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The Golden Girls

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. So, which lucky dog here is able to go to this Golden Girls At Sea Cruise?


    • Caftan Sail Away Party with Cheesecake

    • Golden Girls Forever with Jim Colucci

    • The Rusty Anchor Karaoke Party

    • Golden Girls Trivia

    • Shady Pines Craft Corner

    • Golden Girls Stage Shows and Drag Queens

    • Key West Golden Girls Bar Crawl

    • Golden Girls Costume Contest and Fancy Dinner

    • One Night in St. Olaf Dance Party (Including a game of Ugel and Flugel)

    • Plus much, much more!

    • Dorothy’s Bingo

    If only I was at the location/had the money and vacation time!!
  2. Oh god, they've completely butchered this scene. Those greedy commercial air times ruining a lot of the jokes.
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  3. “Flirting is part of my heritage”.
    “What does she mean, Dorothy?”
    “Her mother was a slut too”.

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  4. The funniest line for me is when Dorothy calls Blanche out on her lies especially the episode about Barbara Thorndyke.

    "I don't like Barbara Thorndyke, I think she's a phony."
    "Oh! This coming from a woman who tells her dates that she was Angie Dickinson's body double in 'Dressed To Kill.'"
    "That's just a little white lie!"
    "Oh yeah? Then why is it on your job resume?"

    The joke being in the film the scene alternates from Angie's face to the nude body of a much younger and toned woman. Blanche claiming it's her has me in stitches.
  5. Two of my favorite scenes...

    When they take a vote on who should move out after one of Rose's many blunders.

    Can't find a video of the second but its where Blanche ends up on the couch on NYE with a former priest who is still a virgin. And when she finally confirms that's he's done nothing sexual, she gazes off and says... "this brings out the artist in me!"
  6. Just need this damn show on Netflix.
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  7. Another favourite line!

  8. It's on Hulu
  9. I'm Canadian. We don't get Hulu sadly.
  10. Golden Girls Fans - A new Pop Star to stan!


  11. #1 Single RUE OF LIGHT
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  12. This meme resurgence of the Golden Girls is unrelenting and hilarious!!

  13. I think what makes this show so eminently re-watchable is that, unlike a farce, in the best episodes, the plot is almost secondary. I mean, let's be real, the plot is often ridiculous. The show really is about the interactions between the women -- whether in the living room, over cheesecake in the kitchen or on the lanai. The true pleasure of the show comes from how they react to the plot or just the intricacies of their everyday conversations. It's why, when we're talking about favorite episodes, we're not saying do you remember when Blanche/Rose/Dorothy/Sophia did this, we're saying do you remember when Blanche/Rose/Dorothy/Sophia said this?
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  14. I wish The Golden Girls would go on Disney+ since I don't get Hulu in Canada.
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  15. Still one of the very best sitcoms of all time. Still waiting for Golden Palace to get a DVD release.
  16. I love this show so much. It is just genuinely funny and they are so sharp I love it. I didn't realize how bad some of the jokes were when I was younger lol
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  17. We have been rewatching Seasons 1-4 on DVD and its still so hilarious, 30 years later. Estelle Getty absolutely cracks me up and we can all relate to Blanche’s bed hopping ways. Or is that just me?
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  18. One of my ultimate sitcoms. There is something so cozy and warm about the show - the swelling intro strings, the friendship, the jokes. Most nights I watch it before nodding off to sleep.
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  19. I’d take digital copies at this point, and I hate digital copies.
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