The Girls Aloud Discography Rate: WINNER REVEALED!

The Show is Top 5 GA. It just is. Like, end discussion.

Also, as much as I think it's Call The Shot's rate to lose and it'll end up a deserved first place, I really want the dark horse of this group that is Sexy! No No No to come out on top.

I know everyone goes on about how Biology is quintessential GA, and they're not wrong. But utilising a sample from a 70s Hard Rock band? The title? As well as using the wacky song structure we expect? Sexy! is more quintessential GA than Biology is, to me at least.

Plus that video? Bitch. One of, if not THE, best they've ever done and easily the best out of the Top 6.
This is extremely hard, as all the songs left are absolute classics, masterpieces, etc, but I think my ideal ranking would be

#1 The Show
#2 Biology
#3 Call The Shots
#4 Untouchable
#5 Something Kinda Ooooh
#6 Sexy! No No No...
I think I speak for many when I say The Show really has become a banger over time, as in the early days it wasn’t as popular with fans once we got to the Tangled Up era. i think Ten Tour performance of it really reminded everyone of how great it is.

Biology is the blueprint for their Sound, post Greatest Hits but after that I’d say Sexy! Is a better representation of the second half of their career/sound

Untouchable needs to go.


Whenever you're gone, they wait at the door
And everything's hurting like before,
Without any meaning, we're just skin and bone,
Like beautiful robots dancing alone...


Average: 9.62533

Highest scores
11 x 9 (@Sprockrooster, @Phonetics Girl, @DJHazey, @AllGagaLike, @marie_05, @berserkboi, @Untouchable Ace, @Disco Tears, @If You Go)
10 x 45 (@-SNS-, @Joe., @MrJames, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @sfmartin, @JMRGBY, @tOMMYp3, @livefrommelbs, @singabob, @Elysium, @Angeleyes, @soratami, @PCDPG, @_hazzie_, @girlsaloudjunkie, @LightYears, @RUNAWAY, @chrisjche, @Ugly Beauty, @nikkysan, @Sally_Harper, @BubblegumBoy, @Crisp X, @Sick Sad World, @Womanizer, @Stopremix, @cdd216, @Conan, @tylerc904, @Robsolete, @AlmostFamous, @Lost In Japan., @ohaimanabu, @Amnesia, @daninternational, @Remorque, @popjunkie, @Mirwais Ahmadzaï, @FINISH LINE, @Untangled, @TéléDex, @Lapras, @clowezra, @Verandi)

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5 x 1 (@TheOnlyOne) Yes you are dd.

My score

UK Singles Chart run
#54 - #41 - #42 - #36 - #27 - #11 - #21 - #37 - #50 - #62 - #84 - OUT


I guess this is the part of the rate where I'm going to find it increasingly harder to sum up the excellence of what’s left in a way that all of your commentary hasn’t. Although it isn’t my 11, “Untouchable” is probably the Girls Aloud song I have the biggest emotional connection to. It is absolutely ethereal. I feel like I’m just enveloped in the universe the song creates every single time I listen to it. Whether it’s the utterly dreamy, haunting production, the softness and the melancholy woven through the verses, the absolutely soaring monster of a chorus or the desperation of the outro, I couldn’t say. But it is genuinely one of the most beautifully crafted, euphoric yet and otherworldly songs I’ve ever heard and I can never not have an experience listening to all 6 minutes and 42 seconds of its sheer glory. We… will not comment on the fucking tragedy of that chart position. The British geepee stay tasteless I guess.

Now to some of our 11-givers:

@Disco Tears: "What is there to say about this song, really? A masterpiece, a jewel in the Girls Aloud crown, so on and so forth. Tragic that this brilliant piece of pop is the thing that broke their run of top ten singles, but the Great British public can't always be expected to understand and appreciate art."

@Phonetics Girl: "My heart's 11 probably belongs with some goforsaken b-side but uh! Untouchable is some damn nominative determinism and sometimes the easiest choice is the correct one. I can't see myself ever not being utterly captivated while listening to it, and no, I'm not here for the single edit but what a high to go out on! Play it on my funeral, cremation, bone identification, whatever."

