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The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Fascination, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. I'm not sure if this belongs more in The Internet subforum or in here, but The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo is a YouTube show by Brian Jordan Alvarez and it is incredible.

    The entire series is on YouTube, starting with the below:

    It's hilarious and thought-provoking, as well. Freckle is a godsend.
  2. I'm glad this has caught on in the last few days!! Freckle is so iconic.

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  3. The opening scene of episode 4 is iconic. Freckle is one of my favourite characters I've ever encountered.
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  4. Freckle is everything! Every damn scene is amazing.
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  5. Thanks so much for posting this – I love it. 5 minutes in and I'm already obsessed.
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  6. Watched it all in a night, haven't actually laughed out loud at a show like I did watching this in so long.
  7. Brian Jordan Alvarez has one of the best youtube channels that you all need to be subscribed to.

    Caleb Gallo is incredible. I've watched it start to finish at least three times now when introducing friends to it.
    The whole ensemble is wonderful even Benicio who doesn't get a lot of jokes and has to be the straight man to a lot of the characters around him. I love Lenjamin, Karen is hilarious but you're all correct: this is Freckle's show. The stunning Selena performance at the wedding is a personal highlight.

    I don't understand how Netflix/Amazon/HBO aren't fighting tooth an nail to get this picked up as a show because there is so much raw potential.
  8. Totally misread the title as Camila Cabello and wondered why anyone would give a shit
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  9. Noooooooo
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  10. If you love Freckle, follow Ed Droste's instagram; she's always on his stories improvising the most random, hilarious shit.
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  11. I caught the iconic episode 4 opening scene on Tumblr, then went on to watch all the episodes in one night (not that they're that long, but I should have been working).

    Freckle truly is amazing.

    Anyone who wasn't watched it, start here:

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  12. "Sometimes things that are expensive. . . Are worse."
    My mantra.
  13. Lenjamin is foin!
  14. Definitely thank you for posting this. I've seen the first 3 episodes so far and I'm in love (with the show and Brian Jordan Alvarez).
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  16. Only 5 episodes? That was too short! The main actor kinda reminds me of Bear Grylls, i don't know why.
    They should work with Chris Lilley that would be something!
  17. I've been watching this this evening and I love it. Freckle is just the best. And the SOUNDTRACK!!! When I Love You Always Forever showed up in the last episode I screamed.
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  18. Yep, that's my next evening, or tonight, sorted. Thank you, love it!
  19. omg I'm so happy there's a thread for this, I watched it all a few months ago and it's just incredible. I think about Freckle's monologue on a daily basis.

    This story isn't racist.

    It's ~diverse~.
  20. No wiki page tho!
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