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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by maverick_79, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. I will say I thoroughly enjoyed Season 2 once I realized they knew what they were doing. That said, I’m uncertain about how the finale ended and what it means for Season 3. No matter what, I get the sense we’re heading towards the series’ conclusion.
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  2. I don't even want to really predict what will happen next year since they perfectly set up a hard reboot in the season 1 finale, only to give us more twists in a season than most would give over their whole run.

    I'm excited to see how the abstract elements of the show and the real world stuff come together moving forward.
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  3. jtm


    I hope they stay on earth for at least a couple of episodes in season 3. The scenes with Eleanor‘s boss were my favorites btw.
  4. rdp


    I wasn't feeling this for most of season 1 but the twist got me hooked and I've just binge watched all of season 2. Tahani and Janet are the best.

    I guess this Earth set-up won't last too much longer since they need to give Michael and Janet something more to do eventually.
  5. So I watched the entire second season last night (don't judge me). It was amazing. There really is nothing else remotely like this show, and you can tell everyone involved - from the writers to the main actors to all the guest stars - are having so much fun with it. It's crazy how the series can feel like it's going in one direction and then a single scene will send you into a totally different realm of possibilities; and it's never at the expense of the characters or the comedy. The series got, I think, even funnier in season 2, and I genuinely love all of the regular characters.

    Also please book Maya Rudolph for another 4350645067 episodes.
  6. What a brilliant show! Just binged the whole 2 seasons. It’s like nothing else out there (that I’ve seen) and I love the complete randomness of it. Anything goes and it’s fabulous. I actually thought that the burrito COULD have been the judge!!

    Janet is a legend. Jameela as Tahani is an absolute surprise delight.

    I too was wondering where the hell they were going in mid season 2 but by god they brought it back. The last 3 eps were so good!!

    Basically if you don’t like this show... ‘Ya BASIC!!’

    Now when the fork is season 3 coming?
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  7. Have we talked about how Chidi has the same face as Azealia?

    Ha Broke With Expensive Place indeed
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  8. I also binged both seasons in about 2/3 weeks, and I have to say contrary to (I think) the general opinion, I would say the writing got a lot smarter and more polished in S2. I absolutely love it and I thought there was still one more episode from this season to come but sadly it seems like there isn't?
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    I think now we're through season 2 a lot of people actually prefer it?
    1 is still awesome as well though, even if just for thát twist and building this whole 'world' for us.

    But yeah, 2 took it to the next level with a new twist every episode.
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  10. I think the construction of the two seasons are pretty much perfect actually. They are so smart that they are only doing 13 episodes and properly planning them out as opposed to it being 22 and being more slapdash and a bit Lost.
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  11. I certainly had my reservations about Season 2 as it aired because I wasn't certain where it would/could go. Now I can reflect on it as a complete, beautiful package.
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    It's so great to have this back and ugh, is it next week yet!!
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  13. Yeah, loved the premiere. Everything's just right, like a fantastic creme brulee that you can't wait to crack the crust on. Lightweight and complex at the same time.
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  14. I loved it too. But I kind of hate Adam Scott and I don't know why.
  15. Yeah, I wish it was Shawn himself down there. That would've been fun! Although I presume he wouldn't pass as human.
  16. I love this show so much. I can't stop talking about it. It's such a smart, unique show. First time watching this live and it's driving me crazy. I'm so used to binging it.
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  17. Michael Schur obviously loves Adam Scott from Parks and Rec. Makes sense they are bringing him on full-time.
  18. The S3 premiere was brilliant! I love the direction they're taking the plot.
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    I have no idea where the plot is heading. I expect a whole season on earth but last season they already did all I expected in like the first 1 or 2 episodes.
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  20. I really liked the new episodes. This is such a heart-warming show.
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