mistakes and tries to right many wrongs. She is not impulsive by nature, but is a careful planner (for example, she has been known to cook a month's worth of dinners in advance so she can freeze and then defrost the meals as needed). Although she was very fond of Fry in the original series, she was mostly put off by his immaturity and childishness. Later in the series, she eventually fell in love with Fry for his boyish charm.

    She lives on her own is an apartment with Nibbler to keep her company. Independent queen! As a mutant, Leela has a peculiar metabolism different from that of standard humans. Mutagens cannot harm her, and she seems resistant to many poisons, environmental hazards and illnesses. Her special condition may have helped her fight off the threat by the Baby Space Bee Queen's poison, and it proved instrumental for finding the cure against the common cold that had New New York in its clutches. Also, it might explain why Leela is so fond of sports and so well-muscled. As a recruit of the Earth forces, she surpassed every other recruit on the training ground, even well-trained males, and has shown extraordinary strength, dexterity and stamina on numerous occasions. Queen of beating the men at their own game! Leela is also highly skilled in martial arts which has been shown on numerous occasions. She is also shown to be obsessive at times, and in "Möbius Dick", this reached a critical level when she began displaying symptoms of multiple personality disorder as a result of the futile efforts of attempting kill a Four-dimensional space whale that devoured their latest delivery. She also has an iPod. Leela's single giant eye unfortunately gives her poor depth perception, which has been hinted is the reason she crashes into billboards at the start of every episode. It's also the reason why she was the worst blernsball player who ever lived. Despite this, she still got endorsement deals. Even when she loses, she wins!

    Leela was born as the only child of a married couple of mutants in the sewers of New New York. Her parents are Turanga Morris and Munda. As Leela is probably the least mutated mutant ever born (as described to her parents by a medical professional), and looked like a normal child except for her one eye, her parents decided that she should not share the fate of her people living in the sewers. They instead chose to give her a life as normal as possible - a "real" life - by giving her up to the Cookieville Minimum Security Orphanarium, though it was a tough decision and they suffered greatly by giving her away. Attached to the basket she was found in was a note in an alien language written by her mother Turanga Munda, who has a Ph.D. in exolinguistics. She meant for the note to convince the finder of her daughter that she was an alien and thus accept her into the orphanarium. The plan worked, and Leela was taken in by the head of the orphanarium, Warden Vogel.

    Leela grew up in the orphanarium unaware of her true roots, believing that she was indeed an alien. She had a hard time there, as she was relentlessly picked on because of her unusual appearance, and was always a lonely outsider. She had a crush on Adlei but he didn’t reciprocate her feelings. As a child she wore a monocle and, later, braces. Nevertheless, or maybe because of this, she managed to develop a strong and caring personality. As an outlet for her deep frustration, she trained in Arcturan Kung Fu to the level of a black-belt by a master of this martial art, Fnog, despite being a victim of his obvious sexism. After leaving the orphanarium, she began a career as Fate Assignment Officer at Applied Cryogenics, assigning defrostees to their permanent careers and providing them with the proper career chips. Then one day a defrostee named Philip J. Fry came along and inspired her to quit her job. Ultimately, she ended up being hired by Fry's many-times-great-nephew Hubert Farnsworth as the new captain for his interstellar delivery service, Planet Express. In that position, she acquired her beloved pet Nibbler, after saving him from the implosion of Vergon 6.

    She also rescued Fry from the Trisolians, attempted to destroy the giant ball of garbage, escaped from the Titanic and helped save the world from the Omicronians in the First Omicronian Invasion of Earth in the same year that she was hired. From going on the Internet, Leela believed to have found another cyclops, and would finally find out her true home planet. The cyclops turned out to be Alcazar, who took her to Cyclopia, where she supposedly was born. Leela decides that she must marry Al to continue their species. When Al tried to marry Leela, however, it turns out that Al was really a shape-shifting grasshopper, who was going to marry four other women of different alien races. She leaves the planet disappointed, but hopeful. That same year, she almost lost Nibbler to El Chupanibre, but he was saved by Bender, after Leela learned to be selfish. She was briefly named Miss Universe at the Miss Universe Pageant 3001 by Zapp Brannigan by accident. She discovered Popplers but was almost killed by Lrrr when the crew found out that Popplers were the Omicronians' young. She also served in the DOOP Army in The Battle of Spheron 1. You might have forgotten this but in the alternate universe episode, Leela was the first one to crack and open the box.

    After having her pet Nibbler named "Dumbest Pet in Show" at a pet competition, Leela is shocked to learn that Nibbler is actually a high-ranking member of an ancient alien species. The Nibblonians tell her that their old enemy, the Brain Spawn, is making everyone on Earth stupid, and that Fry is the only one that can stop them, due to his lack of the Delta Brain Wave. She gets Fry to fight the Big Brain, and Fry wins. The brains leave Earth for no "raeson" and thanks to the Brains' psychic attack, she doesn't remember anything about Nibbler or the Brains. Later, she gets a second eye crafted in, but removed it because of her new boyfriend's insensitivity. She also got married briefly to Fry, joined the New New York Mets and traveled back in time and helped cause the Roswell incident. Leela was later captured by the Sewer Mutants, along with Fry and Bender, who wanted to punish them for dumping toxic waste in the sewers. They were rescued by two mysterious strangers who convinced the Supreme Mutant to change their punishment into a life-long banishment from the sewers, instead of execution. Leela, curious about the strangers, jumps back into the sewers and chases the two back to their house, threatening them with a gun. The two tell her that they were the ones who killed her parents, and Leela, in an uncontrolled rage, almost killed them, but was stopped by Fry. It is revealed that the two were actually Leela's parents, and Leela rejoices. Leela also impregnated Kif Kroker, became a superheroine called Clobberella, was stung by a Space Bee, and sold her hand in marriage to the Robot Devil in exchange for some mechanical ears so she could hear the opera Fry wrote for her. She also performed in said opera so let’s take a moment to watch her in action:

