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The Golden Girls

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Been on a Season 3 binge and the episode where Dorothy sleeps with Stan’s brother, feuds with Blanche (“The marines are looking for a few good men who have NOT SLEPT WITH BLANCHE DEVERAUX!”) and then outs said brother as impotent to a crowded restaurant absolutely SENDS me. The comedy is fucking flawless.
  2. Classics after classics after classics! :D
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  3. I really wish this was on a UK streaming service!
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  4. I haven't watched this in about 15 years but happened upon an interview with Bea Arthur on youtube and now really want to rewatch. Will hopefully feel like I'm watching it again for the first time.
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  5. Golden Girls still holds up. Yeah, there may be a few episodes which don't but the chemistry and the one-liners are still hilarious.

    The comic timing is flawless.
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  6. Blanche slowly realising what Dorothy and Sophia mean when they say their guest is a lesbian will never NOT send me.

    "Lesbian?.... Lesbian?!..... LESBIAN?!?!?!"
  7. "No, not LEBANESE, Blanche ..."
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  8. The episode on C5 yesterday with flashbacks to birthdays had a really beautiful scene with Rose celebrating the first birthday after her husband died. It was really touching.

    Today's ep which was basically a pilot for a spin-off show was dreadful.
  9. Oh, the one with Rita Moreno? I love Rita, but, yeah, that was... ill advised.
  10. It would have been better to have a pilot of Empty Nest that featured Blanche, Dorothy and the gang, rather than make an episode of GG that suddenly featured a whole new cast of characters I'm supposed to give a fuck about. Incidentally, I did not (give a fuck).

  11. The Paley Center posted the entire thing:
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  12. Betty had me in stitches throughout that video.

    We watched the episode where the girls realise Rose is addicted to painkillers. Betty absolutely knocked the seriousness of the message out of the park- it was a really powerful moment when she realised that she was the one who needed to call the rehab centre.

    The episode also has my favourite Sophia moment. When Blanche is telling Dorothy that she gave up sex after George died, Dorothy says that she fell off the wagon and quick as flash Sophia chimes up with: "AND ON TO A NAVAL BASE!"

  13. Loved seeing the episode a couple of days ago where the girls appear on a game show - it's probably my favourite episode so far. It was worth watching even just for the excellent spoof of a game show!
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  15. "An electric skillet!!"
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  16. "Go hug a landmine!" is still one of my favourite Dorothy-to-Stan lines. Her delivery is everything.

    That and "you never had it, Stanley" just crack me up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    God I could binge watch GG forever and never get bored of it.
  17. My favourite Dorothy-to-Stan line has to be "on the floor, like any other DOG!" in response to him asking where he was going to sleep when they had to share a room.
  18. Dorothy: "Even if he never calls again at least we'll always have... Don's Crab House"

    Sophia: "Ingrid Bergman had Paris, my pussycat has crabs"

    Anytime I think about this exchange it it makes me laugh.
  19. There are far more important things going on right now, but, I have to say, I think this is kind of silly. I fully support accountability for acts of black and brown face. I'm sure we've all read about Little Britain being removed from streaming platforms for their liberal use of black and brownface, which, let's be honest, was never okay. Not even when they were doing it 20 years ago.

    But, if you're familiar with this episode, this simply wasn't a case of black or brownface.

    It's from the episode in which Dorothy's son reveals that he's engaged to Loraine, a black woman. Loraine's mother and aunts come over to meet their new in-laws, unaware at the time that they are white. Blanche and Rose walk in wearing mudpacks for facials. One of Loraine's shortsighted aunts asks if they're Michael's parents. It's a sitcom joke. A silly one and one you might not find particularly funny, but I think it's a stretch to suggest it's black or brownface. Blanche and Rose were not wearing mud masks as a form of black or brownface, they were not imitating anyone or making a gag.

  20. Yeah, I would say this is unfortunate because the episode does actually tackle some really important & uncomfortable conversations about race and agism. Also the characters in the scene are immediately embarrassed/regretful about committing an action that could even be perceived as blackface. It’s something the characters actually learn from IN the episode.

    It’s also an unfortunate case of removing one of the few episodes of the series to prominently feature black characters, and I would say that erasure is far more detrimental.
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