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The Girls Aloud Discography Rate: WINNER REVEALED!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Physical, Aug 2, 2021.

  1. Black Jacks

    2015 | #29 | 8.25
    2021 | #29 | 8.50
    Hazey | 10 (Cannot say I'm thrilled by the elimination, but between it and my other three remaining 10's from Tangled Up, I'd choose it to go first. The "New York nothing..." part is the most memorable and the lyrics of the chorus are insane and make basically no sense but I love them anyway.)

    Whole Lotta History

    2015 | #28 | 8.29
    2021 | #28 | 8.54
    Hazey | 5.5 (This and "Can't Speak French" would've been the perfect back-to-back as two of my lowest scores remaining and two songs I never jumped on the bandwagon for. Categorize it as me being too dumb to like a song like this.)
  2. Shook at Nadine singing Nicola's part!
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Whole Lotta History - 7. Ranked 82nd. Sorry I've never been much into this but I'd raise my score to 7.5 now, and rank it higher. It's pleasant whilst listening, but the production doesn't really do it for me, and I don't come back to it often.

    But lyrics such as 'Each time she's kissed you, tell me, Is it that really that good for you?' and 'So tell me,
    Is she really that beautiful?' give me very 'But tell me does she kiss, Like I used to kiss you? Does it feel
    the same, When she calls your name' tease (which is definitely deliberate on the writer's part).
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  5. I actually scored this song a lot higher for a ballad. 9.5. It just works much better than any of their earlier ones.
  6. Life Got Cold and Count The Days are tied in my scores as best ballad, the latter going out at 77 was bleak.
  7. Swinging London Town could go now tbh.
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  8. Calling for Swinging London Town before the top 10?! I'm make you choke on that sushi. That's gotta be the JOKE fuelled egos talking.

    It's a ride.

  9. If you want Swinging London Town out you MUST be in Daddy's Bentley still full of gear.
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  10. Suggesting Swinging London Town should be Top 10 when there's still over 10 iconic singles still in...

  11. Full agree. Bopping London Town is great, but Top 10? It's just not realistic luv.

    Whilst we're on the topic, I think either Graffiti My Soul or On The Metro will end up the highest rated non-single.
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  12. [​IMG]
    Got a pain in my head
    And dust in my eyes
    Every time I feel the temperature rise,
    I need you to cool me...

    Average: 8.6200

    Highest scores
    10 x 12 (@jamesyboy, @Sprockrooster, @soratami, @girlsaloudjunkie, @LightYears, @RUNAWAY, @Leogin, @Sally_Harper, @tylerc904, @Remorque, @Untangled, @clowezra)

    Lowest scores
    6 x 3 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi, @FresherThanYou, @Sick Sad World)

    My score

    UK Singles Chart run
    #7 - #14 - #24 - #36 - #45 - #62 - #72 - #70 - #77 - #99 - OUT
    "Long Hot Summer" was born in Los Angeles in 2005, when a panicked Xenomania were holding meetings with Disney, who’d asked them to write a song to feature on the soundtrack of the movie Herbie: Fully Loaded. Unhappy with the process, Brian said that trying to create said song “disrupted us creatively. It was making us miserable. Something had to come out and that was Long Hot Summer. It was made in a panic. It was a disaster record. I can't stand it.” It was released as the lead single from Chemistry that August, breaking their string of consecutive top 5 singles when it peaked at number seven.

    I'll say it. The hatred Brian has for this song and the lack of any real acknowledgement they gave it is incomprehensible to me… because it is so much fun. Yes, it underperformed in comparison to their previous singles, and I myself always seem to forget that "Biology" wasn’t the lead single from the album, but whenever "Long Hot Summer" comes on I can't help but enjoy it so much. The lack of 10s was also a bit surprising to me at first, but thankfully the scores were just generally high enough for it to be in the top 30 and I’m relieved. It is so nostalgic, summery, breezy and goddamn joyous, and it’s also probably one of the first of their songs that I can remember hearing. The fact that the process behind it was such a mess coupled with it ultimately being less successful as their previous singles, it's clear that they were just done with the whole thing — which honestly is such a shame, considering how fantastically it encapsulates the band itself. Again, it’s not exactly their best single but it is so quintessentially Girls Aloud and an absolute joy to listen to every time.