    Shortly after Fry's opera, Planet Express delivery license is canceled. However; either due to the Box network's or the Professor's incompetence, it took two years for the staff to be informed. The true period of joblessness lasted for a few moments before Planet Express was "back on the air," During a party to celebrate the company's renewal, Hermes' head is chopped off in an Limbo accident, and Leela meets Lars Fillmore at the Head Museum. Ownership of Planet Express is stolen by the Scammer Aliens who discover the secret to time travel on Fry's ass, but Leela and Lars' relationship grows undisturbed. Fry watches them date with great envy and anger. Despite both Leela and Lars getting laid off from their jobs, due to the Scammers tricking people out of their possessions, Lars proposes to Leela and Leela agrees. At the wedding, Hermes' head is chopped off a duplicate of his body that Bender went back in time to pick up for him. The professor inadvertently reveals to Lars that a Time paradox duplicate is always doomed to die. Lars calls off the wedding and left Leela to depression. Despite her rocky relationship with Amy, she and Leela became a butterfly derby team and fell into a steroids addiction. A good chunk of the episode is available on Youtube so here it is in case you have time to kill.

    Later, the entire population of Earth is forced to move to different planets, due to President Nixon being scammed out of Earth's remaining land and water. The crew moves to Neptune in response. There, Santa Claus is unable to attack them, being in a deep depression over being scammed out of his Naughty List. They team up and plan to defeat the Scammers. At first, Nixon is skeptical of their chances to succeed, but Santa gets his factory of elves to build powerful weapons for the army. The small army that they assembled fought against the Scammer's fleet of Solid Gold Death Stars, but their first leader, Zapp Brannigan, was taken down. Leela takes his place, but soon realizes that she can't control so many ships at one time. Thus, Hermes's head uses his bureaucratic skills to control the other ships and take down the Scammers' fleet. During the 3008 New Years Eve Party that took place on Earth shortly afterward, Fry sees how sad Leela is without Lars and realizes that if he really loved her, he would care more about her happiness, rather than his own. He tries to get Leela back together with Lars, but is interrupted by Nudar, who survived the battle and wants to kill them. Lars sacrifices himself and saves Fry and Leela. After seeing the machine language time code on his butt, Leela realizes that Lars is actually Fry's time paradox duplicate. The crew all attend Lars's funeral where his video will explains what happened after he traveled back in time and why he decided not to marry Leela. Later, Nibbler has Bender go back in time one last time to put the Time Code on Fry's butt to start the entire cycle. After completing his mission, Bender convinces the duplicates of him to return to the present instead of "coming up where they were logically supposed to." The large paradox caused by hundreds of Bender's makes a large rip in time and space.

    When the rip in time and space starts producing tentacles that attach itself to people, Leela and the crew (except Fry), become one of the few isolated pockets of tentacle free people. The crew try to escape Earth, but are blocked by Dr. Wernstrom's Diamondillium shield. They take cover in the Planet Express Building, along with Wernstrom, but Zoidberg is taken. Fry tries to get them to come out and join Yivo, but they refuse. Later, the tentacles infiltrate the building and the Professor, Hermes, and Wernstrom are overcome by the tentacles. Leela escapes with Amy on a Party Board. While hiding in an alley, it is revealed to them that Zapp Brannigan was also free. They all hide together in an abandoned soup cabin in a remote area. The next day, Leela finds out that Zapp had slept with Amy, but is more surprised at the fact that the tentacles have found them. Leela manages to escape with a piece of the tentacle, but Zapp and Amy do not. Leela goes back to Planet Express and examines the piece with a microscope. She realizes that the tentacles are actually Gentacles and that Yivo was actually mating with everyone in the universe. She pretends to have a tentacle attached and goes into the Church of Yivo's Religion where she reveals to the world the truth. The religion is abandoned, but they eventually go on a date with Yivo to make up. The Earthican council decides to break up with Yivo due to shkler lack of commitment, but Yivo proposes to them before they could say anything. Everyone in the universe moves to Yivo's Universe, but Leela was forced to go, despite being against it. On Yivo, Leela was skeptic about the heavenly paradise at first, but when she finally admits to being happy, Bender and his Army of the Damned invade Yivo and takes them back to their universe. Queen of not succumbing to Yivo’s evil clutches!

    Later in 3008, Leela is goaded by Sal into entering the Planet Express Ship into the Space Demolition Derby. She leads the crew to a victory, but finds herself in trouble when Zoidberg tattles to the professor about her reckless behavior. Leela is forced to wear a shock collar, designed to give her and electrical shock if she has any violent thoughts, among others. After several hopeless attempts to convince Zoidberg, the staff doctor, that she doesn't need the collar any more, Leela grew accustomed with the electrical shocks and even begins to enjoy them. She, along with Fry and the professor, launch an attack on the Mombil Dark Matter mine in Alaska. She aids the team greatly by using her violence and eventually discovers that the mine was actually a farm that harvested the fecal matter of Nibblonians. Leela also finds her pet Nibbler there. Suddenly, in the middle of the battle, the floor cracks open and Leela is sent to Cornwood, the land created by Bender's imagination. There, she becomes a centaur named Leegola (a combination of her name and that of Lord of the Rings character Legolas). She joins Frydo, Titanius Anglesmith, Gynecaladriel, and the Great Wizard Greyfarn in forming the Fellowship and embark on a quest to defeat Momon, queen of evil. However, halfway through the quest, Leegola realizes that in her rage she had murdered an innocent monster. She vows not to harm another living being again and joins the other, more peaceful Centaurs. Leegola later finds out that her friends were endangered by Momon's Army. She returns back to normal and convinces the other centaurs to form their own army and fight against Momon. In doing so, Momon's Army is defeated and her friends are saved. She, along with most of the Fellowship, go to the Geysers of Gygax where Momon destroys Cornwood and sends them back to the real world. Dark matter then becomes useless as fuel and they temporarily use Nibblonians as transport.
    Leela, along with the rest of Planet Express, took a trip to Leo Wong's Mars Vegas, where they meet Frida Waterfall and the Feministas. Leela feels concerned about Leo's disrespect for nature in building the city, and adopts the last Desert Muck Leech.

