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The Girls Aloud Discography Rate: WINNER REVEALED!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Physical, Aug 2, 2021.

  1. What You Crying For?

    2015 | #45 | 7.23
    2021 | #40 | 7.76
    Hazey | 9.5 (Decent showing, all things considered. Love the drum-n-bass production. It's not really a style I listen to religiously or anything but when it's good, I really dig it. Fling outlasting this is laughable though and while some people are saying this is skip for them on the album, that's always been Can't Speak French for me. That and I'm Falling are the only real complete misses on such a spectacular album.)
  2. Time for Jump, Black Jacks and Fling to depart.
  3. I've now lost two 10's from my total 24.

    Some Kind Of Miracle - Ranked 23rd. My second favourite from the album (only one of the singles got a 10). For me this is one of the catchiest choruses in the discography; it would work quite well sung 'in a round' because the melody has a cyclical nature. It also has a great rhyme scheme.

    What You Crying For - Ranked 21st. Definitely my favourite 'drum and bass' song from the Girls, the beat working well with the deep spiky synths. I gave out 6 10's to Tangled Up so it's in my top half. But I love the lyrics most, which remind me of someone I used to know.
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  4. Wasn't What You Crying For originally meant to be the album opener on that leaked Tangled Up track list with Bored Stupid on it? It actually would be a pretty good opener though Sexy! No No No... with an extended intro would have been the ideal choice.

  5. [​IMG]
    And you could be the one
    That's the head of the pack, babe,
    You could be the power
    That's stealing the whole damn show...

    (Artwork by @Untouchable Ace)
    Average: 7.80533

    Highest scores
    10 x 7 (@Phonetics Girl, @DJHazey, @soratami, @RUNAWAY, @Sally_Harper, @marie_05, @Untouchable Ace)

    Lowest scores
    3 x 3 (@jamesyboy, @j267, @TheOnlyOne)

    My score
    "Crocodile Tears" is such a gorgeous way to close Tangled Up. An album filled to the brim with the most brash, wall-to-wall bangers ending on such a mellow and lush note just feels so right. This is another one of their songs that took a while to click with me. I think I tended to not pay it enough attention because the album was so full of anthems and... that's why I'd listen to it. But I really do have a newfound appreciation for it. I find it so clever how it sums up the entire album in such a melancholy way; the uncertainty of the "I thought I had it but I tumbled" in "Girl Overboard" turns into the more urgent "We've gotta stop before we tumble", the "Gonna start this fire because I know I should" in "Close to Love" turns into the devastating "Babe, you built the fire to burn me again." The humming section is gorgeous and Sarah's bridge is equally amazing, but the highlight of the song for me is Nicola's verse. There's something so particularly blasé yet melancholy in her delivery that is so beautiful. Nicola actually wanted "Crocodile Tears" to be released as a single at the time as it was her favourite from the album and... I don't think that would've worked, but I see why she loved it so much. It's still not necessarily one of my favourites from
    Tangled Up, but I really do appreciate its place on the album, now more than ever.

  6. [​IMG]
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  7. This is one of the best on that album teebs.
  8. I adore ‘Crocodile Tears’, it gets overlooked for not being a banger on Tangled Up. I wish we’d got a live performance of it.
  9. Fine, but it still stands when I say good luck with Miss You Bow Wow, that will be battling for Top 20 at the very least. Just watch.
  10. Crocodile Tears

    2015 | #38 | 7.48
    2021 | #39 | 7.81
    Hazey | 10 (Aw, my poor baby! I've loved this from the second I heard it. Then I found out the opinion on it was rather divided among fans, which shocked me. One of their best slowies, only my 11 has it beat in that category, I'd think. Reminds me of how much I love "Criminal" which got my Britney 11 and it's placement on a bop filled album. They are sister-songs to me in that sense. If I heard this at a concert, I'd ball my eyes out from being overpowered. Nicola slays, but every section has purpose and the songs builds dynamically. Ugh, it's perfection, haters check your ears!)
  11. Well, I think we'll leave it here for a couple of days then. I hope you all have an amazing holiday season! Don't forget to stream Not Tonight Santa for something you could never get from Santa Claus xo

  12. I guess almost everything is going to sting at this stage, but I’m still so disappointed with these recent eliminations, especially Rolling Back The Rivers In Time and Crocodile Tears! Both deserved better, but they probably got the axe for being more mellow moments on their respective albums and people obviously prefer Bangers Aloud.
    Still, Crocodile Tears is stunning and the way it’s structured is Xenomania at its finest. One of the best tracks on Tangled Up for sure.
    Rolling Back The Rivers In Time has such a beautiful melody and vocals and I love the warmth this song exudes. It never struck me as a potential single, though. Miss You Bow Wow was the obvious 4th single.
  13. I’ve definitely always seen Call The Shots - Fling as Part 1 of the album, while What You Crying For - Crocodile Tears is Part 2.
  14. God vs good.
  15. It's Your Dynamite - 7.8. Ranked 64th.
    She - 7.6. Ranked 67th.

    I hardly listen to these, but I definitely will more in the future, so it's probable I'd give them higher scores at
    a later date. I can sort of see why these aren't on Out Of Control, but I'd still replace three of the songs from
    the album with the three B-Sides (I also gave them higher scores than one of the singles).
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  16. The way the second run of Tangled Up would be considered a discography highlight in the majority of other pop acts, yet it's just "good" in this one.

    Ahhhh, the power of our faves.
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  17. [​IMG]
    And it's something you'll regret so,
    I'll forgive but won't forget though,
    When your fingers burn you'll learn so,
    I had to go...

    Average: 7.83600

    Highest scores
    10 x 11 (@JMRGBY, @DJHazey, @soratami, @_hazzie_, @girlsaloudjunkie, @RUNAWAY, @Sally_Harper, @Crisp X, @marie_05, @MilesAngel, @Untangled)

    Lowest scores
    3.9 x 1 (@imaduck)

    My score
    I guess I'll start by wishing you all a very


    before we resume eliminations again!

    Our first cut of 2022 is "Crazy Fool", co-written by the girls and sung solely by Cheryl. It was included as the CD1 B-side to "Whole Lotta History"... yet this is another song that could've easily and comfortably fit on its parent album. I am obsessed with those synths in the instrumental on this, and I kind of love how the production basically sounds like a more complex version of one of those 8-bit covers on YouTube dd. I also think it's insanely catchy and find myself singing the chorus in my head on a loop after I listen to it. I feel like the only real negative to this song for me is its vocal production — I know it's very much a stylistic choice, but Xenomania really loved a semi-muffled vocal didn't they? I would've probably scored it higher if it just sounded a bit more... crisp, because it's a very solid song. And it was voted to be included on Ten's CD2, so classic for the fans I guess!
    Could we also go as far as saying that this better than a lot of Cheryl's own discography? No?

  18. It is indeed MILES better than most of Cheryl's discography, demo vocals and all.
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  19. Crazy Fool is amazing.
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  20. Crazy Fool - 10. Ranked 20th. Great opening, with those high twinkling synths, before the drums come
    crashing in with the bass synth. Just love the whole backing track. The lyrics are fantastic; the verses and middle 8 directed towards her man, and the chorus towards the girl he's been cheating with. They suit the themes of Chemistry so well, I wish it had made the album.
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