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The Go! Team - New Album (2015)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bestinase, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. They've released a teaser video for their new album, their first release since 2011. Out in spring 2015, though they haven't announced a title or date yet.

    Doesn't sound like a huge departure from what they've done before, but even in the snippets there's some ridiculously catchy/potentially brilliant bits.

  2. This should be good fun, I followed them on and off during their first two albums.
  3. So glad they've got new material coming. I always forget just how much I enjoy them.

    I found my old CD single of Junior Kickstart the other day and was way more excited than I should have been.
  4. Nice update! Came to post a thread myself. Super excited, seen a lot of people think this harks back to their debut, but this sounds like Rolling Blackouts Pt II (which is a good thing). Far too many people were harsh on that one, they might have scrubbed up their sound but the quality was top notch.
  5. I love the Scene Between in a possible future all time favourite kind of way.
  6. Was listening to this last night. Pretty much Rolling Blackouts Pt II which is exactly what I wanted. I don't think the songs are as strong but they're still catchy as ever.

    Do miss Ninja though, the shoegaze-grrl schtick wears after a while.

    Pre-ordered this a while back anyway, UK indies are giving away a tape of a different mix of the album, wondering what this sounds like too.
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