    Later, Leela and Amy were allowed into Wongminster, Leo's miniature golf club. Leo plans on destroying twelve percent of the Milky Way to expand his club, and sends Planet Express to do a scan for life in the twelve percent. Although they find a life filled asteroid, orbiting a Violet Dwarf Star, Professor Farnsworth ignores it and approves the area for demolition anyways. Upset at the disregard of the men, Leela joins the Feministas. Leela was part of a Feminista protest at Wongminster, where, due to an accident, they kill the Headless body of Agnew, and flee, becoming fugitives. They also had a great chant. While hiding, Leela encourages the rest to be more forceful in protecting the environment by sabotaging Wong's construction of the golf course. They gain more and more members, and eventually take over the Planet Express Ship, as well as Hermes, Zoidberg, and Farnsworth. Later, Fry unwittingly lures the Feministas out of their Honeybun Hideout, and leads to an exciting space chase through the miniature golf course where the Feministas ultimately get arrested by Bender. They have a trial (Earth v. Feministas), where they are sentenced to Maxi-Padlock, a prison for women. After spending a few days in prison, and unsuccessfully trying to break out with Leela's muck leech, they are broken out by Bender, Farnsworth, Hermes, Zoidberg, and Scruffy, although only Leela, Amy, and LaBarbara managed to escape. They go to the Violet Dwarf, where they manage to stop it from getting destroyed, just in time for it to hatch into The Last Encyclopod. it is revealed that the muck leech was The Last Dark One, and it is killed after it murders Hutch Waterfall. The Encyclopod preserves Hutch's DNA, and leaves. Zapp then chases the Planet Express crew in the Nimbus. Leela confesses her love of Fry and they kiss before flying into the Panama Wormhole to escape. When Bender became an omnipresent supercomputer, she asks him what her and Fry’s ultimate fate is. Let’s see what happened:

    The Planet Express ship goes through the Panama Wormhole and exits in Earth orbit. The ship is shot by Zapp Brannigan's flagship Nimbus and thus loses power and crashes in front of the company headquarters, killing all the crew except the Professor and Leela who was saved by Fry. Saddened by Fry's death, she builds Robot Fry at a Build-A-Bot Workshop. Unfortunately, due to excess wiring in his stomach, he short circuited killing Leela and wiping both of their short term memories. Then, Robot Fry build a Robot Leela. When Leela is finally awakened, she fought with the Robot Leela, until the real Fry is reborn. The two robots then leave forever and everything is back to normal. She is later send with Zapp to the V-GINY, but they crashed on an unknown planet. It i slater revealed it was a plan of Zapp to seduce Leela. Fry discovered her singing boil and published the video on Twitcher, making the whole world laugh of Leela. She went in Rome to discover Da Vinci's secret. When Hermes traveled to Mexico, she temporarily became a bureaucrat. On her birthday, she went on a date with Fry who was late. She switched bodies with Amy who was in the Professor's body, and have sex with Fry in Zoidberg's body. After being revealed as a mutant, she was forced to live in the sewers, and led the Devolution Revolution. The last we see of Leela in the series is the final episode where she and Fry freeze time and live happy, isolated lives until Farnsworth finds them in old age. She and Fry decide to go back in time so they can be reunited with their friends. I covered Leela’s relationship with Fry in his write-up so I won’t repeat myself but let me share another moment from it that is both sad and a favorite of mine. It comes from the episode where Fry, Bender, and Farnsworth are sent forward in time and Leela is left to grow old thinking that Fry purposely chose to skip their date to go to Hedonismbot’s bachelor party. She eventually learns the truth and leaves Fry a heartbreaking note. Let’s watch that moment:

    Like Fry, Leela has been in a number of relationships during the series. Leela has an ex-boyfriend named Sean: uneducated, unambitious, pasty and hunched, with an incredible, beautiful creative soul and musical talent. Their breakup may not have been entirely mutual, judging by the fact that Leela stresses how mutual it was every chance she can and that she believed he was cheating on her. Apparently, he told his wife that she was crazy and he dumped her. She went on at least one date with Doug. Leela dated the Dean of Mars University after Fratbots won a boating race, however, he didn't call her after one date
    Leela started dating Adlai Atkins, an orphan she grew up with after she reconnected with him as an adult. They became engaged after he performed phases eye surgery on her, but broke up after Leela realized he didn't like her the way she was. Seeing Leela dump Adlai is honestly one of my favorite moments in the entire series. It was terrible seeing him criticize her for not being “normal” (whatever that means) and he did not deserve her. He was nothing but a judgmental prick and a scrub. Moving on, Leela dated Chaz, the mayor's aide, but broke up with him after she realized he thought he was too important for most everyone. While stranded on Omega 3, Leela has a quick fling with William Shatner. Leela almost married Alkazar after he tricked her into thinking they were the last of their race. Leela gets engaged to Yivo, along with the rest of the universe.Leela made out with Amy Wong during the battle at Wipe Castle. There’s also her “relationship” with Zapp but Queen Leela refuses to give him the time of day so I will follow in her footsteps and not say anything about that loser.

    Ok now for some Leela trivia before we get to the commentary.

