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The Good Place

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by maverick_79, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Stuck the landing perfectly. A tremendous conclusion.
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  2. I loved that it was just a kind and gentle send-off - no twists or turns, just the way the characters actually exited 'The Good Place'.
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I kinda loved the theories of this all happening in Eleanor's head, especially if in hindsight there would have been clues pointing towards it. But yeah, it was a cute ending I guess.
    I do agree with plenty reviews stating it feels kinda off for them to spend 4 seasons trying to get into the Good Place, only to be over it within 2 episodes.
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  4. Loved the ending of the show, altough I was expecting to cry way more over it

    I was happy honestly that Jason was the first the go, don't think I could've stand another episode with the same punchlines ...

    Loved the Tahani and Michael changes, it was a welcomed suprise.
    Don't know why, but I expected ever since the season started for Eleanor to somehow become the new judge or something along those lines or to help much more to design the new afterlife and analyze how much the people have changed.
  5. Yeah, I loved that it was focused on the characters and not on any plot twist that takes time out of the heart of the show. For a finale that I thought it was arriving too soon in the season, they managed to give a send-off to most characters. Honestly I thought it was a perfect ending to the story as a whole.

    It might be because of my emotional state, but I sobbed hard when Jason decided to leave. This is such a special and truly original show, I think it will be remembered for a long time.
  6. After 1 (actually 9) pints of stella I was not mentally prepared for this.
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  7. I didn't have high hopes for this at all, given how badly the show lost its way after about season 2. But praise where praise is due; that was a perfect ending.
  8. I literally spent the entire episode sobbing. The feels.
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  9. It was literally the perfect ending. It summed up the whole show so beautifully and gave everyone a satisfying conclusion. It was just heartwarming and still oh so funny. I'm not even sad that it's over because it ended so perfectly. I was obviously in complete bits.
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  10. Wonderful finale. There will never be another show like this.
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  11. My only complain is that they came up with the door idea so freaking quickly in the previous episode.
    I would have liked one more episode in the good place trying to come up with... something.

    Still, the ending was beautiful. And seeing Janet sad really broke me.
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  12. If this show had been 2 seasons it would go down as an all time great. As it is, it went on aimlessly far too long and everyone descended into caricature. The ending was nice but can't make up for the damage done.
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  13. Perfect ending.
  14. I actually reckon 3 would have been good - seasons 1 and 4 were, to me, both fantastic. I think a lot of the criticism for this final season (finale aside) was because 3 was such a drag that it exposed some of the shows weaknesses, which have always been there.

    Condense seasons 2 and 3, maybe skip some of the Earth-based stuff, and you’ve got yourself a perfect 3-season show.
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  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'd say: put season 3 and 4 together. Season 2 was full of plottwists and storylines.
    The earth stuff took a bit long and especially the helping of their relatives felt unnecessary and dragging.
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  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

  17. Darcy Carden deserves to be a fucking star. She carried the show for the last 2 seasons.
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  18. Oh also, so were the people assigned to the Bad Place just endlessly tormented with no hope of ending? Lots of the people we saw ending up in the Good Place probably didn't deserve it?
  19. This is the opposite of what happened.

    Everyone who is currently in The Bad Place will be tested using a system designed by a Good Place and a Bad Place architect. When they pass the test, they get to go to the Good Place. If they fail, they remain in the Bad Place to take the test again, and this process repeats until they eventually pass - the idea being that they will eventually learn to be a better person, and thus earn enough points to make it to the Good Place.

    In the finale, Brent is still in the Bad Place, and we see a brief clip of him struggling to understand sexism. He'll remain in the Bad Place to try and learn how to be a better person until eventually he passes the test. The inference is that over the huge stretches of time involved, everyone can learn to be a better person and so will one day pass the test and make it into the Good Place.
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  20. The only thing about the ending that particularly bothered me was that Shawn and the Bad Place really got a bum deal, and I struggled to understand why he agreed to it as it didn’t seem to answer his desire for them to continue their feuding. Ultimately, the Bad Place was removed and replaced with The Medium Place. I know it’s just a tv show but the idea that no one gets their penis flattened and no more butthole spiders irks me.
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