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The Girls Aloud Discography Rate (#65)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Physical, Aug 2, 2021.

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  2. I’m a mess but still interested. Thanks!
  3. A reminder the deadline is in 10 days (27th October) - just checking if you're still up for/working on a ballot since you expressed interest?

    @Neon Green
    @Music Is Death

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  5. I’ll start mine!
  6. Absolutely!
  7. I already finished my scores over a month ago but haven’t decided on an 11 yet ddd expect my ballot in a couple of days hopefully!
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  8. Are the versions of Life Got Cold and Some Of Miracle on the "Sound Of The Underground" album and "The Collection" different?
    I've just started working on my scores, hopefully should be able to finish by the deadline.
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  9. I was getting working on getting this done when I had more time during the summer, but I left it because I figured it was cancelled forever after Sarah's passing. Unfortunately, I can't participate any longer, but I am excited to see the results roll out!
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  10. Yeeees! Can't wait for this to start!
  11. I’m interested! I’ll be submitting fairly close to the deadline but it’ll get done.
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  12. Very much so! Will finalise and send mine tomorrow.
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  13. I will! It’s going to be sad to go through but I’ll do it. Will probably submit close to the deadline!
  14. As much as I would love to participate, I do not have the time, sorry - but have fun with the reveals!
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  15. Hello. I've been working on my scores and they'll be in next weekend.
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  16. I'm currently in the Xmas songs of Chemistry. Will definitely finish this on time.
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