    In the Futurama/Simpsons crossover episode, Leela and Fry at one point plot to kill Homer. Her name can be interpreted in several ways: "Leela" sounds exactly like the term for "purple" in several languages, including Spanish, French (lilas), German ("lila"), Danish (lilla), Swedish (lila), Finnish (liila), Romanian ("lila") and Hungarian ("lila"). A further possibility is that the name is a parody of the heroine from The Fifth Element, Leeloo - the perfect woman. Additionally, in Bungie's 1994 Macintosh game Marathon, there is an AI character named Leela. Lastly, she might have been inspired by a character from the British Sci-Fi series Doctor Who bearing the same name (Leela). "Turanga" may be derived from the symphony "Turangalila" by Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992). The term derives from Sanskrit and means, alternately, "Song of Love" and "Hymn to Joy". Alternately, Turanga may derive from Taronga Zoo, the name of which is an Indigenous Australian word for "beautiful view". The designers kept trying to make Leela's nose smaller, because it was larger than they thought appropriate for a female character, but Matt Groening insisted it stay the larger size. She’s perfect as she is so I’m glad this happened. The wrist device that Leela is seen consistently wearing has been shown to have at least seven uses: a communicator, reattach Fry's nose (a small laser), play tetris and Pong, detect whether or not the Omicronian young (later known as Popplers) are edible, a tracking device receiver she uses in the Central Bureaucracy, a tissue dispenser, targeted advertising, as well as has a (possibly deadly) laser. The name of Leela's hair color is actually called leela (a dark shade of purple). Leela has the last spoken line of the series: "I do".

    soratami takes a page from my book and decides to give some trivia about Leela’s name: “Random fact: her name is almost the same as Toranja, which means grapefruit in portuguese. Anyway, she remains iconic.” In case anyone wants to know, the spanish word for grapefruit is toronja. In my original commentary I said: "The best cyclops ever. (Don’t @ me.) Those Ancient Greco-Roman ones could never. She kicks ass and takes names like nobody’s business and perfect as she is regardless of what losers like Adlai think." Even known purveyor of questionable taste, munro can’t deny Leela’s greatness: “Iconic feminist queen. The single female lawyer episode is a highlight.” Our final piece of commentary comes from 11-giver and record holding top-scorer, Posh Spears: “One-eyed legend! I just know she's my favorite in the series, I don't really know what else to say. She's really strong, and the whole thing about her being the only mutant alive (besides her parents) is so sad and makes you really feel for her. Just really likable.”

    Like Fry, choosing a song for Leela was difficult. For the first one, I decided to reference the episode where Lrrr and Ndnd try to fix their relationship. The reason for this is because at one point Leela sings the classic I Will Always Love You. Instead of using IWALY I opted to go for a different song Whitney famously covered, I’m Every Woman. The reason for this is because Leela in many ways in every woman (and every person really) due to her complex and relatable nature.

    I also wanted to make sure I highlighted just how much Leela has had to fight to be taken seriously and respected by her fellow characters. Because of this, I decided to go with another classic by another famous diva.

  12. I know I don’t really need to do this little intro since y’all already know the winner, but I’ll be damned if I don’t show Bender the same respect I’ve shown all the other characters! He lives for melodrama and I’m not about to deny him that. Now, without further ado….

    1. Bender Bending Rodriguez


    Average: 9.9
    Remember when I said I kept Alouder98’s scores in for a reason? This was it. Bender’s lead on Leela was originally small but that 11 at the end pushed him into near-perfect territory and damn it, that’s what Bender deserves!

    High Score: 11
    After all the trouble you’ve caused me, Bender’s victory feels a little bittersweet but considering how many times Bender has scammed others, I suppose this is a very appropriate result.

    (@Petty Mayonnaise, @PopZeitgeist, @ManilaChinchilla, @send photo, @Oleander, @munro, @soratami)
    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Bender has received the most 10s of any character in the rate. Talent!

    As with Leela, I am going to reveal everyone’s scores but there are only two left to report and they are both the same so….

    Low Score: 9
    (@Island, @Posh Spears)

    My Score: 10

    That’s right, everyone. We have collectively declared this rude, crude robo-dude to be the best character that Futurama has gifted us across it’s seven seasons. Leela winning would have been great, but deep down I bet everyone knew that this was going to happen. Bender always scams, robs, and fucks his way up to the top so it is only natural that he does the same in this rate. You can claim to hate him, but in reality we all relate to Bender way more than we’d like to admit. He is basically the exact opposite of Leela. He is not meant to be seen as a role model and anyone who follows in his example is bound to end up dead. I mean the amount of alcohol he consumes alone is enough to kill you. He may love his son Ben but you shouldn’t be taking parental advice from Bender. Just ask his other kids. In spite of his many, many many, many faults, his vices, his addictions, his rude demeanor, etc….Bender is nothing if not hilarious and lovable. I mean y’all proved that by refusing to give him anything below a 9. He is the comedic core of the series and deserves all the respect fans and the internet have for him. There’s a reason there are an infinite number of Bender memes and variants of those memes out there, he is without a doubt the most quotable character in the series. Bender isn’t all partying, drugs, and carelessness. He has a vulnerable side like all of us and deep inside that metal body there just might be a heart of gold. What I’m trying to say is that Bender is the character we love because he is the most different from us and yet he is the dark side of ourselves we don’t want to admit we have. Bender and his “in your face interface” is one of the most legendary TV characters of all time, period. He has numerous endorsement deals for a reason. If you disagree then you can bite his shiny metal ass.

