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The Futurama Characters Rate

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Island, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Just send in your scores as soon as you can. I only have two entries.

    @Rainbow Trousers re submit your entries. Way too many zeros.
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  2. I started watching these streams when I was working on my scores. There are a ton of Futurama ones it seems.
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  3. I fucking love Hyperchicken tbh.
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  4. So... is this cancelled?
  5. Damn I missed this. Didn't know there were rates in this section as well.
  6. I'm re-extending the voting to Sunday.
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  7. Oh, I'll participate then.
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  8. I'm suing if you don't.

    Whale biologist.
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  10. Oh crap, it slipped my mind, sorry. If having one more set of votes would make a difference, I can send mine this evening still. If not then I'll just follow the results.
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  12. I pulled a FOX.
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  13. We can just make Zoidberg the winner and call it a day honestly. He would have won anyway.

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  14. Nibbler wins for cuteness.
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  15. People calling for anyone to win besides Turangod Leelegend are incorrect.
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  16. Honestly, I'm fine with almost anyone winning as long as it's not Zapp. If he is anywhere near the Top 10 I will go all Roberto on this thread.
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