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The Good Fight

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by bakerboy92, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. I need Elsbeth Tascioni to return. Also, that last shot made me scream, what the hell
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  2. It does worry me more & more that a series about a black law firm becomes increasingly white with every season.
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  3. Yes, that last shot was bollocks.
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  4. That last episode was shit, I HATE when they do real world stuff. It's always over the top nonsense like this.
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  5. The episode was kind of ridiculous, but it was in on the joke. I thought it was pretty entertaining and filled with moments that made me laugh.

    "Incompetence. I mean, that is America."

    Lucca playing Anthony the gay celebrity hairdresser by promising him a secret.

    "I voted for him. Why not!"

    I'll miss this show when it inevitably ends next season. There's nothing on TV like it or half as smart.
  6. I already said, we need a The Goulds spin-off. Keep this universe alive. Give me Eli, Marissa, and Cary with series-long arcs for Diane, Lucca and Colin launching their political careers.
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  7. Featuring recurring guest star Julianna Margulies' wig.

    Not Julianna herself; just the wig.
  8. So long as it's put in the contract that her wig will get the same as male wigs, you've got yourself a deal.
  9. Loved this show but my god this season SUCKED.
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