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The Good Fight

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by bakerboy92, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. I am happy to hear 4th season is better because I am currently at season 3 and I am getting sick of Trump storyline, last episode was the one with Melania. Even Blum is so damn annoying and those damn songs, ugh!

    I get that everyone has their own views but authors look more and more obsessed with their hatred, its just getting more and more absurd.
  2. I have a week off work next week and so help me God I will find a link to stream season 4 because I am clearly missing out big time!
  3. I can't believe the season's ending next week! So sad the current situation is stunting such a good season.

    Very strong episode again. "Hate isn't a strategy", "You can't pit women's rights against trans rights" - I swear this show and the conversations it presents are so necessary. Jay and Marissa's car chase scene was hilarious, they make such a good team, and I'm so glad Julius is becoming more important, Michael Boatman is fantastic.

    I'm more calm now with where they're going with Luca's character, I no longer feel like they're writing her off. Did y'all caught Alicia Florrick's name on her phone? That was cute.

    What was with Hey Julie playing during the credits? The constant winks to the audience (the "a conference table would have blown up here" title cards last episode) are amazing, you can tell everyone's having so much fun making this show.
  4. Season 4 has probably been my favourite season yet? It’s definitely been the most fun.

    A shame it’s cut short, I kinda hope they add 3 episodes onto season 5 to make up for it and to allow some of the stories to be wrapped up/carried over properly.

    Especially since this was supposed to be the last season with Adrian. I hope he at least comes back for a proper send off rather than abruptly leaving off camera in the first episode of season 5
  5. I am devastated this season had to be cut short because it really is the best the show has ever been. It’s going to be painful waiting for...who knows how long until we get to complete it.
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  6. Eek - don't remember either.

    Currently marathoning my way through season 2 of The Good Fight. Great show. The druggie Diane storyline seems... odd, but let's see how it plays out. The Trump stuff is OK. Maia and Marissa and Lucca and Liz and Diane are the female protagonists I want to stan for. Glad they wrote that Barbara out in the first episode of the season.
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  7. Julianna Margulies is in Billions (which is terrible) playing a professor of sex or something. But watching her lead a seminar about S&M reminded me of her best court performances.
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  8. Finished season 2 and 3 of The Good Fight.

    It has the makings of a very, very good show in there, with some amazing actresses and characters.
    However, it is nowhere near as tight and... reasonable? plausible? as The Good Wife, and I wholeheartedly agree with however said this is a clear case of the writers desperately needing the network, or just... friends, family, maybe a mother figure, somebody, anybody, to step in and help them realize when things were too much.

    Diane's flirtation with drug use, her impromptu confession of it during a partner vote, her stints in aikido and The Resistance, I... I... I mean?
    I don't even know what to say.

    The odd way that Colin Morello, Mrs. Lovatelli and most importantly Maia Rindell were written out of the story - and the godawful Blum (entertaining, at times, but seriously....a little tweaking could have him so much better) really impacted the story for me.

    PS: Marissa Gold is everything and I would be very much here for a third show in this universe, featuring Eli and Marissa.
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  9. I will say, Season 4 has been a major course correct.
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  10. Honestly reading this is triggering considering we've gone back to excellence and I would've dropped the show if all this shit was still happening.
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  12. Well that’s it for this show then. Time to call it a day.
  13. What? No way.

    Although she hadn't been getting great storylines lately.
  14. So The Diane Lockhart Story it is (becomes) then.
  15. Mess.
  16. I read she might be back to wrap up Lucca’s arc before leaving, kind of a season 4.2 - it’s unclear.

    Delroy Lindo is going too.

    The finale-but-not was fun at least - I love Jay and Marisa solving mysteries together.
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  17. I KNEW IT. UGH. I love Lucca so much, I'm going to really miss her. With her and Delroy leaving too, and without a proper sendoff (I wish they came back at least for the season premiere), season 5 will definitely need a shake up. Hopefully this means more Marissa and Jay, but I would add a new lawyer to balance Liz and Diane off - maybe bring Maia back?
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  18. They’re coming back to film a proper send off, don’t worry
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  19. They should bring in Phoebe Waller-Bridge as a lawyer.
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