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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by maverick_79, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Janet saying "Hi There" with the exact same delivery no matter the situation is always funny.
  2. Literally this is the show I look forward to each week now.
  3. Janet: "Stupid Nick's closed down because a pelican fell into the flash fryer."

    This made me laugh for about two days. Her delivery is so good. As was Bad Janet.
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  4. The first couple of episodes had me worried about how they'd keep this going for an entire season, but it's really holding up.
  5. I just finished season one and I am OBSESSED with this show, it has 'me' written all over it.

    When I saw that Jameela was pursuing a state-side TV career I was...skeptical, but she is one of the highlights of the show for me.

    Nervous/excited to start season 2...
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  6. This is actually my favourite new show for a long long time. The twist at the end of season one and the build in season two has been fantastic.

    "What the fork" and "Oh shirt" are now staples for me on a daily basis.
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  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Does The Medium Place have a Janet?

    Also, I need more Mindy.
  8. I'm gonna petition my work place to have a Janet.
  9. I've never found anything that Jason has said or done to be funny.

    Is he miscast or not written properly?
  10. Oh, and thank god for Megan Amram (one of the producers). She's a true talent.
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  11. It's the little lines that do it. Michael's tattoo: "It's Chinese for 'Japan'."
  12. The delivery by the guy playing Jason is often an episode highlight to me. Not necessarily *what* he's saying, but how he delivers it just kills me!
  13. I think he's just supposed to be incredibly stupid, some people don't find that funny (I'm with you on this one).
  14. I'm just happy I'll have Janet in my life for another season.
  15. Delighted that it's been renewed. It's a strange show in that I don't always find it that funny, but I look forward to watching it every week.

    And I'm really glad it was Netflix who bought the UK rights, as I feel it would have died a quiet death on any of the regular channels.
  16. kal


    I literally watched the whole first season today and love this so much. Janet is basically Siri in 50 years and I live for it.

    Also, Jason would totally get it.
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  17. I just binge watched all of season 1 in a few hours today. I really enjoyed it and had no idea there was a season 2, so I'm looking forward to watching it tomorrow.

    Did feel kind of messy about half way through with all the soulmates thing, but it got cleared up at the end.

    And for some reason it gives me strong Kimmy Schmidt - Tina Fey comedy vibes... I think it's the whole colorful tone with naively funny characters, the swearing disguised with innocent sounding words, and also having white or asian characters use 90's slang for some reason.
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  18. I adored Season 1 of this but it’s definitely lost it’s way a bit in Season 2. The Trolley episode and Janet malfunctioning were pure filler. The latter end of Season 1 just hurtled through plot, and now it’s all moving so slowly.

    But I am still enjoying it because the characters they’ve created are absolutely hysterical. It’s just a joy watching them all. Janet is one of the finest tv creations in a long while. Even just her saying something as simple as ‘not a robot’ has me in stitches. And Jameela is also brilliantly cast.

    Part of me wishes they hadn’t bothered with all these twists and they had just stuck to the original premise. The cast and characters alone are strong enough to carry this show, it doesn’t necessarily need all of the wacky plot developments.
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  19. I re-watched the beginning of Season 1 because my sister was watching it for the first time and I saw a few episodes with her, and it wasn't as enjoyable as the first time.

    In my first run-through I knew the season finale twist, so I think that kept me hooked, but going through it again (and imagining what it's like for someone to watch it without knowing the twist), I realized it's not that engaging to be honest. The plot lines are kind of weak and dragged out really.

    I still think it's an enjoyable show but I don't understand the incredible praise and 100% ratings.
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