    Bender in one word is the definition of extreme. He is often mean and disrespectful in regards to other people's feelings. At one point, he flushed Leela's beloved pet Nibbler down the toilet, and didn't feel bad about it until the Professor attached an empathy chip to his head, forcing him to feel other people's emotions. He is also quite arrogant, frequently bragging about how great he is. Bender has no emotion about committing crimes and often steals people's wallets or items from shops. He loves smoking and drinking, though as a robot he has to drink alcohol to keep him going. (The cigars just make him look cool.) Bender can also be cruel at times and even sometimes treats his own friends badly. He is also extremely lazy, and is often seen sitting around on the couch drinking a beer and/or watching television. He also has a taste for hookers. However, he is capable of caring for others and is close friends with Leela and Fry, even though he often acts obnoxious and mean towards them. Bender seems genuinely happy for Leela when she is reunited with her long lost parents and was devastated when he is ordered to kill Fry in Bender's Big Score. Considering he is still upset when he returns to the future it's possible he might have been mourning Fry for nearly a thousand years. Bender at one point was a horrible cook and was very insecure about it. He did go one to defeat Elzar in a cooking contest thanks to Helmut Spargle’s teaching. Here is the episode condensed into 5 or so minutes in case you need something to watch. It is later revealed that he revels in his immortality and fears losing it, wants to desperately have free will, and he deeply regretted playing God and causing the death of his followers. So much so he had a discussion with God about it:

    Bender also has a fair few romantic relationships with fembots, such as Countess de la Roca and Angle-ine. Bender can be quite emotional at times, despite stating that robots aren't supposed to have emotions, and is empathic towards turtles since they have hard shells and have difficulty getting up if they fell on their backs, two things they share in common with Bender. He also becomes the leader of a group of penguins at one point. Bender also idolised the Harlem Globetrotters and wanted to become one of them and started crying when they refused to let him join. Bender also loves cooking though he had little talent for it and would often cook things that were either inedible or just barely edible. In certain episodes however, he has been able to make food successfully, making a cake for Nibbler's birthday party which was promptly eaten by Nibbler. Bender drinks copious amounts of alcohol to recharge his fuel cells, while displaying symptoms similar to intoxication when he stops. When he burps, fire comes out of his mouth. He gambles, smokes cigars, consorts with hookerbots, has 100,000 terabytes of porn on his hard drive, and is constantly trying to gain attention to boost his already over-inflated ego. He is equipped with a Gaydar, though it ultimately claims everyone is gay.As a robot, Bender has quite a lot of abilities. He is able to stretch his arms long distances as well as record data in his head, once using this to get Richard Nixon to give him back his body. He also breathes fire whenever he burps and when he is terrified he sometimes ejects bricks from his backside which is his variant of defecation. (This is a reference to the slang phrase, to "s**t bricks", meaning to be very scared or surprised.) Although he usually only does this while in a state of shock, he has also done it after eating an Olestra potato chip from the 20th century. Bender is also very strong, even managing to bend a supposedly unbendable girder. Bender is able to remove numerous parts of his body such as his head, arms, legs and even eyes. When he is staring at something or someone his eyes frequently extended out of his head. Like turtles he can withdraw into his chest when he chooses to. Bender can also survive in lava for a short time, though when he displays this ability his eyes melted as soon as he came out of the lava. Bender's body has also been used as a popcorn maker, crock pot, cannon, and steam engine. Don’t even dare trying to get between Bender and his liquor because he will come after you.

    Before I get into his backstory and show trajectory, let’s see what Bender’s voice actor has to say about him. As a bonus, here is John explaining the differences between Bender and his other famous character Jake from Adventure Time. Finn and Jake made cameos in Futurama and despite sharing a voice actor, Bender wasn’t kind to them.

    Bender Bending Rodriguez was built in the year 2996 in Tijuana, Mexico by Mom's Friendly Robot Company. Bender was built without a backup unit, which is meant to help him backup data so that if his body was destroyed he could upload his data into another body. Without this unit Bender was recognized as defective and therefore not to tarnish Mom's Company he would need to be destroyed. However, Hermes (who worked at Mom's Robot Company back then) was in charge of destroying defective robots and chose not to kill Bender. He authorized Bender's approval and Bender left the factory defective and mortal. The ending of that episode is one of the most touching moments of the series so let’s watch it:

    He studied Bending at Bending State University and minored in Robo-American Studies. As a bending unit, he spent his life before he met Fry bending girders to be used for suicide booths. After learning what the girders were for, he tried to kill himself, but was unsuccessful. He gave up on that when Fry claimed that he was his only friend in the future. Along with Leela and Fry, he joined Planet Express as a crew member. While waiting in line to kill himself on 31 December, 2999, Fry, who was clearly not familiar with suicide booths, stood in front of him, thinking it was a phone booth. Bender helped him along, but they managed to get out of the suicide booth alive. Bender soon learns that Fry is from the 20th Century and had been frozen for a thousand years. Since Fry refused to get assigned to his job, Leela was on his tail. Bender helped him escape through the Head Museum and soon down to Old New York below New New York. Here Leela finally caught up with them and agreed to help Fry. Bender decided to stay with them and they headed over to Fry's nephew, Professor Farnsworth. Farnsworth soon offered them jobs, and luckily for them, he had the proper career chips.As an employee at Planet Express he continued his kleptomania, drinking and smoking. He convinced Fry to move in with him at his apartment and soon Hermes Conrad forced him to actually do something around the company. He got assigned as chef of the company, one of his dreams was apparently to cook, but having no sense of taste made vile meals for the staff.
    Bender got into trouble when he began abusing electricity (jacking on), and his friends were not in favor of it. Saddened by their discontent, he sought new opportunities in religion. He joined Robotology, but this only served to make him more annoying to his friends. So they decided to make Bender sin to become his regular self again, inadvertently condemning him to Robot Hell. Feeling guilty, Fry and Leela tracked Bender down and saved him from the Robot Devil.

    During a visit to Past-O-Rama they bumped into Flexo, another bending unit, possibly also of the same model number (22). Flexo and Bender became good friends, but Fry feared that Flexo is evil, and in a mix up at the Miss Universe contest Flexo was arrested for Bender's attempt to steal the tiara. Bender briefly joined the Robot Mafia and fought in the Ultimate Robot Fighting League until his popularity slipped and he was rigged out of the league. Together with his fellow robots he rebelled against humanity. Bender's Uncle Vladimir died and Bender was to inherit his castle, on the condition that he had to spend one night within its walls. Bender was not at all comfortable in his new castle and the start up sound of Windows 98 was not helping either. While being chased by several hologram ghosts, he fled out in the yard where he was run over by a were-car. The collision caused a virus to be beamed into him and he became a were-car. Bender did not realize this until later, but the Gypsy told them the only way to get rid of the virus would be destroy the original were-car. So through a long journey they found the original were-car and destroyed it, and thus Bender was free of the virus. Bender continued his life with many adventures together with Fry and Leela. He temporarily worked for Calculon as his water heater. He met up with Flexo again, but this time he was not happy to see him, because Bender figured that his second true love was still in love with Flexo. Bender screwed it up and the divorcees got back together. Thanks to the What-If machine, we also got to see Bender as a human.

