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The Good Place

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by maverick_79, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Ah thanks. I think I missed an episode.
  2. I cried twice
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  3. SockMonkey

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    I cried twice too, once for 25 minutes and once for 27 minutes.

    Man that was a gut punch. Wasn’t ready for all those goodbyes.
  4. Ddddd started the final episode as we'd just watched A Star is Born with zero clue about the ending. Made us depressed, so thought The Good Place would cheer us up, got as far as Jason and Janet at the bench and had to switch it off and postpone.
  5. Janet set me off every damn time
  6. I really liked Eleanor dissolving and spreading on Earth as good deeds, but aside from that, the finale was trash. Had some great emotional moments, but I needed a better end to such a great show than all the characters getting bored of living and committing suicide. And then to throw in Michael and Tahani's ending just to show that even a completed life can find new meaning and start anew is... What's the point of that when the other three die?

    Off the top of my head, a better finale would have been to reveal that everyone has a final death once they reach enough points to be truly good and you can only get there when you make another person completely and truly happy. To start this would be Janet, and so Jason would fade away. Then maybe Tahani finally reconciles with her parents and that's it for her.

    Then Eleanor's completely happy so Chidi fades away, which he's fine with, but it leaves her distraught because she think she never made him happy or she'd have faded away.

    Then maybe you'd reintroduce the idea of soulmates as a non-romantic thing but a deep, cosmic bond of love and kindness. And after giving Michael his new human life, Eleanor starts to fade and realises that Michael was hers.

    You could even throw in a super cheesy bit where Michael's like "I'm a demon, I don't have a soul," and Eleanor's like "I think you do. Keep it sleazy," etc etc then she fades away and her weird sprinkle things rain down on Earth and we'd get an extended montage of good deeds being performed.

    Maybe end with the last bit pushing two people on a bench to start talking then zooming in to where a couple of teenage sweethearts have carved "E+C" or something and fade out.

  7. Hmm. I completely disagree with this, and that's fine, but "trash"? Come along now, that's ridiculously extra.
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  8. I mean each individual scene was great, and the acting exceptional, but the concept ruins it.
  9. I actually liked the whole wave metaphor and how they intertwined it with the door.
  10. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

  11. Eleanor's never ending supply of hideous sweaters was really painful to watch in the last season.
  12. These are amazing. They are the best looking Pops in a long time. I mean look at Janet!!
  13. Audrey 2 - baby and full grown are the greatest I own (unless you count flocked gizmo from gremlins which is worth a shit tonne of money)

  14. I finally watched it and had a lump in my throat and moist eyes for most of it. I'm glad they didn't go all out sad or all out funny though - the balance felt right.

    Michael's "byeeee" when he went through the gate was excellent, as was Sean trying not to sound evil, and the Judge saying "y'all are annoying!"
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  15. The last episode kind of made up for how bad the last two seasons had been, but I still felt like every beat was a little too predicable. It was nicely done and well acted, but nothing surprising happened, which is a shame given how the first two seasons were brilliant because it was so hard to keep up with what was going on.
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  16. I'd been watching this religiously since before the second season premiered but for some reason I just completely checked out after the first episode of season four.

    Queue to today and it randomly hit me, 'I wonder how it ends', and I just binged the entire final season. I think the distance from the first two seasons allowed me to let go of any quality expectations, alone I think it stood pretty well. The ending was beautiful.
  17. I wish the very ending was slightly less ambiguous.
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  18. I fell out of the rhythm of watching season 4 when it was first airing because of life getting in the way. But I just finished the rest of the season in the last few days and I think they tied it all up quite nicely. There were some genuinely sweet moments that made me cry.
  19. I have just discovered this and it's all I can think about. I keep getting stoned and staying up all night watching it. It's just so good. I haven't finished it yet but I'm absolutely obsessed.
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