    …And can we talk about those live performances? The GMTV one with Kimberley dropping her fan, the camera immediately panning to it on the floor, all of them trying to dance around it, them all looking seconds away from screaming with laughter and then Cheryl fanning them both at the end… a mess and an absolute masterpiece. The unabashed, high campery of it all.

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  14. Alternate versions of Long Hot Summer. It’s nice to hear Nadine and Cheryl’s different verses. The official version on Chemistry is definitely the best version though.

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  15. Swinging London Town is Top 10 in my book.

    It'll be Girl Overboard of Memory of You.
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  16. It feels like this one has somewhat had a reevaluation in recent years - I know I have, it was one of my most played played this past summer after years of not really checking for it (I’m sure I had it deselected in iTunes at one point). Yes, it’s nowhere near the upper echelons of their singles but as @Physical says, it’s SO Girls Aloud that it’s irresistible.

    It’s also one of my favourite of their music videos. They all look absolutely incredible and the GA Autos boiler suits are a LOOK (I want one!)

    And yes, the messy live performances are such a highlight.
  17. I live, I mean, I REALLY LIVE for messy performances and I hadn't seen that Kimba fan incident!

    @Untouchable Ace was faster than me, remembering that time Nicola threw water (?) at Cheryl during the CD UK performance. Given Sarah's laughter right after it happens, makes me think that moment wasn't rehearsed! lol

  18. [​IMG]
    Poor boy Peter didn't know how
    To claim his miracle, lost his way,
    Cost him dearly like his dad,
    He lost his pride to end this way...

    Average: 8.64800

    Highest scores
    10 x 16 (@MrJames, @Phonetics Girl, @DJHazey, @soratami, @_hazzie_, @girlsaloudjunkie, @LightYears, @RUNAWAY, @Sally_Harper, @discoteca, @marie_05, @Conan, @Robsolete, @MilesAngel, @TheOnlyOne, @clowezra)

    Lowest scores
    5 x 1 (@popjunkie)

    My score
    "Wild Horses" screamed single, let’s face it. Every single part of this song is a hook. I don’t know how that choirgirl intro would’ve gone down if it was, but this was just too excellent to stay as an album track. Could you imagine the music video to this? To be honest, Chemistry as an album took me quite a while to warm up to fully for some reason, but this one slapped me across the face the second I heard it. The 1-2-3-4 punch of "Intro" / "Models" / "Biology" and "Wild Horses" is truly the musical equivalent of doing like 30 shots of Red Bull and coffee. It’s just so good. I think Sarah’s parts of this song are my favourite; I love how low and smooth her voice sounds and how much it contrasts with the absolute sunshine of the instrumental. And the Chemistry Tour performance is also incredible and I love how it segues into "Wake Me Up", but I so wish it had was performed in full and ...on more than one occassion.

    WOO WOO!

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  19. They always seemed to really enjoy themselves performing Long Hot Summer, didn't they? With the classic 05 styling of jeans/capris and a nice top. Stun.

    It may be a flop (for their standards) but it's still a great song and it deserves its place in their pantheon of hits and in the Top 30.

    Wild Horses is just that. Wild! I'd say it should have outlasted Watch Me Go though. Both are great but Wild Horses just pips it at the post and goes that little extra. I think it's the choir intro into the "ITS TAKEN A LONG TIME (WOO WOO)" for me personally.

    Waiting stomps them both though </3
  20. Long Hot Summer - 8.6. Ranked 45th. I think this has been given a hard time over the years because it was a single when it really shouldn't have been. But I've always liked it a lot and prefer it to nine other singles (two of which are still in). My absolute favourite part is the last 50 seconds because of the melody and fab lyrics.

    It's interesting as well how sometimes the negative situation around the creation of a piece of art can have an affect on how the creator feels about it.
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