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The Golden Girls

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. The scenes of Blanche fancying herself the next great American author always get to me.

    And ...

  2. These are fun if you've never seen them...

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  3. and a few more...

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  4. One of my biggest regrets was not buying the DVD box set that came in a replica of Sophia's purse.

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  5. Same. Whenever I’m home alone, I always set the TV sleep timer with Golden Girls playing. No other snow works.
  6. Coming to Channel 5 in the UK from Monday next week. At last!
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  7. Hooray for my day off catch up marathons
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  8. It's crazy how ahead of its time this show was. The 'no labels' gals kill me.

  9. Bad? Do you mean racy?
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  10. This is probably my favorite show ever, and I only discovered it on TV Land by accident on a boring Saturday night in 2017. The layers of the jokes, the sheer talent of all four actresses, how it stands up 35 years later, how it’s more progressive than half the TV on now but without hitting you in the face with it.

    Phew wig.

    I was watching the episode where they help out at the homeless kitchen on Christmas, and Rose asks the Reverend, “why didn’t Mary and Joseph call ahead for reservations?”, and Dorothy throws the spoon down. Kills me every time.
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  11. Image consultants!
  12. Channel 5 in the UK just started repeats.

    Just saw episode 1. I forgot there was a gay who lived with Dorothy in the pilot who then is never mentioned again!
    I properly chuckled when Dorothy is talking about seeing an old woman when she looked in the mirror and Rose asks “who was it?”. Such a simple joke but it made me laugh!
  13. I can't find it on My5, is it only getting a TV airing?
  14. Yeah must be linear TV rights only.
  15. No wonder Channel 5 paid for rerun rights.
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  16. Those numbers are insane, and can’t pretend I’m not responsible for many of those hours. I also get sucked into the daily marathon on Hallmark Channel most days.
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  17. Got news that a couple I know that I never thought would split up is getting a divorce. And this is what I immediately thought of.

  18. If it were allowed, I’d use nothing but Golden Girls quotes to react and reply to everything on here and in real life.
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