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The GOT7 Rate - #15

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by nikkysan, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. Not me thinking this was shot in LA dddddd. The scout and production design did a great job.
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  2. Howling that @nikkysan basically said I ain’t posting shit until this forum gets fixed. SAME.
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  3. “A” is a nice, breezy track and that was such a nice surprise to see Sana there! The video looks a bit dated for 2015 though or was that the goal?
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  4. ...oh! I figured I was gonna be one of the lowest scorers fhsajkhg, I thought 'A' was a fan fave (which means it probably is outside this forum ddd). I think my 7 was a point or two too high tbh, that AAAYYYYYY melody is kinda heinous.

    THAT SAID, there's one blight on their Korean discography that has no business outlasting the last few cuts. It's called Never Ever and I want it GONE!!!
  5. I guess the rate is abandoned?
  6. @nikkysan would never abandon his guys for good, I know he'll be back ♡
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  7. Sorry everyone, I have gotten caught up in other things that I’ve forgotten about the rate, I’ll try to get things back on track this weekend.
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  8. Um hi, sorry for the neglecting the rate again...



    Score: 7.720
    Ahgases: 10
    (@ohdenny @eliminathan) 9.25 (@RUNAWAY) 9 (@aux)
    Antis: 6.5 (@nikkysan @junglefish) 6 (@soratami) 4 (@Wills)

    Never Ever was released as the title track for their mini-album "Flight Log: Arrival" in early 2017 as the third and final entry of the Flight Log trilogy. I don't dislike this song by any means but in 2021 it sounds pretty unremarkable, no? I actually quite like the verses and pre-chorus, the dancehall influences work well for them, but... that drop chorus... yawn. Thank god GOT7 would finally switch things up and hit their stride musically after this release, that's all I'll say.

    The music video is okay. It seems to make some sort of continuation from Hard Carry's music video with Jinyoung being trapped inside a car while it is driving off a bridge and him being imprisoned inside another glass cage filled with water while the other members (read: Youngjae) seem to make an attempt to rescue him.

  9. I think I bumped up a few scores this rate because they sounded just as good live on tour. Never Ever being one of them.
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  10. I gave Never Ever a decent score too with an 8. I do agree that their live performances enhances some of songs so much more.
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  11. Never Ever feels like the moment they jumped the shark from their original sound into a bit of mindless trend-chasing. They’d course-correct from here in a major way, but this is just such a low point for me, and feels like the moment some of their magic was lost for good. That wimpy drop is the sound of creative ambition sputtering out.
  12. Did you know today marks the seventh anniversary of the release of GOT7's first boxset, the iconic "Got Love Taiwan Special Edition"?

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  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Good day, besties! I have some updates regarding this rate. @nikkysan sadly had to leave this rate because of work commitments and lack of motivation to get back into posting eliminations. Thankfully, @eliminathan has agreed to take over the rate from this point onwards. He will be posting the remaining results #soon so pls anticip8. Thank you so much to @nikkysan for all the work you have done for this rate! ♡
  14. [​IMG]
    me looking at the spreadsheet wondering how I'll ever be able to do this when/if I sign up to do a CLC rate.

    I have to start by giving credit where it's due to our rate host @nikkysan for preparing everything beforehand with this rate. I haven't run any rates before but with all of the data and images already being ready for me to use, hopefully this should run smoothly! Thank you to @nikkysan for that and also to @Slice of Life for reaching out. I don't really have any schedule planned going into this but I will try to be semi-regular in my posts. There's only 15 results remaining so our rate host already did the brunt of the effort for me!

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  15. #15


    Score: 7.779

    Ahgases: 10 (@ohdenny @RUNAWAY) 9.5 (@eliminathan) 9 (@Crisp X @Monkey0)
    Antis: 6 (@soratami) 5 (@Luck) 3.5 (@nikkysan)

    Today we say goodbye to the first single of the Flight Log trilogy, aptly named Fly. It's a cute song about the boys being so in love with Y/N that they want to fly away with their significant other. It makes for a nice change of pace for boy group songs in K-pop, where every second song is about heartbreak and the video is just people pulling guns on each other the whole time. Part of the reason why I like Fly so much is that it is a happy song AND it sounds good, something that Just Right can't relate to. The vocals in general are a bit on the weaker side in this song but that can mostly be attributed to the fact that the boys got better at singing between 2016 and now. However on the flip side, Youngjae steals the show with brilliant adlibs coming out of the bridge into the final chorus. Our rate host was clearly not living for this track with that score so I can only imagine how different this write-up could have looked alskdjlas.

    The MV sets the scene as the beginning of the trilogy with Hard Carry and Never Ever following. And as we have seen in the other two Flight Log singles, it's mostly some sort of fever dream that involves Jinyoung being trapped in a cube (or car) with plants growing all around him. I'm not going to pretend to understand what most of it means but Fly being the precursor to that pretty much means they're just dancing on an airport runway for the most part up until they literally start to fly. Then Jinyoung fell, she fell hard. And that's how the fever dream starts with him being comatose. The video is...fine, I can't really fault any of the Flight Log singles because they do have pretty visuals/settings and the most important visual of all, Jinyoung, is the central focus of the story.

    already made 4 formatting mistakes on my first write-up that I had to edit after posting fff
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  16. Fly sucks and I can’t believe this was the follow up to If You Do.
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  17. This is back?
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  18. #14


    Score: 7.897

    Ahgases: 10 (@aux @RUNAWAY @Serg.) 9.5 (@Wills) 9 (@boombazookajoe @Cotton Park @soratami)
    Antis: 6 (@junglefish) 5.5 (@BEST FICTION) 4.5 (@nikkysan)

    Stop Stop It is next on the chopping block (how did it get this far). This song was the single that released with their debut album Identify. It follows a similar sound to the rest of their early works (by that I mean it is unpleasant to listen to). The very start of the song is a heavily filtered and autotuned JAYB and Youngjae and that sets the theme for how the rest of the song will sound. Jinyoung somehow sounds better than the two main vocals this early in their discography simply because he doesn't have those shitty filters over his voice.

    The MV is questionable at best, with the main setting being some sort of futuristic school where everyone has shitty hair Jinyoung is still cute but he is a server so we expected that. The boys all look awful in the MV, for whatever reason they're all wearing matching dungarees in every shot, as if they're minions from Despicable Me. The overarching story is about JAYB having a schoolyard crush on TWICE's Dahyun which is even less believable than the flying cars! The video also features guest appearances from TWICE's Momo and Chaeyoung, as well as solo artist Jeon Somi from when they were just trainees.

    (CW: Emotional manipulation, threats of self-harm)
    The start of this video is truly putrid. The very first scene depicts a then 20 year old JAYB threatening to jump off of a multi-storey building if 16 year old Dahyun refuses to date him. Boggles the mind that somebody thought that was appropriate as a way to start a music video especially when the song is just an innocent track about having a crush on someone. If K-pop groups are made to be marketed as boyfriend/girlfriends with the audience, who would find that introduction appealing? The beginning also has absolutely zero bearing on the rest of the MV so if they had done without it, there would be no change in the storyline.

  19. Only 13 more elims until Lullaby wins!

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