    He was briefly sent to an institute for insane robots, along with Fry, who went temporarily insane. He got to go on tour with Beck after becoming paralysed from a freak accident with a can opener, thus fulfilling his dream of becoming a folk-singer, became Pharaoh of an entire planet, driving everyone (including Fry and Leela) into slavery, and beat Elzar on the television show Iron Cook. However, he did not accept the title of Iron Cook, only the lesser title of Zinc Saucier (which he made up, and comes with double prize money). During a battle with Space Pirates, Bender was shot out through the torpedo slot and was forced to drift through space. He, for some time, became the God of the Shrimpkins, which was a life form that had grown on his stomach. But, after they viciously killed each other in a nuclear war, started by Bender's need for booze, Bender met up with the Galactic Entity, who he believes is God. The Entity eventually sent Bender back to Earth after receiving a radio signal from Fry.Bender was still wanting his fame, he found interest in becoming the new Antonio on All My Circuits. He got the job. But Calculon was hardly impressed by Bender's performance, however the Network executives disagreed. So Bender got to continue on the show, but in his true nature. But when Bender realized that his behaviour on TV causes Dwight and Cubert to steal his stuff, he called off the show. Bender joined Fry and Leela briefly as they gained super powers in the New Justice Team, he has had an affair with the Planet Express Ship, he got modeled into a fembot and had a relationship shortly with Calculon, and helped Robot Santa as a replacement.

    But the company got into trouble when the Box Network canceled its license, and for two years they were not able to deliver packages. Luckily though, their license was renewed and they went back in business. Bender became the centre of attention as the new masters of the company lead by Nudar infected him with an iObey virus and they forced him to go back in time and steal all of Earth's valuables. But when Fry managed to escape back into the past, they send him after Fry to kill him, and after 12 years tireless hunting, he managed to do so. But he soon learned that the Fry he killed was doomed anyway because he was a time paradox duplicate. But after being stranded on Neptune for a while, humanity and he decided to fight back, and after the war was won (with the help of Hermes), he revealed that he himself had kept the Spheroboom that the scammers had told him to keep safe, thus saving the day. However, while on a trip back in time to make sense out of everything that had happened that year, a mishap led to him accidentally tearing the universe open.

    After becoming an official stalker for Calculon by Calculon, Bender fell into a deep depression after Calculon informed him that there was no such thing as the League of Robots, a society of robots which came to the aid of robots abused by humans, and which Bender had worshipped for his entire life. He contemplated commiting suicide until he was approached by the League led by Calculon himself; he lied about its non-existence to ensure its secrecy. Bender became the newest member of the League and began to personally enforce the no-humans policy of the organization, becoming very famous within it. However, Bender was caught helping his human friends and his bluffs were called by Calculon, whom Bender challenged to a duel. Bender broke the rules of the duel, severely injuring Calculon and nearly exposing the League, but instead of being kicked out of the League, Calculon resigned his position as President and gave it to Bender. Bender organized the Army of the Damned (trading his firstborn son to the Robot Devil for it) to take over the world, only to discover that its entire population was already leaving to live on the body of a giant tentacled monster named Yivo. Bender soon received a letter from Fry describing how wonderful life was there, but Bender ended up interfering by attacking Yivo and attempting to bring humanity back. Soon, for personal reasons, Yivo unwittingly complied with Bender and had everybody return to Earth.

    Bender finds himself attempting to catch up with a game of Dungeons and Dragons, played by Cubert Farnsworth and his friends. He soon hits the obstacle of realising he has no imagination. But the more he tries, he eventually believes he is Titanius Anglesmith, Fancy Man of Cornwood. Unfortunately, his imagination grows wild, and he is sent to HAL Institute to be cured. The therapy is unsuccessful and they decide to give him a "robotomy". But during the operation, the dark matter crystals becomes close enough, allowing Bender's imagination to become real. In his fantasy, he is the owner of a castle. When he hears of Black Knights approaching, he sets out with his friends, Leegola and Frydo. Discovering the Die of Power, he sets off to Greyfarn, where they learn of the story behind the Die. Titanius is slightly against the quest, but decides to tag along. On several occasions, he refers to going back, such as when they have just passed through the Cave of Hopelessness. On the other side, Fellowship decides to seek Wipe Castle for help. Unfortunately, the King of Cornwood is insane, and the entire royal army is gone, because the king declared war on scallops, tied the entire army to a rock, and pushed them into the ocean. As Momon's forces arrive, they have a large, unwinnable battle at hand. But as things seems darkest, Leegola and her centaur army saves Wipe Castle. Knowing of Frydo's quest, the Fellowship decides to go help him. However, they are too late and Momon wins the battle, causing them to return to their world.