@Sprockrooster: "There were so many contenders in this massive discography, but in the end I had to go with this gem. This 11 is for the album-version for clarity ánd also fuelled strongly by that fanmade music video. Whoever made it, should have received coins from the girls, cause that is not something they made. That is pure art. Imagine if it was made with high budget. Best video ever using old footage quite frankly. The song itself speaks to self-empowerment which is a bit worn out nowadays as a songtheme, though P!nk did not get that memo. But back then it was still refreshing and basically on trend. The dreamy production however elevates it completely and complements the dream of feeling untouchable which is an utopian feeling. Especially nowadays due to the pandemic. However love can break any curse that society or simply life afflicts on one. The girls standing together and coming from a place of unified love is such an empowerment to this grand message. No curse can withstand this declaration of hope, love and dreams. Combine it with that fan-made video where this dream for them to become a popstar and you got yourself a recipe for an ultimate 11. This is so full-circle as I am basically living the dream with a job I love to do and a 10 year long boyfriend I am marrying this fall. I am a blessed man and these dreams coming through is definitely giving me a feeling of being untouchable."

@DJHazey: "I swear Untouchable Ace is my alter-ego, because his name covers two of my all-time favorite girl group anthems - they will always hold that crown. If I made a Top 20 songs list right now, any genre, all-time, this would be in it (along with Ace Reject). I still remember early on during my time on this forum, I was told I NEEDED to stop everything and listen to Girls Aloud. I had stated how I loved The Saturdays; thinking they were the peak of what this kind of music would sound like. I was laughed at; almost off the forum entirely. So I went to one of my favorite mp3 search-and-download sites (this was pre-Spotify being a big thing) and typed in Girls Aloud. The first song I ever heard was “Girl Overboard” and damn I was sold right there. Sometime soon that night “Untouchable” came up and my life changed immediately. My heart was beating too hard all right, it was pounding right out of my chest; that feeling you get when you know right off that you’ve just discovered a song that will be part of your life from that second onward. I’ve come to learn that my favorite aspect of a perfect pop song is a gloriously large chorus that’s beyond enjoyable to sing along to. I don’t think another pop song builds toward its Mt. Everest the way Untouchable does; you’re practically begging for the release of serotonin to kick in by the time the first wave comes crashing. Experiencing this heightening of all senses, traveling along its 6:41 journey of perfection, is simply therapeutic for me. There’s something beautifully melancholy about the middle eight, which is why I have it stamped on my profile. I don’t even really know what it means 100%, much like a lot of the band’s best moments. They leave you wondering, which is one of their best qualities if you ask me. I get the feeling it plays to the central message of the ecstasy felt between two people and how it makes them truly feel like they are infinitely stronger than the parts that came together to create this connection. I’ve always said “us against the world” songs get to me, so I’ll count it as another version of this songwriting category. The last element I’ll touch upon is that Nicola’s voice is one of my favorites. Ever. Since she provides a lot of the magic, especially early on, I was always meant to be under its spell from day one."

''Untouchable' is one of those rare, beautiful beasts that strikes an emotional chord from the opening bars, isn't it? I hear the first notes of that riff and something shifts every time. Sometimes it's melancholy, sometimes it's euphoric - but there's always a sense of being taken on an emotional journey. You don't just listen to it, you feel it. The power of great pop!

I loved reading your stories, 11-givers. Icons of taste.
Amazing song but I’m here for an mild (or massive depending on who you’re asking) upset!

This song takes me places, Nicola and Nadine’s lines soar.
And I’ve said it a bunch, while the vocal editing is bad in the single mix, I appreciate that they beefed up the bass because it’s SO good and a serviceably aggressive alternative to the angelic album mix.
I’m shocked. And pleased.
Dd same here! I had already admitted defeat at an Untouchable podium finish. And I wasn't even close to being the lowest scorer, which i'm also shocked about.

I'm pleasantly surprised by this Top 5. I have only 10s left now.