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The Girls Aloud Discography Rate: WINNER REVEALED!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Physical, Aug 2, 2021.

  1. I remember being eleven years old and having tickets to see Girls Aloud on the Chemistry Tour and being wrecked with anxiety that they were going to sing “flies to shit” and my mum would tell me I wasn’t allowed to listen to them anymore??? nnñnn. I think The Sun did a big article pre-Chemistry release about how “scandalous” this song was so I blame them.

    It’s not an all-time favourite of mine, but it does feel like a bonafide Girls Aloud classic. It and ‘Swinging London Town’ also feel pivotal to the twentysomething-girls-in-London loose “concept” of Chemistry.

    And who can forget it being the theme song to the best TV show of all time!
  2. This is the second worst elimination of the rate and Models should be Top 20 (I've also lost a 10 in the Britney rate in the same hour!)
  3. Dddddd why are these hurting me so much?

    Life Got Cold is special, because it truly felt like another moment. They sounded so moody and looked it in the video and while their delivery is cold it did kinda warm my heart in a way? Could do without the Oasis-comparisons at the time though.

    Models is camp as fuck and fantastic as the first fully fledged song on Chemistry. They all sound as if they're having a fucking ball and the Sarah-Kimberly led chorus truly is a rush. Nicola, Cheryl and Nadine are absolutely serving during their parts too.
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  4. I remember when I first got into GA around 2011 (remember Long Hot Summer was my introduction, and through that Chemistry was my first album), the first time I heard Models I just thought to myself…..”Wow. No one else could do this.”
  5. Models

    2015 | #16 | 8.80
    2021 | #24 | 8.67
    Hazey | 9 (I gave this a 10 last time when their discography was very new to me, so I guess I am a part of the drop off in its placement. Oh it's still an extremely fun moment, but has just lost a bit of substance over the years. It's become more of little bop in passing and less of something I'd consider essential listening. I used to stan for it though because I too "love the models" <3, so that still carries a 9.)
  6. I can't believe y'all eliminated Life Got Cold without even mentioning the iconic CD2 cover.

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  7. Such a hot mess.
  8. Just catching up:

    Miss You Bow Wow being eliminated is easily the biggest disaster so far (I’m only at #30 now). The greatest album track on Out Of Control and one of my favourite Aloud songs, full stop. One of Sarah’s most iconic moments! The fact that it fell so many places is a disgrace.

    Waiting really captures the quirky spirit of Chemistry and Girls Aloud in general. Classic Xenomania lyrics, too! In fact, all of the “W” tracks on Chemistry are career highlights.

    Jump is a pretty great cover, but it had no business beating so many brilliant original songs.
  9. Models - 10. Ranked 10th. Models is one of my most played GA songs and my second fave on Chemistry.
    I love the idea behind the lyrics, which are cynical and funny, and connect to my fave song on the album;
    both songs fitting the concept of the album to a T. I really enjoy the energetic fun of the production.

    'Darling, we're in fashion, don't you know?'

  10. [​IMG]
    I know what you're thinking,
    You've been thinking 'bout my butt,
    Bet you'd like to know
    What's got my body feeling hot...

    Average: 8.68667

    Highest scores
    10 x 22 (@-SNS-, @MrJames, @sfmartin, @DJHazey, @tOMMYp3, @j267, @saviodxl, @_hazzie_, @girlsaloudjunkie, @LightYears, @RUNAWAY, @chrisjche, @Ugly Beauty, @nikkysan, @Sally_Harper, @Womanizer, @marie_05, @Conan, @Robsolete, @MilesAngel, @Lost In Japan., @daninternational)

    Lowest scores
    4 x 1 (@VivaForever)

    My score




    "Watch Me Go" is excellence. I just wish it had at least a single mix to beef it up even more. Hell, I just wish it was at least a single. There are genuinely so many moments in this song that are highlight-worthy. Nadine's "quarter past" parts are scream-along worthy. Cheryl's nonsensical little rap. Sarah's "YOU'VE BEEN THINKING BOUT MY BUTT" outro is just insanely good. This was also screaming for a mash-up with "Control the Knife" at some point because it's basically its older sister. They are so similar production-wise and are equally excellent. Oh, and since we reached the top 30, we've booted 7 songs out so far and 6 have been from Chemistry, so... yeah I'm kinda bitter dd.

  11. Goddamnit!

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  12. I feel sorry for those who clearly aren't feeling that funky fever.
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  13. That outro is pure poetry!
    Now who's Ben?
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  14. This not making the top 20 at the very least is unacceptable! I just double checked my ballot and I can't believe I only gave this a 9.5?? Why didn't I 10 it i'm so stupid! I love this song so much. The tour video of it is iconic.

    And I have this very vivid memory of listening to this song on repeat on my iPod Nano in my English class portable teaching my best friend chairography to this song, good times!
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  15. A 4? Did you give 3's or below to like...nearly every other track? Jesus.
  16. Nah, just the really shit ones, which is to say, Fix Me Up, Hopelessly Devoted to You, Love Bomb, Racy Lacey, and two of the Christmas songs.
    Fix Me Up - 1

    Hopelessly Devoted to You - 2
    Merry Xmas Everybody - 2

    Love Bomb - 3
    Racy Lacey - 3
    I Wanna Kiss You So (Christmas in a Nutshell) - 3

    Everything You Ever Wanted - 4
    Sacred Trust - 4
    History - 4
    Watch Me Go - 4
    On My Way to Satisfaction - 4
    And that's sincerely Ciara.
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  18. Another one of those songs that only Girls Aloud could do; pure chaos in the best way. Cheryl’s rap and “quarter past one…” are both discography highlights.
  19. Meh, it should have gone way earlier than Waiting.
  20. Watch Me Go - 10. Ranked 16th. It's been said but the 'quarter past' section and Cheryl's rap are absolute discography highlights. But Nadine's vocals rule the song. Ben(jamin)'s one of my favourite names.

    Leave Chemistry Alone! (I can't believe there's only two songs left)
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