    Bender takes a trip to Mars Vegas with the rest of the crew. There, he falls in love with Fanny, a burlesque dancer, who is the Donbot's wife. He enters the Universal Poker Championship Tournament for her and wins against Fry with five kings. After returning to Earth, Bender feels upset that the Feministas are committing more felonies than him. He gets hired by Zapp Brannigan to help him capture the Feministas. By getting Bender to wire tap Fry's "cellphone-telephone" Zapp finds out where the Feministas are hiding and chases them aboard the Nimbus, along with Bender and Kif. After an exciting space chase, Bender captures the Feministas and goes against them in court. They are found guilty and sent to Maxi-Padlock Prison. Bender then breaks into the women's prison and helps the Feministas escape, because by doing so, he would have committed way more felonies than the women. He bends a brick wall and calls Farnsworth, who pilots the Planet Express Ship down to rescue them from the prison's forces. They crash a demolition ceremony, and in the end, Bender is sent through a wormhole with the rest of the Planet Express Crew. After crashing the ship into Earth and being rebirthed, Bender starts a robosexual relationship with Amy, after Kif dumps her for flirting with criminal inmates, despite his previously affirming that "Humans dating Robots is sick". Amy and Bender decided to marry, and manage to pass a proposition to legalize robosexual marriage. However, Bender leaves her upon realizing she wants a monogamous marriage. He participated in a re-enactment of the Sith-il War, after which he learned that he was built without a back-up unit. He then goes with Hermes Conrad to determine why. Despite failing to do so, Bender uses the experience to reaffirm his stance on life. Later, Bender witnesses robots undergoing evolution on a deserted planetoid. He was nearly killed after switching bodies with a Robo-Hungarian Emperor. Later, he threw a party celebrating Planet Express' 100th delivery. After abruptly ending the party, Bender participated in the Devolution Revolution, using his expertise to bend the Westside Pipeway.

    When the crew crashes on a gender-neutral planet, everyone's genders are switched in a freak accident and Bender resumes his feminine Coilette persona before the genders are corrected. He then runs havok with the Professor's duplicator, creating exponentially miniature versions of himself that almost consume Earth but later band together to save it from a hideous monster, though he dies soon afterward when a suicide booth murders him. Bender lingers as a ghost but bargains with the Robot Devil to get his material body back in exchange for Fry. He attempts to scare him to death, but when Fry discloses his love for Bender, Bender refuses to kill Fry and ends up protecting him. Robot God then invites Bender to an existence in Robot Heaven as his reward, but Bender declines and returns to the crew. After crashing a Robot Mafia wedding and making out with Bella, Donbot's daughter, Bender is forced to enter the witness relocation program, and Clamps replaces him at work as an in for the Mafia to discover Bender's whereabouts and kill him. The crew is led to the Moon to a hillbilly robot identical to Bender, but Bender is discovered to be in hiding as a waiter at the pizza parlor across the street, and returns to work when the Mafia takes him for dead.

    In 3012, Planet Express acquired a new soda machine named Bev. They did not get along very well, but a fight of theirs eventually culminated in sex. The next day, Bev gave birth to Bender's child. Bender did not take this well, worrying over his fatherhood and eventually learning about robot reproduction for the first time, as his mother's religious fundamentalism kept her from teaching him this information. He attempted to give custody of the child to Bev, presenting her with a certificate of abandonment, but she too did not take having a child well, and she left Bender with custody of the child. Though he was initially disappointed over this, he eventually discovered that his child took an interest in bending. Naming the child Ben, they formed a bond with each other, but to their surprise, discovered that Ben's lack of arm control software and an additional expansion slot prevented him from bending. At Ben's Bot-Mitzvah, Ben expressed for his appreciation for his father as well as his hopes of bending just like him. At the ceremony, however, Bev regained custody of Ben, separating him from his father. That night, Bender broke Ben out of Bev's trailer, but were caught in their escape by the police, who arrested Bender on grounds of kidnapping. Bev showed up at the scene and gave birth to another child, and content with having another child to neglect, allowed Bender to keep Ben. Ben, however, was still disappointed in not being able to bend, so he takes up an offer by the Professor to have a bending card installed in him - consequently losing all his memories of Bender. Bender, though tearful, allowed the surgery to go on, and eventually accompanied his son to his enrollment at Bending State University in Santa Cruz. Here’s Bender bonding with a young Ben.

    Bender’s story technically comes to an end in the final episode of the series when everyone but Fry and Leela are left frozen in time. The professor ends up remedying this, as you should all know by now. However, we have seen what Bender’s future looks like. This is thanks to the presidential campaign episode where Senator Travers tries to defeat Nixon in order to fix the future. After Nixon's fourth term in office began, things went downhill for the Earthican population to the point when robots began doing all the tedious labor and consequently, they began a rebellion led by Bender. At some point between 3014 and 3028 Bender became ruler of Earth and started killing humans, thus fulfilling his life-long desire. Oh and Bender in the past held a funeral for himself so his friends could prove he’d be remembered.

    Now for the zany trivia portion of the write-up.

    He once had his personality removed (causing him to say nothing other than "I am Bender, please insert girder" in a monotone voice). Bender also has a self-destruct code, 1A2B3C (but before C he explodes), that causes his head to blow up. Magnets placed on Bender's head cause his inhibition unit to malfunction thus making him sing Folk songs. Bender's grandmother, probably on his mother's side, is a bulldozer. Leela says, "Come on, Bender, your grandmother could push harder than that!" and Bender says, "No crap! My grandmother was a bulldozer". His mother, a robotic arm who sends him Xmas cards. His father, who was killed by a giant can opener. Bender has a few catchphrases, such as Bite my Shiny Metal Ass. Bender also frequently uses the word meat-bag, and utters the phrase "Kill all humans" often, even if he always silently adds "except one" referring to Fry. In the "War is the H-word" episode Bender's Top Ten Most Frequently Uttered Words is listed as:


    In addition Bender's least frequently used word according to the same episode is "antiquing." Bender also has a tendency to say "Neat" whenever he is intrigued by something. Bender will say (or sometimes sing) "Let's go already!" on many occasions and when coming back from an adventure, he will often exclaim "I'm back baby". Bender often says, "it's gonna be fun on the bun." Bender often says, "Shut up baby, I know it." Bender often says: "Me, (short pause) Bender." Bender frequently displays incredible durability, to the point that he appears to be indestructible. He has been completely flattened, hit point-blank with a shotgun, had several chips removed from his severed head, then had his head buried for over a thousand years, had his lower torso melted from a cosmic electrical disturbance, been launched out of a torpedo tube then withstood atmospheric reentry, submerged himself in lava, and been burned to nothing but his eyes and mouth after converting his body entirely into wood (though this was a dream, but it is implied the dream could actually happen). In "Rebirth", after having been nearly eaten by a cyclophage and have a doomsday device explode inside him, he remarks "What does it take to kill me?". A bomb has also exploded inside him in "War Is the H-Word" (twice). He survives being shot point-blank at least three times in Season 6, survived being completely melted, was able to come out of Limbo after having been killed and had his head sliced in half by spinning blades. However, due to several scenes in which injuries disappear, Bender appears to have some sort of auto-repair unit.

