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The Grammy nominated Eurovision movie

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Rhombus, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. The soundtrack for this - which I'm listening to right now - is kinda good. I don't think I'll watch the movie though because I find American comedies very unappealing.
  2. You should watch it.
  3. I finally watched it and it was cute. The ending got me.

    Lots of the movie was silly but I am glad they didn‘t really make the contest a joke and some songs are bops.

    Plus Dan Stevens, meow
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  4. Sweden made a movie in the 90s (I think) called Livet är en schlager. It's about Melodifestivalen, but perhaps that qualifies?
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  5. [​IMG]
    with subtitles tho
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  6. Just saw the movie. It has some funny moments, and was less bad than I expected. The music though... they could’ve gotten some better songs. Demi’s is nice though
  7. I can’t remember if it was on YouTube or if I had to download a torrent and then load up the subtitles file, but I somehow was able to watch it once.
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  8. Just found two versions on YouTube, one with Hebrew subtitles and one with Spanish subtitles, in case anyone can use those.

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  9. Found the torrent file, but not the subtitles!
    And I loved the plot! Basically the woman wants to write a hit for The Cardigans and someone sends her song to Melfest instead and she becomes a national sensation lol.

    Hmm spanish might do
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  10. The film itself was just okay, some funny scenes and lines - Rachel McAdams popping into the screen with her hand over her mouth for the “swear word” gag was fucking hilarious - cute cameos etc, accents all over the shop and in need of a second wave of edits, but it was truly elevated by the final song, which was amazing, even if it was just Never Enough 2.0.
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  11. I wish they could have used the cameo scene at the end of the movie. They could have done a after party.
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  12. The shutting door after the murder made laugh the most
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  13. I watched back a few scenes and the funny material is genuinely good, it’s just punctuated by some uninteresting scenes that go on longer than they need to.

    Did they ever mention who did go on to win?
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  14. Molly Sandén

  15. Loreen of course!!
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  16. They insinuated it would be Russia but they never confirmed it after the fact.
  17. I just watched this because of your recommendation. It was such a lovely watch!
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  18. Happy you liked it! :)
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  19. I've become concerningly obsessed with Husavik.
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  20. UK chart update

    59 (60) Husavik
    76 (91) Double Trouble
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