    Bender routinely claims to be made of thirty to forty percent of various metals, typically following up his claims by knocking on his own chassis. Unfortunately, his credibility on this matter is thrown into question by the fact that his various claims now add up to well over one hundred percent. Bender has alternately claimed to be:

    40% zinc
    40% titanium
    30% iron - Presumably mixed with osmium.
    40% dolomite
    40% luck/horseshoes (ITWGY) - Composition of the horseshoes unknown.
    40% chromium - Bender was not the one to make this claim, it was an Antarian.
    60% storage space
    40% scrap metal
    40% wire
    40% empty
    0.04% nickel impurity
    40% lead (FVG) - Canon status of video game uncertain.

    Total: 150% - 370% or greater. The number is dependent on whether or not one counts various claims as true. First the "40% Horseshoes" claim, as the supposed horseshoes could have been made of one or more of the other metals previously stated (Titanium, Iron, or Lead), meaning that one could have been a restatement rather than a new figure. Second, it depends on whether or not he considers his storage space and wires to be part of the total percentage of himself, in which case the remaining 40% each that he often claims to be would constitute the rest of his body. Third, the claim of "40% Lead" is dependent on whether the video game can be considered canon. Fourth and finally, whether the claim of "40% Chromium" is accepted at all. This claim was not made by Bender but rather one of the Antarians. It is plausible that the claim is false and that it was just made to justify the in-progress cannibalization of Bender's body. All this can be considered false if we account for the fact that Bender often loses body parts, and it is possible that replacements have a different substance mixture. Even if all previous points made are taken into account and only the first four claims were used, Bender's composition would be 150%, far more than what is possible.There's also a mention that robots are made from recycled beer cans and beer cans are made from recycled robots, so depending on the year 3000 composition of beer cans, he may have a certain percentage of aluminum in his alloy. David X. Cohen has stated on a Reddit AMA that Bender is 40% of ALL METALS.[1] This means the 30% iron composite (A guess based on the title of the episode, "The 30% Iron Chef") is possibly not valid. Also the "Unknown amount of Osmium" that Bender is made of would be 40% Osmium.

    Before we get to the commentary, let me point out one final thing. More than any other character in the series, Bender has a lot of clips on Youtube. His often times illegal antics have resulted in many memorable moments as I mentioned above. This has lead to there being multiple “Best of” videos for Bender. Here’s three of them in case you want to see Bender in all his glory.

    1 2 3

    And now after an eternity of text, the commentary!

    In my original commentary I said Bender is: “The legend with the equally legendary ass. He has given us so many fantastic catchphrases over the years. Anyone who gives this brilliant trainwreck of a robot less than a 10 needs to reevaluate their life.” munro says everything I have said in a perfectly succinct sentence: “One of the best TV characters of all time, never dull and always totally entertaining.”

    It’s been a long time coming but here is our final piece of commentary from our favorite space alien news anchor. For the final time, it’s…

    The “Morbo” Corner


    So what does “Morbo” have to say about this absolute legend?

    An alcoholic robot that commits traffic violations? MORBO DISAPPROVES. 0 / 10

    Let me keep things short and sweet for once. Fuck you, “Morbo!”

    Now for the final music segment of the rate!

    Bender has always taken pride in the fact that he is a robot and never let’s us forget that. However, as we have seen, Bender can also feel emotions and has his own struggles with embracing this aspect of himself. Because of these two factors, I figured this Marina classic was the perfect song for him.

    He is a robot, but at the same time he isn’t because he transcends that defining feature in a way that makes us massive fans of him, identify with him, and find ourselves able to look past all his fault and simply laugh.

    I also wanted to give a nod to Bender’s hard partying lifestyle and as you all know, there is a massive abundance of party/drinking/drug/etc… songs out there. I ended up going with Pour It Up simply because it sums up Bender’s wild habits to a T and the visuals are definitely something Bender would enjoy.

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    Anyway, I want to thank all of you so much for this because it was a lot of fun for me except for the days it left me feeling stressed. Like you all, I have loved this little show for years and never imagined I would end up running a rate for one of my all-time favorite shows. Also thanks for bearing with me through all the delays. I want to give special thanks to @Island for initiating the idea for this rate in the first place and allowing me to take over. Without you none of this would have been possible. I also want to thank @send photo for pushing me to take the leap and host this rate despite only ever having participated in rates before this. I'd also like to thank you for helping me out with the spreadsheet and all the other behind the scenes stuff. I never would have gotten this off the ground if it wasn't for you. This sounds like I'm giving an Oscars acceptance speech. Suddenly the Sally Field is me. Oh and let me also thank @Alouder98 @munro and @PopZeitgeist for putting up with the draggings.

    I'd say that my life will feel empty now that this rate is over but since school starts up again on Tuesday, that void will be filled very quickly. I guess this is the part where I plug in my upcoming rates. Be sure to vote in @soratami and I's Pokémon Gym Leaders/Elite 4/Trial Captains/Kahunas/Champions/Etc rate which will start after the Gen 7 rate is over. Also, be on the lookout for my Feist/Broken Social Scene rate which will arrive......eventually.

    Thanks again everyone and if Futurama somehow manages to be revived it'sjustnotrealistic.gif and we get introduced to more characters then I guess we'll have to do a Part 2.
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